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  1. SSNJim

    Random Question?

    I would think a dark shade of just about any color in a high gloss would do it. I don't think of smooth as a color as much as I do an effect, including body lines, color, trim/badging (or lack thereof). Dark colors and high gloss tend to show the contours of the body better than light colors.
  2. Interesting that gas turbines never really caught on for land-based use because they are heavily used in ships. Most non-nuclear powered warships built since the early 70's have them. The range of the ships seem to be comparable to their oil/coal-fired steamship predecessors. Gas turbines are also used as portable and fixed generators on land and sea. General Electric is still one of the major suppliers.
  3. I'm with you. One of my modeling goals has always been to build a 1/25 scale K-Mart (I guess Walmart nowadays) parking lot full of daily drivers. I'm not quite there, but I'm working towards it.
  4. Very cool. I'll be following along. It might be a good candidate for Lamborghini-style doors. Looking forward to seeing how this develops.
  5. That is for a medium-size rear-facing TV that has a feed from a rear-view camera. Following drivers would be self-conscious seeing themselves on the TV, which should minimize tailgating and other aggressive behavior. At the least, they'll move away from the camera.
  6. Yeah, I've never heard of it either, but it was on the news feed of my TV's screensaver. https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/hershey-kissmobile-goodbye-new-year
  7. Ahhh, you're that Jonelle. I remember visiting your site years ago when I had my '97 P71. I always found it very interesting, and I visited often. It's nice to find it again. I'll be back to it. Nice job on the Corvette.
  8. SSNJim

    Christmas ornament

    That's a pretty nice safety wire ornament hanger. I like it - it fits with the racing markings.
  9. Mine is very similar, but much simpler. I drilled 4 holes (two at each end) in the 1X4 just big enough for the coat hanger wire. I then bent the coat hanger wire in to a flat bottom U shape to fit through the holes and inserted them. Once the wires were fully inserted, I made sure the lengths were equal then I bent the top 1/4" or so of the wires to a 90 deg angle. There's about 5" from the 1X4 to the 90 deg bend. It is very useful and can be adapted to many different models of different sizes, and very stable. I've used it by bending the wires for everything from Lego block sized items to 1/25 semi-trailer sized items and larger. If it is tall enough, I will often put the body on the top, and use masking tape to attach hoods, bumpers and splash pans to the legs. Every decade or two, I'll take a pair of pliers and remove the paint build up.
  10. It looks very 60-63 Falcon-ish to me. I think I see the left rear fender, tail light and bumper.
  11. Very nice build. Is it powered? I haven't seen Reddy Kilowatt in years.
  12. True. Apparently Coke won the drink concession on Amtrak trains, and this is a sort of a celebration and to let people know. Just thought it kind of fit in with the Coke branding spree that AMT has been on. I certainly didn't expect to see something like this on a federal government-owned locomotive.
  13. Apparently, Coca-Cola is going through the alphabet looking for corporate sponsors. I was standing on the Metro platform right next to the Northeast Corridor, and I saw this AMT-rak locomotive go by on its way to Washington, DC. Yes, it's in revenue service - you can book a trip on a train pulled by it.
  14. The AC Moore in Bowie has been going out of business for a while. In the early stages, I was pleased to see their models were 40% off, so I took a look. All their run of the mill AMT/Revell stuff was marked at $44. Yes, $44. That would have brought them down to about regular market price. No, thanks - I'll pass on that.
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