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  1. i have one still sealed in the shrinkwrap
  2. PM Casey on here, he sells them on ebay i beleive
  3. yeah, ive never seen a ford or gm product with enough horsepower and torque to explode a tranny like that
  4. got this today havent built a big rig in over 25 yrs, not sure how im gonna build it yet
  5. if you dont mind, could you give us the username of this person on ebay?
  6. its a piece of plastic.......next question
  7. nothing as of late motivates me sadly
  8. *waits patiently for Vegetable Gothika*
  9. looking good so far, but for my own reassurance please tell me you didnt mount the starter to the floorpan? LOL
  10. i dont subscribe to any magazines (anymore) but i did have a subscription to SA that my wife got me for my birthday. now i only pickup magazines if there is something that interests me inside
  11. is it too late to join this build? i have a 66 mustang that im working on right now, its in the early mockup stages so far amt 66 mustang that will eventually have the entire chassis and interior from the revell saleen speedster kit
  12. drop it in the floor from about "workbench height", always seems to work for me
  13. in the 3rd pic....are those the rear tire off of the numerous sprint car kits? if so id be down for a few sets if they were in rubber like Casey mentioned
  14. i know that he now offers the M/T frontrunners from the pro street superbee kit, i sent him 2 of mine to make molds off of , as soon as i can round a set of them up he is going to start casting the Firestone tires from the revell 67 pro street chevelle kit and the wide M/T's from the pro street superbee kit. it does take awhile to get your parts from him, but it is definitely worth the wait
  15. theres a couple of them down here in Chattanooga, but thats a bit of a drive for you LOL
  16. yeah i was gonna say ive probably spent close to $500 with her in the past year and other than 1 paypal dispute i havent had nay issues with receiving or quality
  17. who did you get it from? i bought one off ebay from seller id lots-4-sale or something like that, i havent done anything with it yet
  18. there is no selling allowed on this board, but judging by some of the other things that people get away with on here you will most likely be fine
  19. Nick I may be wrong but from pics ive seen the car looks to be semi gloss black http://www.streetlegaltv.com/news/images-of-dwayne-the-rock-johnsons-chevelle-from-faster/
  20. code EL1 Sandpebble Beige carried over from 69 http://www.mopar1.us/chip/1969-dodge-pc.jpg
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