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  1. Jeff Sauber Jeff Sauber Jeff Sauber Jeff Sauber Jeff Sauber Oh no everybody!!...I just posted my real name 5 times in a row!! Gosh, I guess my identity will get stolen now....
  2. Great info Steve.... The color on the model looks nothing like those paint samples. The blue paint on the model above, looks to have more like a custom metallic blend to me. It seemed too "flashy" to be an old 1949 color. Judging from the paint guide, the factory blue had more gray in it and no metal flake. Oh well, the model still looks decent with the metallic blue Chas used.. Thanks for sharing those paint chips and website....I like the Rio red. Might have to use that on one of my projects....Jeff
  3. Looks like the white Elcamino suffered a blow out!!....Yikes! For the engine pics, try backing the camera off a bit to get the focus back and set the macro. Blurry pics can be hard on the eyes..
  4. Thanks Wayne....great stuff and lot's of inspiration.....Much appreaciated.
  5. Thanks, Yeah, I'm kinda tired of doing the blown cars...I just did a big blower set up on the Christine Plymouth, so for this one I wanted to keep the pro mod style look, but go with a more nolstalgic engine application using the old hilborn injector tubes.
  6. I agree.....I tend to wait 4-6 weeks myself just on the paint curing process... I have tried to polish out finishes before they were COMPLETELY gassed out and cured, only to find a bit of "texture" return a few days after the polishing sessions were completed....[which of course meant that the paint was still curing].... I try and never rush my projects. If I have the urge to keep working while I'm waiting for paint to cure, then I'll get started on another project in the meantime. I usually work on 4 or 5 different cars at once, so there's always something to do as the final body paints are curing up. Heck, if I'm lucky, I'll only get 2 completed projects done before year's end. I'll leave the 24, 48, 72, or whatever "hour builds" to the speedy folks....I have no desire to build models in a hurry. I'm not saying that's a bad way to build stuff, but it's certainly not my preferred approach to things. Thanks for sharing the great Paint tips, David....Most of us here deeply appreciate it.
  7. Um, judging by the images shown, it's pretty darn obvious that David knows what he's doing. There's lots of ways to try and achieve decent finishes, but David's advice is solid and clearly very effective. I can't see how anyone can argue the point...
  8. Thanks Wayne...I had heard there was a gasser class that had cars that looked similar to the pro-mods, but they wern't quite as fast...I wasn't aware of the proper term, but that must be the "AA gassers" you refer to. That AA class is pretty cool. Those cars have the same low slung stances, and lots of cool nolstalgic bodies, but some don't have the big pro mod style rear wings...I also saw some of those cars with hilborn style injector tubes instead of the typical blown applications seen with pro mods. The '57 I'm doing here sort of represents one of those pro mod look-alikes, but without the wing and blown engine....I appreciate the info. I'll have to go and really check out that AA class of racing a little closer. There's alot of neat stuff in that division.
  9. I did a little extra body work today..Now it may be ready for some paint...I still have some tweeking to do with the hood, but here's how things look tonight..
  10. I've been working on this one off and on for a while...here's what I have so far...
  11. another fun project in the early stages...
  12. I have no idea at this point...I had thoiugh about using a modifed flathead, but I may go with a more beefed up street rod type of car instead of a lumbering cruiser....Not sure where to take this one..Open to all suggestions. The modifed frame is from the '41 willy's street rod...
  13. Yeah, that may be a great option as well...I think it would all fit under the hood...There's alot of room in this engine bay..I just can't go very high though..The hood clearance is fairly shallow..
  14. I had thought about doing that.. The windsheild has deep scratches where the vent windows are, so perhaps I'll just cut off the sides of the "glass" and eliminate the vent windows..
  15. The chrome plating on the '62 bumper was in terrible condition, so I carefully cut away the lower bumper from the grill and used the thunderbolt bumper instead. The thunderbolt bumper is a bit more narrow and I had to tweek the fenders and stretch the sides of the bumper and trim things in a bit, but it all fit pretty well in the end..I had to scratchbuild a filler panel that goes between the lower grill and the inner bumper that will be painted body color. I had to do that in order to line things up and get acceptable spacing between the grill and bumper. It sounds like alot of work, but it really wasn't..Just some tweeking and adjusting till things lined up and looked good. Now I have to figure what to do with the rest of the project. Not sure about the motor and interior options.. I may use a more modern type of engine like a 4.6 mod motor or something along those lines...
  16. Another fun little side project I have going. Used the front bumper from a '64 thunderbolt...the teardrop scoop was built from evergreen sheet, and the wheels are Pegasus T's.
  17. Here's a little ford project I have going on...I chopped down the windsheild, smoothed out the fenders, and used '49 merc bumpers....I'm undecided about the wheels, but here's how things look at the moment.
  18. Just thought I'd share this little project......There's not much to see yet, but I have done a little modifying with an old "soff seal" body and an old funny car body to create my own look...Here's what I have thrown together so far.....
  19. Thanks guys...I have a bunch of work to do on this thing, but at least I'm off to a start. I'll be working on the frame next and trying to see what sort of engine to throw in. Instead of messing with solder & brass, I'll just do the frame from evergreen. I can work a bit quicker using plastic instead of brass. In fact I haven't used brass for frames in quite a while. I'm also still undecided about the grill, but that can come later...For now I want to get it up on the wheels and an engine in place.
  20. Beautiful little truck there, Dan...Very nice vintage model. I wish I had some of my old stuff to share from way back when, but Most of it either got traded, or blown up with fire crackers....LOL
  21. Just thought I'd share this project I've been fiddling around with...Still a long way to go on this one, but here's where things are as of now..
  22. Yeah, cause all your comments provide great content and awesome models.........OH WAIT!!
  23. Thanks for providing that gynocological information, Dr Holt... I'm sure Granny & Mom would be proud of you sharing their personal stories here on the world wide web.... Nice work!!...........
  24. Yeah, My daughter used to watch that show...It never really had much substance to it...Just alot of silly jumping around and hypnotic colors floating everywhere. I think the show got cancelled or something.. I haven't seen it on the air for a couple years now. Those Booh Bah things kinda remind me of the Mcdonald's "Grimmace".....
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