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  1. Daytona

    I remember a Petty blue Superbird parallel parked (!) on Bonnycastle Avenue near Bardstown Rd in Louisville, KY around 1970. I'll never forget the Roadrunner decal on the spoiler. My dad had a shop near there, but I only saw the car once as we drove by.
  2. Foose - Revell Partnership

    Almost two years later, I decided to look this thread up again. I remembered some of the people saying that the FD-100 and Eldorado could only be built one way, and would limit the build options. I find it quite interesting that the Foose pickup has been built so many times in so many different ways. Very few of the builds of this truck on this site have been replica Foose trucks - most have the builder's touch on them, whether it's wheels, paint, interior or other areas. Some have been pretty spectacular. I watch almost all the FD-100 builds, and I have two myself. That's kind of weird in itself, because I have almost zero interest in models of any vehicle built before 1970, the newer the better (I'm right at 60 years old). Even the Foose Cadillac has some following. Not quite so much as the truck, but there's some nice Foose Cadillacs here, too. I'm a big fan of customizing customs; many of my as yet unfinished projects are custom customs. It seems to me that Revell has a couple of winners here.
  3. Old Hobby Shop Photos

    I bought a Revell 60 Corvette at a Radio Shack years ago.
  4. What did you see on the road today?

    I agree. I can't figure out why someone would leave just the seat back in place after doing all that custom work.
  5. What did you see on the road today?

    Photoshopped - look at the back seat.
  6. Corvette America

    Could very well be. My understanding is that Panamera is a shortened version of Panamerica. Interesting coincidence, huh?
  7. Corvette America

    I don't think it's any worse than a Porsche Panamera.... Not that it could be.
  8. A wheelbase of 145" would actually be 147.32 mm in 1/25. Calling an inch one millimeter works fine for smaller measurements but for larger measurements the 1.5% or so difference starts to add up.
  9. Pet peeve of mine!

    Agreed. No one is arguing there should only be one angle. I like some variation in the pictures. What I am talking about is when there are 10 pictures, and the rocker panels and splash pans are not visible in any of the pictures.
  10. What did you see on the road today?

    I didn't think they were still here as Opel. This car definitely had an Opel badge on it - a circle with an extended "Z" in it (I know it's a lightning bolt).
  11. What did you see on the road today?

    No pictures, but I was behind an Opel Astra XR today with US tags, so that's all I saw. I didn't recognize the logo or name, so I had to look it up. Does Opel still have a presence in the US?
  12. Pet peeve of mine!

    That's exactly my point. I can deal with high shots to demonstrate or emphasize a point, but most modeling subjects are viewed from a low angle. I can't really get a feel for the subject though high angles, especially with a subject I'm not familiar with.
  13. Pet peeve of mine!

    Two things that get me are hoods that don't fit properly, and "helicopter" photographs as if the picture was taken from a fourth floor window.
  14. Think this has ever been offroad?

    It's not just automotive. At a lot of motorcycle events such as Sturgis/Laconia, you can get pins/patches that say "I rode my bike to trailer week".
  15. DIY Code Machine

    All I can say is wow. What an interesting site. Who knew there were Enigma simulators?