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  1. Jason- Your JWAC build is looking great. I really like this drawing and hope someday to attempt it myself. The work you are putting into it is top notch. Keep it up. I'm on my way out to my shop to start my JWAC build tonight. Later-
  2. I'm not sure if the rollback was a Modelhaus item or not. That's just what he told me. It came with quite a few parts and no instructions. I'm trying to mentally piece it together. I could be in trouble there. LOL He had mentioned at our last club meeting that he had one and I told him "That would be cool." A week later I went to his house to visit and he said that he had something for me. He pointed to a tub and I opened it and was quite surprised. Later-
  3. Alright!!! I just finished taping and painting...... MY BATHROOM!!!!!!!! Yippiiieeeeee for me! *Sorry for that- Paint fumes, Ya know. Later-
  4. Well, I finally picked up my Tamiya 66 Beetle kit for the build. What a beauty. It's going to almost be a shame to have to customize such a fabulous kit. Oh Well. I guess I can always get another.....somewhere.....Uh, hey Fletch? You There???? LOL! Now it's on to my own thread and massaging plastic. I finally have all of the parts I need to get started. Later-
  5. Yesterday I picked up a Tamiya 1966 Volkswagon Beetle 1300 kit for the Jairus Watson Challenge build. What a beautiful kit it is. After my stop at the LHS I went to Mike Flynn's --a fellow builder buddy's house and he gave me a few things. He gave me: 1. Rep & Min set of 4 into 1 megaphone headers, still in the package, 2. A set of photo etched pulley faces 3. A tub that included the cab and interior and various parts to the Chevy extended cab Snap Tite pick-up kit. 4. A police light bar 5. A headache rack 6. A ModelHaus resin Rollback Bed and resin dually wheels!!!!!! What a friend!! I'm looking forward to starting a rollback tow truck build soon. Maybe next after my Jairus Watson Challenge build. Later-
  6. Fletch- Nothing here to show yet, but I am going to the hobby shop tomorrow to get the Tamiya 66 Beetle kit. I have the air intake from a motorized F1 kit that I picked up years ago at a thrift store. I plan to use the engine and whales tail from a Fujimi 85 Porsche 911 that I have on hand. I also have the wheels that Jairus sent to me. Sunday I leave to go to work out of town for a week and I will be taking everything with me. Should have a bit of progress to show once I get back. I look forward to seeing everyone's progress soon. Later-
  7. Steve- Simply beautiful paint and workmanship. I like these Testors kits and can't wait to get around to building mine. Welcome back and nice job. Later-
  8. Dave- Cool little rod you have there. I wish I had some of those Switchers kits. I really like the rear tires and wheels. Later-
  9. That is a well done, beautiful little rod. I love everything about it, especially how you took parts box pieces to build a work of art! Great job. Later-
  10. Speaking of IRS limits.........4/15/2010!!!!! LOL! Later-
  11. Hey Fletch- I'm still waiting to hear back from my buddy on which one he selected from the list you sent. Unfortunately he has to go to his son's home to use the computer and answer E-mails. I sure hope that he doesn't pick one that has already been selected. I'll let you know which one ASAP. Sorry to hear that this has become quite a chore for you. I'm sure the rest of theguys are like me. Fully appreciative of what you are doing. Thanks again. Later-
  12. Bruce- I like what you're doing here. The vents and interior pod look great. Keep it up. I should be starting on mine soon, now that I finished the Camaro. I need to get the photos of it taken and posted so I can close another one out. I've been doing some work on the chassis of my 53 Stude/ 98 Vette whiule waiting for my VW kit to arrive. I really like this rendering from Jairus and I know you'll do it right. Later-
  13. gbk1- Looks like you also got a nice one to build. I think for those side mirrors you might try the side mirrors from a stock 34 Ford 5 window kit. They are small and look pretty close, IIRC. Fletch-I sent you a PM. Later-
  14. Fletch- I sent you a PM on a fellow modeler from my local club who would like to get in on this, if any are left. You can send the info to me, if so, and I will make a copy for him. Also, about the hood scoop for that Firebird. The shape of the top looks similar to part of a plastic (press on) fingernail that you can pick up in a package in the make-up isle at Wal-Mart or similar store. Then you could just build up the bottom with styrene. I have a package of them that I've had for years to make custom air cleaners, scoops or headlight covers on customs. It may be quicker and cheaper than aftermarket. I am looking for a Fujimi or similar 60's Beetle kit for trade, if anyone has one. 1/ 24 scale would be great, since I plan to use a Fujimi Porsche whale tail, engine and interior that I already have. I got my wheels today from Jairus. Thank you, Man! Later-
  15. This is going to be a great build to watch. I love this illustration. The colors for it are just perfect. I'll be watching and I can't wait to start my Jairus build. Later-
  16. Those are both beautiful customs....and they're not even finished. I may have to pick up one of those 40 Mercs. It's a fantastic body design, to me. Later-
  17. Bruce- That is looking good. I like this drawing. I may have to do one for myself, or stop by your place and walk off with it. Later-
  18. Looking good so far Jairus. Sure wish I had remembered having the 32 Roadster. I could have saved you a bit of work. Sorry. Hey, but look at all the experience you gained there. LOL. Keep it up. Later-
  19. JT- If you need the body of the 98 Vette to get those side scoops, PM me. I have a spare body. Later-
  20. OK. Finally I have been given enough clues and beatings to learn how to do this. So, with no further ado, here is what I drew for the build. I am in the process of gathering parts. Currently the only part I have on hand is the air intake that sticks above the top. This is going to be great. There are a few others that I would also like to build (72 Chevy quad cab, the 63 Galaxie being two of them). Can't wait to see everyone's progress. Later-
  21. Alright, I feel left out. How come I can't get my picture to post here? It won't let me do anything but copy the link. I hate being computer stupid. Any help? Later-
  22. Here is the one I drew: http://alaskantravelercom.mail.everyone.net/email/scripts/attach.pl/uid=31640&pn=2&noInline=0&folder=INBOX/The%20Beetle.jpg I can't wait to get it started. Thanks Jairus and Dave. Later-
  23. OOOOHHH!!! I'm all OVER THAT! Two EMPTY boxes (but I can buy the kits to go in them for extra from him)for $488. Sign Me Up!!!! Some people's kids! Later-
  24. Jairus- You know, I agree with what you said about the trunk but I couldn't explain what the problem with the design was.....until today. I was at Barnes and Noble and was looking at a book on Porsches and it jumped out at me when I saw a photo of the 911 Speedster. Talk about a car that looks like it simply had the top cut off and a boot slapped on it! It , to me, is still a beautiful car, but just looks like an afterthought. Later-
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