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  1. SSNJim

    Any NEW kits ?

    Lindberg released a 1/25 San Francisco Cable Car a few years back. I assume it's the old Hawk; I think Lindberg bought Hawk a few years ago.
  2. I've got one or two of the R/C versions (no external antenna!), and am always on the lookout for more by this manufacturer. The Bentley has a decent if shallow interior, and the Porsche 918 is better detailed than most model kits - the 918 is almost indistinguishable from a model. Nice cars, almost always under $15, and available at Tuesday Morning, Ross, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and the like. Sometimes you will see the friction cars, too.
  3. Interior looks pretty good. Attached (too late for some, too early for others, but a handy comparison) is the blue dash of our 69 Thunderbird. The white square above the gas pedal is part of the key ring. Sorry for the picture quality, but 110 cameras were not known for their impressive pictures.
  4. SSNJim

    Any NEW kits ?

    Agreed. I always stop at the Teays store on one of the legs of the trip - well worth it. I've only been to the Nitro store once or twice. Thanks for your reply.
  5. SSNJim

    Any NEW kits ?

    Where was the hobby shop you visited in WV yesterday? The two I know of is one in Teays Valley, and the other is in Nitro, though I haven't been to the one in Nitro lately. I'm getting ready to go through WV on I-64 soon, and like to make sure I see everything there is to see.
  6. Yes. That is the standard 69 rear end. The 67 was the only one with a Thunderbird script on the quarter panel at tail light level above where the rear side marker would be. As far as I can tell, the only two doors between 67-69 that did not have the emblems on the sail panels were the ones with a vinyl top. The four doors without a vinyl top still had the Landau bars.
  7. Yes, the 69 Thunderbird had the emblem on the sail panel. It was always a mystery to me why all the other 67-71 Thunderbird models had the emblem except the 69. My dad bought a two door 69 Thunderbird brand new, and it definitely had them. Other than the lack of the emblems, the 1969 model body is accurate. The only place on the car that says THUNDERBIRD is on the panel between the tail lights - no other scripts. I'm trying to dig up some pictures that show the rear end of the car in particular.
  8. Those 917s were called the secretary cars. The sanctioning body wanted to see 25 cars in order to homologate them, so Porsche pulled almost all available employees into building them in a short period of time regardless of their title or position. All started, ran, and were driveable, but were rebuilt prior to racing/delivery.
  9. Love these cars. My parents bought a 1969 two door brand new, trading in a 68 Galaxie for it. I got to drive it a bit in the seventies whenever I was home from the Navy - what a blast. The power was very smooth. I've got a couple of the Allison kits, one of which I'm combining with the 71 T-bird to come up with a stockish custom. I also have an original kit I'm going to do as our car in Brittany Blue. The Allison kit and the annual kit do have different bodies - the Allison has the tail lights filled in with some "custom" tail lights. The annual has holes for clear red tail lights to be inserted. I did manage to get a couple of tail lights from Modelhaus for future use. Interesting that neither kit has the T-Bird emblem on the C pillar, even though the 67-68 AMT kits/promos do. Sorry for the rambling, but these are my favorite cars. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it. Nice work so far.
  10. I think the front fenders on the blue car were pie sectioned. Maybe a 1-3" cut where the fenders meet the nose, and nothing at the firewall. It seems to be very smooth from the front edge of the Daytona nose to the windshield. I, not knowing anything at all about the prototype, would think they lined up the bottom of the Daytona nose with the bottom of the Chevelle fenders, then pie cut the Chevelle fenders/Charger hood to meet the top edge of the Daytona nose. Either way, the Chevelle hood works fine with it. I'm pretty sure Dodge didn't tool up a new hood for the Daytona, they just used what they had laying about from a design perspective. It was the same hood as on your grandmother's 6-cyl Charger, maybe slightly modified to fit the new nose. I'll be watching this very interesting project.
  11. Very nice. I've got a couple of MPC and Airfix Boras in progress - they're tied for my absolute favorite car along with the Countach LP400. What paint did you use for the stainless steel roof section?
  12. That makes three of us - you and me too.
  13. True about legacy programs. Office 97 runs just fine on Windows 10
  14. I would check the GM Heritage Center. They have a lot of detailed information on almost all GM models, and should be the first stop for model reference: https://www.gmheritagecenter.com/gm-heritage-archive/vehicle-information-kits.html
  15. Tamiya also does a Yamaha TMAX scooter (with a rider) in 1/24. https://images.app.goo.gl/m8QQGMqYNZMpMyJT7
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