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  1. SSNJim added a post in a topic I feel like I'll lose my gearhead man card for asking... but does any manufacturer make a Toyota Pruis model?   

    Greenling was stationed in New London at State Pier, directly across from Electric Boat. You could see most of the Tridents and 688s being built as you could anywhere on the New London riverfront. As we were pulling out one day, Ohio was returning from her construction sea trials - that is one big boat.
  2. SSNJim added a post in a topic I feel like I'll lose my gearhead man card for asking... but does any manufacturer make a Toyota Pruis model?   

    USS Greenling (SSN 614), USS Birmingham (SSN 695) and USS Finback (SSN 670) were my permanent boats. I also rode at various times USS Batfish (SSN 681), USS Tinosa (SSN 606), and USS Sunfish (SSN 649). This was all between 1978 and 1992. Qualified on all but Batfish.
  3. SSNJim added a post in a topic I feel like I'll lose my gearhead man card for asking... but does any manufacturer make a Toyota Pruis model?   

    I have a Fujimi Prius G. It's a pretty nice kit of a JDM Prius, typical Japanese kit design. It's curbside with a decent steerable suspension, nicely engraved chassis and separate suspension pieces with polycap wheels. The interior is a bucket with separate seats, right hand drive and decent detail. The body is very nice, with open grilles but no opening panels. All the lights are clear with chrome backs that can be detailed correctly. Window masks are provided, and the door windows are up.
    As with most of my builds, it's stalled in progress.
  4. SSNJim added a post in a topic "Half a Hemi" Cuda build using a 3d printer - Adventure Begins 8-27   

    Why was it finally acceptable? Did you tweak the design between prints, or is there a variation in print quality between prints? 
     I've seen those silhouette portrait cutters in craft stores. Interesting that the model railroaders found they would cut plastic.
    Very interesting work you are doing here. Looking forward to seeing more.
  5. SSNJim added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    I watched a 71/72 Chevelle SS convertible nearly get centerpunched by a new F-150 after the Chevelle pulled out and turned right in front of the truck. No harm done, lots of honking and presumably birds flying.
  6. SSNJim added a post in a topic Note Pad Feature?   

    The web browser in Windows 10, Edge, is supposed to be able to create Web Notes which allow you to make notes and markings right on a web page. You can save and share them. I haven't actually tried it yet, but it is something to look into.
    Oh, and the Favorites are much easier to use. You can delete Favorites with just a right click.
  7. SSNJim added a post in a topic Tamiya 1/6 Honda CB 750 F   

    The airbox looks great. It's been more than 20 years since I had my 750F, so I don't remember a whole lot of specifics. The wiring loom seems a little heavy for the bike; even on my Goldwing with its miles of wire, there are very few cable runs, if any, larger in diameter than my thumb. That's maybe an inch to an inch and a quarter in diameter. Most of the cables are much smaller - less than a half inch.
  8. SSNJim added a post in a topic 1/25 MPC '82 Dodge Van   

    That is one sharp van - very eye-catching.
  9. SSNJim added a post in a topic 2dr Charger ?   

    The Revell with the scissor doors is also a 4 door.
  10. SSNJim added a post in a topic Is there a Revell kit more expensive than this ?   

    The Revell USS New Jersey 1982 Platinum Edition (80-5129) in 1/350 appears to have a list price of $240, or about $5 more. Interesting, there is a 1/72 Pirate Ship that lists for $196. I had no idea Revell had kits that expensive. I always thought their 1/72 scale submarines were the top of the price range for them.
  11. SSNJim added a post in a topic Revell C7 Corvette Snap kit   

    I just picked this and the 2017 Raptor up today. The Corvette is the traditional Revell Snap-Tite; well detailed and simple to put together. There's a few minor parting seams on the body, but other than that, nothing to complain about. There is no paint on the model - you'll have to do any detail painting needed.
    The Raptor is labeled as a Snap-Tite, but looks more like the Build and Play Series. A very glossy finish with the wheel wells and B pillar painted black, and "Raptor" printed on the sides. The interior has a separate dash and steering wheel; the rest is one piece including the bed. The windows are painted black in the appropriate places, and the wheels are black. The headlights are painted silver like the Mustang.
    I'm very pleased with both, and am looking forward to building them.
  12. SSNJim added a post in a topic Scale size of tools   

    They look like about 1/12 scale to me. Some are a little larger scale such as the screwdriver, pocket knife and nutcracker. That scale is usually doll house furniture, but the rings make them look like charm bracelet/jewelry items.
  13. SSNJim added a post in a topic Revell Uptown Charger questions   

    Thanks a lot guys! It looks like they are pretty much rereleases of the same basic kit. The yellow one, which is the one I have, has only the stock looking wheels and one grille style, and some of the other options may be missing. It should work for what I need.

    The Testors kit may possibly work also, but going from memory, the grille and its opening are different for a start. I haven't actually tested it - they haven't both bubbled to the top of the stash at the same time.
  14. SSNJim added a topic in General   

    Revell Uptown Charger questions
    There were at least two kits - one was kit 2059 (flat box version?), and the other is 4225 (SRT8 Super Bee, which I have on hand). Are they the same kit as far as plastic goes? What, if any, are the differences? I just received a resin body that specifies 2059 as one of the donor kits, and I think all I need is the headlights, windshield, grille and a few other parts.


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  15. SSNJim added a post in a topic Revell clear gloss 01   

    The guy is European. Apparently Revell markets a line of paints in Europe which many Revell AG kits reference. This is a question that our European modeler friends need to answer.