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  1. SSNJim added a post in a topic Scale size of tools   

    They look like about 1/12 scale to me. Some are a little larger scale such as the screwdriver, pocket knife and nutcracker. That scale is usually doll house furniture, but the rings make them look like charm bracelet/jewelry items.
  2. SSNJim added a post in a topic Revell Uptown Charger questions   

    Thanks a lot guys! It looks like they are pretty much rereleases of the same basic kit. The yellow one, which is the one I have, has only the stock looking wheels and one grille style, and some of the other options may be missing. It should work for what I need.

    The Testors kit may possibly work also, but going from memory, the grille and its opening are different for a start. I haven't actually tested it - they haven't both bubbled to the top of the stash at the same time.
  3. SSNJim added a topic in General   

    Revell Uptown Charger questions
    There were at least two kits - one was kit 2059 (flat box version?), and the other is 4225 (SRT8 Super Bee, which I have on hand). Are they the same kit as far as plastic goes? What, if any, are the differences? I just received a resin body that specifies 2059 as one of the donor kits, and I think all I need is the headlights, windshield, grille and a few other parts.


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  4. SSNJim added a post in a topic Revell clear gloss 01   

    The guy is European. Apparently Revell markets a line of paints in Europe which many Revell AG kits reference. This is a question that our European modeler friends need to answer.
  5. SSNJim added a post in a topic Dodge Challenger 2009 and newer   

    The AMT does, though I can't speak to the Revell.
  6. SSNJim added a post in a topic Cars that SHOULD be in the USA   

    Not really a car, but:

  7. SSNJim added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    Saw a Rod Shop Barracuda (70-75 vintage) on an open trailer somewhere on the backroads of VA in the I-81 corridor. It looked brand new, so it was probably a repro.
  8. SSNJim added a post in a topic Post your wagons and 4-door sedans   

    Just what I was looking for! Thanks for the lead! It seems that none of the available Magnum/300 model kits can swap the front cap without major surgery.
  9. SSNJim added a post in a topic Greenhorn Question   

    By volume. A 240" long, 48" tall and 48" wide full size car will be 20" X 4" X 4" in 1/12 scale. All dimensions of a piece get divided by the scale. The theoretical car mentioned earlier would be 10" X 2" X 2" in 1/24 scale.
  10. SSNJim added a post in a topic some corny jokes   

    How did the butcher introduce his wife?

    Meet Patty.
  11. SSNJim added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    A stock white 69 Boss 302 Mustang, travelling in company with a light yellow 67-69 Cougar with cornering lamps, black vinyl top and spoiler on US50 between Annapolis and Bowie.
  12. SSNJim added a post in a topic Guardsman Blue and Gulf Blue?   

    I saw on another site that the original Gulf racing blue was RAL 6027. I used to have the orange color too, but can't seem to find it, but it was another RAL color, maybe 2005 or 2007. I think it was 2007.

    They seem to be pretty close to the original colors anyway. The RAL colors are used by military modelers, and there should be cross-references to more common paints.
  13. SSNJim added a post in a topic Pimp your ride ?   

    Number 5 is kind of cool. The rest, not so much.
  14. SSNJim added a post in a topic Interesting idea, for a company with a big enough back catalog? (like Round2 maybe?)   

    It looks like a pretty good program to me. This program seems to require pre-orders, and not just votes like others.

    Airfix has a pretty good catalog/catalogue of 1/24 & 1/25 scale automobiles. I have their MGB (includes chrome and rubber baby buggy bumper versions), a Maserati Bora, and Toyota RAV4, all in 1/24. There are others, some tools were shared with MPC.
  15. SSNJim added a post in a topic 1997 Ford Crown Victoria- Village of Ashley Police   

    OK, you've talked me into it. It has the two major discrepancies of the Lindbergh kit covered - the "cut lines" of the grill header panel, and the strip parallel to the rear window.

    Nice looking build.