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  1. I don't know of any myself, but both Welly and New Ray make quite a few 1/12 diecast motorcycles. Both have made Goldwing motorcycles, which are not the most exciting motorcycles around (unless you own one). A Can Am might be right up their alley.
  2. I just picked that book up at an antique shop in Crestwood, KY, along with a couple of Tim Boyd books and one on Raymond Loewy.
  3. Revell did two German WWII submarines with an interior. One was U-47, a Type VII in 1/125, and the other was a Type XXI in 1/144. Renwal did a couple of 1960s US SSBNs with a vertical clamshell opening hull (in some cases clear plastic). The one I have is USS George Washington (SSBN 598). This one is 1/200. The kit was released under several different names and classes, but I think they were pretty much the same kit. The "41 for Freedom" SSBNs varied quite a bit in length and appearance. All the above kits do get reissued from time to time. I don't know of any modern submarine kits with an interior.
  4. A white Rivian pickup drove by my house today. No pictures, but it's the first I've seen in person. A week or two ago, a white Ferrari GTC4Lusso passed me on the BW Parkway. I though they brought the breadvan back.
  5. Very nice build. The box art model caught my eye, too, so now I've got one I'm trying to figure how to build. A more street custom version of the box art was my initial idea. This kit has all the pieces (but not the instructions) to build a stock, custom or drag version. There are two hoods, three grilles, two seating options and more. If you want to build one of those versions, you can go to the AMT website and get the instructions for kit AMT899.
  6. Paint it black, run a white stripe down its back, and voila! Instant skunk. At least, according to all those old Warner Brothers cartoons.
  7. Great job! Yes, I know this thread is over 10 years old. This kit is available again - I just picked the Aoshima Countach LP400 up yesterday at my LHS. I was going to paint it Tamiya TS-15 Blue, but I may change it to Brilliant Orange after seeing this car. It answered many questions about the build of this kit. I just hope mine comes out half as well as yours. I, like many on here, am a huge fan of the production LP400 and prototype LP500. Thanks again for showing us your build.
  8. I'm sure they can and do, probably very well. It just never occurred to me that anyone would use a Porsche as a tow vehicle, so it kind of surprised me.
  9. I saw a Porsche Cayenne pulling a U-Haul trailer today. The trailer was about enclosed motorcycle trailer-size, not really big. I don't think I've ever seen any Porsche pulling a trailer.
  10. Wow, the water effects are incredible. All the splashing, foaming, and draining looks great.
  11. To me, that looks more like a modern Camaro front end than a GTX. The hood bulge looks like it came from the Camaro, too. Maybe a Challenger front bumper, and make the grille opening a bit taller to fit full height headlight lenses? You could probably rework the Camaro bumper, too, to get the hump in the middle and a little more height. Just my thoughts. Either way, it looks like it is going to be quite a bit of work. I'm looking forward to seeing the build. Good luck.
  12. Maybe. The owner said it affected all Tamiya paints, including bottles. I do agree that the economy is the cause. I'm paying more for a single bottle of paint now than I paid for an entire kit and several bottles of paint (Pactra, 19 cents) when I first started modeling.
  13. I didn't view the video (I'm not going to watch a 6 and a half minute video for a two paragraph story). I was told by a LHS owner yesterday that price of Tamiya paint is going up by 40% soon, so I'm not sure this is any effort by Rustoleum to kill off Testors. I'm no expert, but I would expect many paints to take a sharp rise in price in the not too distant future.
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