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  1. What did you see on the road today?

    I saw an Auburn Boattail Speedster the other day driving down the road. Beautiful car. It may have been a reproduction, but it didn't look like it in the few seconds I saw it.
  2. New model @ Michaels ( YEP )

    The one near me is carrying models again - it's good to see them back. For a while, there were maybe a half dozen, but they never went on clearance. I didn't notice anything Foose, but I did see the Escalade.
  3. Hubley 1960 Ford Country Sedan

    Thanks. I'm going to go with a basic restore of the car to factory stock-ish and not much, if any, extra detailing. Maybe I'll try the ice treatment tonight to try and get the windows out.
  4. Hubley 1960 Ford Country Sedan

    Thanks, but no. I appreciate the offer.
  5. Why don't you give Mr. Sears a call? Or go visit his shop? Seriously - his number and address is on the side of the truck. He may be willing to tell you all about the truck.
  6. Something New At Hobby Lobby

    It seems that the new Revell kits aren't shrink-wrapped, only taped. I bought the Porsche tractor at my LHS yesterday, and the manager said he had just shrink-wrapped it. I'm thinking to myself, why would he shrink wrap a model that just came in? I got the shrink-wrap off, and it was taped on the short ends, just like the Panamera or most of the Revell Germany flat box kits I've purchased (some from him). Go figure. Anyhoo, that little Porsche tractor is a blast to build. I'm probably half way through. I'm only detail painting most of the chassis pieces but will clear the body parts. If I see the Ferguson, I might pick that up too after this. Interestingly enough, there is a small sticker on the bottom of the kit: REVELL USA LLC 03-19-2019 NORTHLAKE IL
  7. What did you see on the road today?

    There was a beautiful black 66 Ford LTD parked across the street from my work in DC today. Black with black vinyl top and interior. Gorgeous car.
  8. California Ain't What It Used To Be

    There are 46 better states to live in. All it takes is a moving truck.
  9. Weird cars Post em here.

    Okay, Snake.
  10. Weird cars Post em here.

    My guess is deer hunting. There's a deer stand on top, complete with lights for shining , and a couple of beer drinking seats up front. I guess there's room for a cooler between the seats. Maybe they're actually scouting seats. You sit a couple of people in the front seats, turn on the lights, and drive around slowly with them looking for deer signs. Once good signs are found, you stop, turn off the lights, wait for sunrise, and move to the stand. Of course, I could be totally wrong.
  11. Car Model History in My Hands!

    That's pretty much true. I used to go through Scranton, PA on a fairly regular basis between 1978 and 1982, and finally managed to stop at the "store". I expected the coolest store ever, but it was just exactly as you heard - a couple of guys behind a counter. They would get you want you wanted. I was quite disappointed, and didn't buy anything.
  12. Speaking of smart cars

    We're pretty well infested with Car2Go here in DC, but not all are Smart cars. I've seen Mercedes CLA cars too. They are typically all white with the square logo on the doors. I don't know what it costs or how to rent them, but they're out there. Apparently they have Mercedes GLAs also. Every so often I'll see two Car2Go Smart cars parked nose to tail in what you would think of as one parking spot. Not all street parking has marked spaces here.
  13. Hubley 1960 Ford Country Sedan

    Curiosity got the better of me tonight. I did a test disassembly of the car. The 4 screws came out, but they've been out before. They were kind of stripped-ish; just pretty loose fitting. Once removed, the grille, bumpers, chassis, interior and front windshield fell right out. The dashboard came easily out of the interior, but I didn't mess with the steering wheel. All the windows aft of the doors are still in the body. Apparently the whole window assembly was one piece to start with, but became two pieces at some point. The remaining windows are glued in pretty well along the runners that go along the roof, but don't seem to be glued along the lower edges of the windows even though there are glue marks there. I did some stabbing and jabbing at the rear windows, but they didn't budge, so I didn't push the issue. Just exploratory surgery, I'll button it back up soon until I'm ready to proceed with the rebuild. So, it looks like it shouldn't be too bad once I get the rear windows out. This definitely isn't the first time the car was rebuilt. Some areas are very nicely done, others not so much.
  14. Hubley 1960 Ford Country Sedan

    I do watch most of your rebuilds/refreshes, Tom. It's amazing the creativity that goes into some of these models. That one particular post was a little long-winded. I totally agree, this is a fun thread. Lots of interesting information and models have come out of the wood work.
  15. Hubley 1960 Ford Country Sedan

    I was thinking that myself after I discovered it is glue on the ribbed panel and it was painted over. Maybe it was rebuilt/refreshed somewhere along the 50 or 60 years this car has been around. It would be interesting to know its past, I'm sure.