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  1. What did you see on the road today?

    The front suspension is too high. Can't Revell ever get it right? Just kidding. Nice car.
  2. Number one looks like a 67/68 Thunderbird.
  3. Polar Lights Mistery Machine's actual scale

    I think it looks like a VW. The low square wheelwells, lack of a grille, and round turn signals below the headlights scream VW to me. I don't think I've ever seen an American van with a front-mounted spare.

    On my older snap kit, I found some short screws about the same diameter as the axle and short enough to fit into the wheel back, and used those to replace the front metal axle. Of course, you'll have the screw heads to deal with, but a bit of paint will minimize them. Attach the wheels to the suspension before attaching the suspension to the body - I used glue on the suspension to body attachment to be on the safe side. I also removed the front fenders and both bumpers, which made a pretty decent looking rod.
  5. Scale size?

    You might want to check out freetimehobbies.com . I'm just a satisfied customer. They have a lot of ship accessories.
  6. Ford Thunderbird SC

    Welcome aboard! Love these cars and kits. I must have at least a dozen kits laying around. This is the first time I've seen this box, though. Is it a 89-91 or 92? The taillights on the early ones have a flat top edge; the 92 has a top edge that curves downward to the license plate area. I had a full-size 92 for a few years - what a great car. Another resource for the car is the Super Coupe Club of America at sccoa.com . Oh by the way, if you see the Revell Lowrider version of the SC, don't turn your nose up at it. It is the regular 92 SC kit molded in white with additional decals and a bag of lowrider wheels and tires. You can build any version of 3 (stock, custom/aero, and lowrider). Still haven't used any of the lowrider parts.
  7. Body filler

    I typically use JB Weld for my major jobs (chops, sections and so on), and Tamiya putty for the minor ones and final smoothing.
  8. Revell Porsche 934

    It's been a couple of weeks since I've seen them. Very likely they were sold, it seems like the green one was there forever. Good news on the Evergreen.
  9. Revell Porsche 934

    I'm pretty sure Hobby Works in Laurel still has one. May be worth a call. Last time I noticed they had both kits.
  10. Thanks, Snake. Forgot about the Fireball being the earlier Barracuda.
  11. Combine it with the Fireball 500 to create a hardtop version of the Fireball. I don't know what the underpinnings of the Fireball 500 are like, but can it be worse than you described for the Barracuda?
  12. He shoulda learned to drive stick

    In the late 70's, I had a 1973 Capri with a manual 4 speed. Fun car. I came home one time, and hopped in my parent's 1969 Thunderbird. This particular car had a brake pedal so wide it seemed to take up all the space between the gas pedal and parking brake. I pulled out of the parking spot, got it into drive, and started down the street. All was going well until, out of habit, I stepped on the "clutch" at about 15mph. That T-Bird came to a stop right now - I think the front splash panel hit the ground. Of course, my mom was watching.... No damage done, just embarrassed.
  13. hobby lobby

    Sorry, not me. There's no beer in that clip.
  14. hobby lobby

    I dunno. I remember one Pizza Hut in Mission Beach that was pretty awesome in 1977/78. Full menu, waitress service, table cloths, beer, and the whole 9 yards. The pizza was very good. They weren't particularly special; all Pizza Huts were that way. We did eat at that particular Pizza Hut quite a bit.
  15. That was supposed to be a sarcastic response to the previous comment, not a real suggestion.