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  1. Bruce- That's looking great. I love that color on the 70 body. My friend in Alaska had one very similar. Keep it up. I finally got some photos posted last night. Take a look. Later-
  2. Sounds like it will be an interesting build. Probably not my taste in cars, but as you say, it's part of the history. Are the seat covers paint or is that a custom decal? Later-
  3. That is quite the detail work. It's looking beautiful. BTW- When you catch up to that carpet monster, give him a few kicks for me. He has it coming for things he's stolen from my bench. I can't wait to see the work on the body. Later-
  4. Nice idea for a dio extra. Looks good so far. Later-
  5. I like the look of this. Nice tires and wheels. What kit are they from? I think that I would go with a dark non-metallic blue and fridge white. Later-
  6. Thanks Zuk. I appreciate the fine comments. I'm looking forward to getting this one finished. It's finally gettng to the exciting stages. Hopefully more to come soon. Keep watching. Later-
  7. I have this kit and have been contemplating how to chop it for years. Now you have answered my questions. The chop looks just right! You are right, there may be other, better ways but this is a way that I think I can accomplish. Thanks for all of the photos. Later-
  8. Ryan- Good to see you are back to work on this. It's been a while. Those stripes are looking NICE. Keep it up. What do you have left to do? Later-
  9. Now that is such a beautiful color on that car that I just may have to pick up another one. Simply beautiful and I, too< do not like the BM stripes. That Camaro kit is a nice one. I'm doing a fictitious 70 1/2 Convertible on here right now. I like yours. Later-
  10. I am amazed at the level of detail you have done here. Nice clean work. And you are right, it is a nice kit. I've got to finish mine someday soon. Keep it up and let us see the progress. Later-
  11. Because I had not done all of the putty work that I needed to do to the underside of the hood, I needed to hide it. A couple of people volunteered some material (Thanks VW Dave). After comparing them all I went with a thin spongy material that a friend from Colorado had sent me. After trimming it to the shape I needed I sprayed it with flat black and waited for it to dry. Then I glued it under the hood with good ole Elmer's Gel glue. Here is the results. In the engine bay I made a radiator hose out of solder and flat black paint. I ran a couple of heater hoses and installed brake lines from the booster that go to nowhere. The battery is sourced from the 66 Elky and as of yet the radiator wall is not attatched. It will go into the body first after the final clearcoats on the body and the grille is installed. I hope you all enjoy the build as much as I am. Any comments or criticism welcomed. Later-
  12. I finally got around to getting some substantial work done and a few photos taken. I say substantial, at least for me. I got the BMF finished last night and I did some light wiring and plumbing on the engine. First is the BMF. I did the windshield frame, hood jewelry, top of the doors, doorhandles and locks, headlight and turn signal buckets and badges. I still need to do the black wash around the hood jewelry and detail paint the emblems. Next up is the engine and underhood photos. Later-
  13. I have this conversion too. I have a question about some of the parts. It comes with the body, hood, headlights, grille center, rear wing and what are the four little pieces and where do they go? They look like louvers but I've never seen where they go. Any ideas? Later-
  14. That is a beautiful job. I love the paint and the interior and trunk detail. You do outstanding work. If I may offer one criticism, or advice? Try using soda can aluminum for things like the glove box door. It will look more to scale due to it being thinner. I really do like your work on this one though. I just tried masking off for my first stripe job and it didn't turn out as nice. Any advice on how to do it well? Later-
  15. All of those are great ideas (and photos) guys. I'll have to try the dryer sheet after trying the insulation Dave is sending. Thanks Dave. Eric- That underhood looks nice and clean. I like it. Again, many great ideas. I've used the Cigarette foil myself on the backside of a 90's Chevy stepside pickup. It works very well and adds a little more depth to the lens. If you haven't tried it, do so. I've also used it on a 60 Starliner dash in the area around the instruments. Thanks again guys for all of the replies. Later-
  16. I'd say due to the sepia colors of the decal, I'd go with browns, tans and gold and change the wheels to gold spokes. Looks like it'll be a nice build. Good start anyway. Later-
  17. What the..... That's it???? I was just getting into this. Oh, man. Build me up just to leave me hangin'! But honey, I need your old purse. No, Not for my wardrobe. It's for my model.....Honest. How come you don't believe me? Seriously though, Dave. Looking forward to the next installment. Those builds all look great, but I LOVE that 55 Chevy interior. Great job. Later-
  18. I am looking for any ideas that ones have to replicate underhood insulation. I want to try it on my 70 Camaro. What have you guys used? Got any photos of it? If so, post them please. Later-
  19. I sure wish that I could find a set of 17/19 inch wheels like that on the Mustang.Any ideas. None of the newer Mustangs have the right centers. Mine are some that I made using the centers from the new Cal Wheels 60 Impala, some big and little tires from the patrs box and Pegasus 23 inch aluminum sleves. I still need to paint the centers.I saw an Ebay listing from PSF hobbies that looked like the right size tires. I may search those out. Later-
  20. 64 Fairlane (not much here) 60 Starliner Drag The Starliner is just about done. All I have to do is a final paint and polish, BMF and make air intake tubes for the carbs. It has been stalled for probably 12 years and I'm SO close. Thanks for looking and any comments or criticisms are welcomed. Thanks for the ideas Jairus. Later-
  21. I thought that it must be one of yours. It looked like it from what I can remember. So, that makes 5?, I think. They are: 70 1/2 Camaro 62 Bel Air Wagon 65/97 Mustang 64 Fairlane 60 Starliner Drag Car I'd also like to do your 06 Mustang Revell Drag car and your 62 T-Bird (futuristic silver car with glass top.) Here are a few photos of the builds so far. You've already seen the Camaro 62 Bel Air Wagon 65/97 Mustang More to come. Later-
  22. That is gorgeous. Your work on it is first rate. I think I'd give all of my models for a 1:1 like that. Thanks. Later-
  23. OK Jairus- I have a question on another one I've started. Years ago I saw a drawing of a 61 Bel Air wagon done as a driver's rear 3/4 view. The artist had used an additional bubble top to extend the roof. Was that also your drawing? I began building one of it but using the 62 Bel Air. It has the bodywork completed and that's as far as I got. Later-
  24. Dave- Good to hear things are going well. Like the others said, take your time. I'm in no hurry either. Later-
  25. I just took a quick look under Rules and Guidelines and I didn't see anything against this...but I could be wrong. If so, then you may delete this. I just posted an AMT 1928 Ford Model A for sale on Ebay and I know this is a few peoples' Grail kit. If you are interested then search under "1928 Ford Model A". Again, this may not be appropriate, and some may find it tactless, but if I had a kit on my list that was for sale, I'd think that I'd like to know about it. As a matter of fact, I'd like to find an early 60's Ford pickup kit. Anybody?? Later-
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