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  1. If anyone is wondering about the quality and service from Ma's resin, you've got nothing to worry about. Alan is top notch. I just got my order of tires from him and they are beautiful. Fast and friendly service. More than worth the money. Thanks Alan and again, I'll be ordering those Lil' Coffin wheels soon. Later-
  2. Thanks Custom Hearse for doing that. BTW- HOW did you do it? That would be helpful to know. The only progress that I've gotten done in the last couple of days is to paint the engine bay in Semi-Flat black. I'll have some updated photos here soon when I get something substantial done. Later-
  3. Sweet looking little build. Nice for 15 years old. Too bad it's been hidden away. Later-
  4. You're making some great progress on this one. That is going to be one tough looking Chevelle. I really like the work on the chassis. Keep it up. It will be great when it's done. Later-
  5. Thanks guys for the comments. I'm sure that it would make a nice roadster (2 seater). This is the design I am trying to follow. My stripe design is different but other than that it is close. Well, I guess I can't get the image transferred. If you need to see it, it is under "Auto Art" section under the "Sketch Pad" posting. The picture is about halfway down on page 4.If anyone knows how to copy it to here, please do. Thanks again for looking. Later-
  6. Mike- Nice work going on here. It will be a perfect accent to big brother. I prefer the twin hood scoop hood on these cars to the shaker hood. Nice choice. Later-
  7. I don't know what you get, but I get a headache just thinking of starting another project before I finish the other 20-30 I have started. I'm sure it will be cool though. Later-
  8. One of my favorite old Fords. I sure kick myself for not picking up a few of these before. I'll be watching this one. I'd say red w/ black accents. Later-
  9. Jameston- I don't see why not. That color is fantastic on that body. Nice work. Did you ever manage to get spray cans of your paint available? I finally got an airbrush but no hose yet. Later-
  10. I like that Chevelle. Beautiful work on it. I have to ask, what kit is that C-cab? I have the body only that I got in a junkyard buy and don't know what kit it came from. Any photos of the boxart? Later-
  11. Michael- That is looking good although I think it would have looked better in Metallic Purple. Either way it looks killer. You do need a white top and some skinny white walls. Later-
  12. Wow! I like that ad. How can I save that to a bookmark? I can't seem to copy it. Can you PM that to me when You get a chance? Later-
  13. Here is tonight's progress of finally getting around to painting the stripes. Tomorrow I will do some small touch-ups on the paint and finish scratch building and painting the visors. I may finish the engine work too. Thanks for looking and comments/ criticisms welcomed. Later-
  14. I got the idea a while ago to build a model of a drawing that Jairus did of a 70 1/2 Camaro convertible. I was really jazzed about the project when I saw the photo and like all of my builds it has sort of drug out. I had the interior and chassis done quite a while ago. These few photos were taken about the middle of last year. Tonight's work in the next post. Later-
  15. Jairus- Here is a few shots of the 70 1/2 Camaro Convertible that you drew up a while ago. I just pulled the masking off from painting the stripes. It isn't exactly like the drawing but it was your idea that gave me the inspiration. Hopefully I'll have it finished soon. I want to enter it in a local contest April 17th. I hope you like it. Next is to paint and install the visors and final assembly and polish. Later-
  16. Nice custom work you've done. I especially like the interior and engine work. What kit did the basic engine come from? Later-
  17. I like it. Looks like a lot of custom body work. Just the way I like to build. Nice color combo too. Are the wheels from a diecast? Later-
  18. Tom- What a nice clean build. I have one of these kits that I picked up in 2006 before I left Alaska for....sit down for this, $15. I like the fact that you built it stock. Thanks for sharing. Later-
  19. Hope I like it??? What's not to like. It's fantastic. I love that shade of green. Very nice. Later-
  20. It's been a banner day for me. I've managed to get the body work to a stage that I'm happy with. It's not perfect but... I also gotten the drip rails onto the body using .020X.020 styrene strips and should be able to get the trunk hinges molded by Wed night. I also got a couple of coats of MM Lacquer Bright Platinum Silver paint on my 70 1/2 Camaro Convertible. So, not only have I been able to work on my cousin's build but I also got some done on mine. As I said, Banner day. I'll try to get some photos posted tomorrow. Later-
  21. Jairus- That's the photo of the Fairlane (Sorry) I was thinking about. I've got it mocked up on those wheels ready to be started once I finish my 70 1/2 Camaro convertible (in primer, to be painted this week)and possibly my 60 Starliner drag car with 427. I'm starting to see a theme to my builds. I'll have to call them the "Watson Collection". Later-
  22. Not exactly my cup of tea, but that has got to be one of the cleanest bathrooms I've seen in years. Your build looks even better than the box art. Exellent job for only two days! Later-
  23. Toby- Thanks for the idea. I may have one around here somewhere. Later-
  24. Bruce- Looks really good. Your work is quite nice. I need to get a 69 Goat hood for my build to make it easier to not have to fill that huge hole in the 68 hood. I am finally down to putting the drip rails and trunk hinges on the 50 Ford. I'll swing it by your place soon before I drop it off to my cousin. Keep in touch. Later-
  25. Railfrk- Nice job on the kit. What color is the paint? I like the stripe delete option on this. To be honest, I missed the little bumps. The license plate is a nice touch too, coming from an ex-loco engineer here. Later-
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