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  1. SSNJim added a post in a topic Revell 1984 Olds 442   

    I've heard that there could be an FE-X (?) and a plain 442 version in the future. I'm still very pleased with the kit, and looking forward to building it.
  2. SSNJim added a post in a topic Accents   

    I've seen TV shows where they have subtitles for people with thick southern accents like they're speaking a foreign language. I've never seen it for any other American accent.
  3. SSNJim added a post in a topic Revell 1984 Olds 442   

    I picked one up at my LHS yesterday. Much nicer kit than I expected. Too bad about the hood - I'd much rather have a flat hood, but I'll deal with it.
  4. SSNJim added a post in a topic Those who love rebuild old model kits   

    Here is one of the websites I know about that deals with Scale Model Restorations: . It's not very active now, but there's lots of information and neat projects.
  5. SSNJim added a post in a topic Big Lots ever get models like Ollie's does?   

    They used to have models and diecasts on occasion; I haven't seen them in years. I still check my local Big Lots to no avail. They usually wouldn't get the selection that Ollie's gets. Usually Big Lots would get three or four model styles, while Ollie's gets a lot of different ones.
  6. SSNJim added a post in a topic Chevy sportside   

    They did. MPC (and later AMT) had several variants of this truck. There was the shortbed stepside, a shortbed fleetside (issued as the 454SS also), a longbed fleetside, and as SnapFast Plus, an extended cab dually, an extended cab dually street machine with a bed cap, and a Tahoe. One or two of the duallies had GMC or GMC-looking grilles, too. Most parts could be swapped between them with a little work. The SnapFast kits had open hoods, so with a little massaging, you could build an extended cab step side, a single cab dually, and so on.
  7. SSNJim added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell '72 Porsche 914/6 2'n1   

    They're starting to hit the local stores in PG County. I picked up another 914 at Hobby Works in Laurel this weekend.
  8. SSNJim added a post in a topic Locating pins.... Keep em or ditch em?   

    For me, it all depends on how things work out during the test fitting. If everything fits and lines up properly, they stay. If it doesn't, off they come.
  9. SSNJim added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell '72 Porsche 914/6 2'n1   

    I bought mine on for $23 and free shipping from Supreme Hobbies in Gilbertsville, PA - it was delivered last night.
    I've been watching every local hobby shop, including Michaels/AC Moore, between Annapolis and Funkstown for the last couple of weeks. No luck so far. I will be getting more of the kits, so I'll be keeping an eye on the local stores.
  10. SSNJim added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell '72 Porsche 914/6 2'n1   

    I just got mine tonight too, and I'm pretty pleased. One piece tires (online instructions and the instructions in the box show two piece), molded in white, two full sets of glass (stock and racing windshields, each with a rear window and tail lights), and a set of exhaust headers with trumpet/SuperTrapp type pipes, along with the other racing equipment. There's some flash, but not too bad.
    I've had most of the other issues and this is my favorite, mainly because of the white plastic and one piece tires. IIRC, all the other issues were in colored plastic. Nothing much else has changed. Nice decal sheet with red, black and white PORSCHE door stripes, gauges, and other racing type decals.
    I'm thrilled to have it, and it's moved to the head of the build list.
  11. SSNJim added a post in a topic Save your money: Titanic semi-replica to set sail in 2018   

    It seems there's more interest in maritime disasters than I thought there would be here. There's a website called that covers many of the sunken ocean liners and cruise ships, along with their operators.
  12. SSNJim added a post in a topic Ever thought of building something like these?   

    Many times. One of my favorites.
  13. SSNJim added a post in a topic Car song builds ?   

    It's been a while since I've seen the movie, but IIRC, the car was a four-eye C1 Corvette in the movie. A little more research shows it was a white 1960 Corvette. Of course, since it was fantasy animation, some latitude is possible. Google "heavy metal corvette" for pics and youtube clips.
  14. SSNJim added a post in a topic Be Safe Everyone.   

    I measured the roof of my car in Bowie, MD, right at the intersection of I-95 and US50 just outside of DC. There was only (!) 18" of snow. If you're curious, that amount of snow will compress the suspension of a 2007 V-6 Mustang by 1" in the front, and 1-1/2" in the rear measured at the highest point of the wheelwell to the ground. I ought to figure out if that exceeds the GVWR  .
  15. SSNJim added a post in a topic CD-Rom Reader?   

    I would look into personal cloud devices. These are personal network storage that is accessible to your phone. I use a Western Digital MyBook Live to store all my music, pictures and documents, and is accessible to my phones, tablets, and computers. It works great with my Androids.
    You use the computer to copy your CDs to the drive, and then they are accessible from your phone/tablet no matter your location as long as you have a data connection.