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  1. You've got a great plan, Daniel!!! I'm a Vega/Monza fan as well having owned a few Vega's back in the 70's-80's. You are right about the less than stellar underpinnings of the Vega & Monza but they sure were fun to drive. I'll be looking forward to seeing this project progress. Looks really good so far!!!?????????
  2. Welcome to the forum!!! Have a great time building and hanging out here!!!
  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the painted open wheels. The spiders would look great!!!?????????
  4. Don and Carl, thank you.?????????
  5. Very well done!!! The level of detail is cool and the light green gives it a very elegant look!!! I give it five thumbs up, Trent!!!?????????????
  6. From one Greg to another, she's beautiful!!! Underwood detail is great and the car just looks right!!! Nice build!!!?????????
  7. Very realistic and convincing weathering!!! Right out of Anytown USA 50 years ago.?????????
  8. Very gorgeous, Chuck!!! I'm not a Hudson fan but this one really hits the mark perfectly!!!?????????
  9. I can only see the first pic but man is she gorgeous!!! Awesome build!!!?????????
  10. Thanks, Bisc63!!! Glad you like it!!!????????
  11. Thanks guys for all of your kind comments!!! This is a fun kit to build and it's a great kit to work ones own magic on!!!??
  12. Gorgeous 57!!! So nice and clean, looks awesome!!!?????????
  13. Very cool!!! I love the way you integrated the roof into the beltline and it looks much better than narrowing the roof. Over all, sweet kustom, Dan!!!?????????
  14. The deFoosed Caddy build has come to an end. I sure had a bunch of fun building it but I cut short of totally remaking the Caddy. I still think it accomplished the goal anyway. Here's a few pics of the finished ride.
  15. Well worth the wait, Tom!!! It's absolutely gorgeous!!! Well done, sir!!!?????????
  16. Thanks, Nick!!! I'm bringing it to Cedarville in a couple of weeks and I hope to see you there.????????
  17. The more I look the more I like the conversion on the intake manifold!!! Brilliant!!!????????
  18. Thanks, Andy and Wayne!!! Glad you like it!!!????????
  19. Very cool and well done!!! I'm building a 56 300 as well. I agree, very nice kit and I will build other Moebius kits!!! I really love the color combo on yours!!!????????
  20. Looks darned good, James!!! The color is cool so I'm looking forward to seeing the progress!!!????????
  21. It's been awhile since I've looked in on this project and you've certainly made great strides with it. Very cool project. I've never seen that Hot Rod book your using but it looks like you're going to have one fast little T bucket if you can keep the front end on the ground and control wheel spin, lol!!! Nice work, Garry!!! I'm looking forward to the push to the finish!!!????????
  22. Awesome refitting to make a great subject better!!! I love that it's a gasser project as well. I may be motivated to get my Blew By You project back out!!! I look forward to seeing your progress!!!????????
  23. The casting looks very good, great job!!! Looking forward to seeing more!!!????????
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