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  1. I bought a paasche kit and it came with air compressor. I was in the same boat and I researched all of them and this is what I decided on. Forget what I paid but if I were you I would go with something like this. It's name brand single action siphon feed external mix. Mini Air Compressor piston type. Oil-less. Good system for beginning and more. I'm happy. Google them both. Hope this helps. Don't buy a no name. This is a good system and will not break you. Good luck.
  2. Outstanding photos Ken !!
  3. Have seen old TV sets used as the stage and pretty cool !
  4. Great work Safak ! Did you decide not to use the cut out pieces for the surface ? Great work !
  5. Gonna be nice ! I can tell.
  6. It all came together really well ! Great job !!
  7. Nice Dio ! Is the background a photo or the real thing ? How about the water and mud ? Real or created from other materials . Regardless. Very well executed !
  8. vaughn


    Good thinking ahead !! They all look great !!
  9. vaughn

    1959 Impala

    Looks great ! Clean and crisp !!
  10. It's great to come back to this site after awhile and see something totally different !! Very cool build !!!
  11. Very different ! Lots of details ! I like it a lot !
  12. Super Cool build. Enjoyed the in progress and all the changes and the perseverance ! Is it all acrylic ?
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