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  1. SSNJim added a post in a topic Snowed in today..movie??   

    You only got two hours out of the Nova?
  2. SSNJim added a topic in General   

    Ever seen an engine run before?
    From the inside?
    Very cool - a flathead engine with a glass head.
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  3. SSNJim added a post in a topic some corny jokes   

    Here's a few more. Been kind of quite here.
    What's brown and sticky?
    ... a stick!
    A man went to a psychiatrist. "Doc," he said, "I keep having these alternating recurring dreams. First I'm a teepee, then I'm a wigwam, then I'm a teepee, and then I'm a wigwam. It's driving me crazy. What's wrong with me?"
    The doctor replied, "It's very simple. You're two tents."
    My racing snail isn't doing very well in his races at the moment.
    I've removed his shell to reduce weight and make him more aerodynamic.
    It hasn't worked.
    If anything it's made him more sluggish.
    I've just bought a gun from a tyrannosaurus Rex. He's a small arms dealer.
  4. SSNJim added a post in a topic Offbeat Places You Have Purchased Model Kits?   

    Up until probably the mid-90's, I used to be able to find them just about everywhere I went. I've found them at Williamsburg Pottery, Radio Shack, convenience stores, dollar stores, auto part stores, gas stations, gift shops, toy stores, drug stores, and on and on. I don't remember ever being in a hobby shop from when I was a teen in the 70's to the late 80's.
  5. SSNJim added a post in a topic Wounded warrior model kit donations   

    I wasn't saying don't do it; I was saying if you were interested in helping veterans, there are better ways. It all depends on what your goal is. Again, the American Legion, VFW, DAV or other veteran service organizations will probably know who will take your donations.
  6. SSNJim added a post in a topic Wounded warrior model kit donations   

    Somehow many of the unopened model kits I pick up in thrift stores seem to have some sort of veteran build program label on them. How effective are those programs to have veterans build models? Not very, from my experience.
    I would donate cash to legitimate veterans' organizations or volunteer your time to help veterans. Contact your nearest American Legion or VFW to determine who is legitimate. The main interest of those two organizations is the welfare of veterans. They can, and will, help you to provide useful services to veterans, or donate cash to somewhere it will do some good.
    Just my two cents from someone who spent 16 years punching holes in the ocean.
  7. SSNJim added a post in a topic Supercharger   

    The most obvious one would be the supercharged Ford 3.8L in the Revell Thunderbird SC kits, and some of their Cougars. A few of the Cougars came with the 302 V-8.
    As far as non-Ford 3.8s, see above.
  8. SSNJim added a post in a topic Allison Thunderland body parts   

    Unfortunately the Allison Thunderbird kit doesn't have any red taillights included. It has custom taillights molded into the body. Modelhaus had tail lights for the 69s, but that's not an option any longer.
    I'm considering a custom T-bird that won't require the rear valance. If I decide to do it, you can have mine but it is still only in the planning phases, so it may be a while.
    Out of curiosity, does your original issue 69 have the T-bird insignia on the C pillar? The Allison's C pillar doesn't.
  9. SSNJim added a post in a topic Parts painting   

    I use something similar - a photo holder I stumbled across at a thrift store for about a buck. Works like a dream.

  10. SSNJim added a post in a topic Trumpeter Type XXIII - More bridge than sub!   

    Most of the pictures and official painting instructions I've seen of WWII submarines in general have antifouling black or dark grey on the bottom side. I don't think red showed up until the 50s for submarines. It is difficult to get reliable color information for German WWII submarines in particular. There can be a lot of variation in color due to things like weather fading, availability of paints, and care taken in application. Sometimes it's best to get it to the nearest close enough and move on.  Revell has 4 colors listed in their instructions for two different paint schemes, all grays.
    I used Panzer Dunkelgrau Model Master 4795 for the bottom of my Revell XXIII from the waterline down.
  11. SSNJim added a post in a topic 1978 Dodge Adventurer Crew Cab   

    I like the work you've done. Looking forward to seeing how this goes. I made many a trip as driver and passenger in gray Dodge Crew Cabs of that era while in the Navy.
  12. SSNJim added a post in a topic What I didn't finish this year ... but 1 is close   

    Thanks! I'll look it over.
  13. SSNJim added a post in a topic What I didn't finish this year ... but 1 is close   

    I'd like to see the 32 finished, or at least more of it. It looks pretty interesting. Then again, the CV could probably be finished this weekend.... I've been following that one since you started it. It's my favorite of your builds.
  14. SSNJim added a post in a topic Revell Sunseeker Predator 108ft 1/72   

    Thanks! I appreciate the chance to see this build. I've been thinking purchasing the kit over. Very cool subject.
  15. SSNJim added a post in a topic Putty for custom bodykit?   

    One thing no one has mentioned so far is that the bulk of the bodywork should be done using plastic and cement. With flares for example, you need to build the basic structure out of plastic, then use the putty to cover the flaws. Most of the filler/putty should be sanded away, leaving what is required (a very thin layer) to fill seams and other flaws.
    Don't build your body kit of filler alone so that there is 1/4" of putty and nothing else. The first time the body flexes, it will pop off.