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  1. I'm right there with you - I was thinking up to about 73 myself.
  2. That was an interesting link, porschecr. I had no idea there were so many colors, nor that an 89 is an early car. That cleared up a lot of questions. Thanks!
  3. I wasn't questioning whether he was correct. I just wanted to know why the variations in color. I've seen many a picture of 911 engines, and they vary in color. Never having seen a Porsche engine in person, I have no idea about them except what is shown in kit instructions. It just seemed strange to me that the top of a 911 engine would be red. I had no idea it was an upper air channel/fan shroud. Thanks for the material information - the pictures I referred to looked bronze-ish to me.
  4. Nice work - great looking engine. I do have a question, though, concerning the upper air channel you have painted red. A lot of the kit instructions say to paint it red, but I see a lot of engines with it in natural metal. The yellow car and engine behind the white car in your pictures above have them. What is the difference? In what color do they come from the factory?
  5. You're welcome. I first saw it in the music video, and had no idea it wasn't a driver until I saw the youtube video. Either way, it is a pretty spectacular vehicle. That's kind of where I was thinking you were going with this. I'm following along. Very nice work.
  6. I don't see anything particularly bad about this car. it looks like any other wide-body aerokit-festooned car to me.
  7. Bingo. I will normally drink iced tea, water or nothing rather than anything out of those machines. The only problem then is that there is always a line at those machines which happens to be the only place to get ice. It takes people 5 or 10 times longer just to figure out what they want to drink, and how to get it out. The machines will also time out and reset your selections if you take too long, so you have to start over. They are most frustrating contraptions ever.
  8. This would probably be it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLSi7LMkOPk It's called Alien Toy, and was built by a couple of guys in Mexico a few years back. The video is 10 minutes long, and very artsy. The clear shots of it start around the 2 minute mark. The first time I saw it in action was in the Fat Boy Slim video "Rockafeller Skank" at about 50 seconds for 15 seconds or so. Just preceding that is about 30 seconds of a boattail Riviera being driven.
  9. Johan did do some 78 Cadillacs also, both promo and kits. I'm not sure how close a 78 is to a 75, but the only Cadillacs I know of for 1975/76 are Johan El Dorados.
  10. Generally to honor previous ships and heroes. There are, for example, 9 ships named Enterprise and 8 named Hornet dating back to the Revolutionary War, Navies will often reuse names of successful ships, and drop the unsuccessful ones. After WWII, only the more notable and successful submarine names were passed on. That's why there was a Greenling, Gato, Tang, Wahoo, and Flasher post-war, but no Capelin or Tigrone.
  11. Agreed - very sleek and clean. Beautiful.
  12. I saw the movie in the theaters when it came out in the 80's, and have the soundtrack. Pretty decent flick. Now I'm going to have to find it again, after seeing the referenced Heavy Metal Corvette video, and the Hanover Fiste segment.
  13. Judging from the condition of the lid and the milky, thoroughly stirred paint, I'd say it was already returned once. It sounds like some one bought it, prepared it for airbrush use, either didn't like the paint or over thinned it, and returned it.
  14. That looks like an early 70's Firebird Trans Am scoop to me.
  15. I always thought the only armed version of the DC-3/C-47 was the AC-47 Spooky (aka Puff the magic dragon) gunship. I did see there were several B-23s built - never heard of it before.
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