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  1. Go to the store. If the 40% signs are up, you win. Set up an appointment in your calendar for every two weeks lasting a week from Monday through Saturday. If the signs aren't up, set the appointment the same but starting next week. Before you go next time, check your calendar. Easy peasy. This is not a 40% off week, by the way.
  2. Wasn't Centurion the ones who did the Supercab Lightnings in the mid-90s?
  3. The problem is that the overhang is too tall. in the prototype picture (and the CAD and Chevy camper), the overhang is about as tall as the door handles to the factory roof. The cardboard on yours is about as tall as the front wheel wells to the factory roof. Cut the overhang from the bottom to be narrower, drop the whole assembly over the frame so the overall height is shorter, and trim the very bottom to be equal with the cab's rocker panel. That will also put your rear wheel well at the right height. Your camper looks too tall compared to the prototype. Your CAD is about right, but the cardboard isn't. I like the build a lot, and will be following along. I love scratchbuilding - I'm not that good at it, but it's a blast, and a WIP is always enjoyable. Looking forward to this.
  4. i had an uncle who used to drive around in the 1950's in 80 degree weather with the windows up so that people would think he had air conditioning. He didn't. The best of both worlds - windows up, AC off.
  5. I wouldn't count on your voice in own home being private, either. With all these smart appliances that are always listening, you can't be sure who or what is on the other end. Recently products my wife and I have only discussed have been showing up as web ads. Coincidence? Maybe. My phone's assistant will occasionally randomly speak up with information related to our current conversation. I'm not particularly paranoid, but I am concerned about privacy and what I say where.
  6. I'm not sure how they decide to ship things. This particular item came in a padded envelope: It is packed in an unassembled box, then shrinkwrapped. Here it is opened: Yes, I had to assemble the box. Another model I purchased at about the same time from the same manufacturer was shipped in a box, packaged the same way. This flat box/bag thing is new for them. I have 10 or so of this company's submarines, and most came in assembled boxes inside a shipping box. 3 of the last 4 came packed in a bag. The kits were in fine shape with no broken or missing pieces.
  7. Great! I'm glad it works for you. You can do a lot of cool things with activity streams. I use one that allows me to view all new postings in all forums since my last visit. No searching for new content - it's right there when I connect to the site. Enjoy!
  8. I can't see a Kia Soul without looking for the hamsters/Guinea pigs driving it. I've been deeply disappointed so far.
  9. Try this to filter. I use a similar method to view the forums every time I visit. I did test it by eliminating the Off-Topic forums, and it doesn't show the Off-Topic, um, topics. Activity > My Activity Streams > Create New Stream Give it a title. Whatever you want, no one will see it. Content Types > Topics > Hit the down arrow on the right. A Narrow by Forums selection box will appear. Pull down the arrow in that. Select all the Forums you want to see. When done, click outside the box. All forums you selected will be listed. Save Changes in the lower right corner. To use it, select Activity > My Activity Streams > name of your new activity. You can also edit/change it when you have the activity selected. There will be several boxes just below the name of the activity at the top of the screen. You can have several activities saved, and use them whenever you like.
  10. My guess is that it is a modified 1951 Chevy Fleetline body and should use that chassis. Oldsmobiles have a longer wheelbase than Chevrolets. I would imagine when that body was mastered, the 1950 Olds kit was not available.
  11. That is very cool. Now I know what to do with the ramp from my recent reissue of the Chevy ramp truck. Project 435 just got added to the queue.
  12. Don't forget the Cadillac that zigs, the Catera. It was a rebadged Opel Omega B. I think I'd have preferred the Admiral - it looks more like a Cadillac.
  13. I've got one of these promos. I had been looking for one for a while, and a deal came up. There was also a contemporary Buick Regal promo of which I have two. One was pretty beat up, so I redid that one. Neither of the boxes or models seem to have the manufacturer's name. Lee, very nice build. I've always liked the Reattas.
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