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  1. Aaronw added a post in a topic Favorite European Bands   

    Apocalyptica is a Finn cello playing metal band, their take on the classical music piece Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg. Not many cellos in metal, so I think they are kind of neat.
  2. Aaronw added a post in a topic Favorite European Bands   

    Scorpions would top my list, but there are a few.
    Trust is the only French metal band I know of (featured on the 1981 Heavy metal soundtrack)
    and the English version found on the heavy metal sound track
  3. Aaronw added a post in a topic Who's That Lady?   

    No? She worked as a spy, is handy with a knife and her cooking repels sharks.
  4. Aaronw added a post in a topic Revell 1984 Olds 442   

    I don't really know why but I kind of like 80s / 90s muscle cars so this is a nice addition to the Buicks, Chevy Impala SS and Ford Taurus SHO. I wasn't aware that Olds had their own answer to the GN, not bad looking.
    I've started noticing this generation of Olds around town lately (standard Cutlass' not HO versions), not a lot of them but more that I would have guessed are on the road.
    I do not get that lightning shifter at all, what is the point? If it is running off the stock transmission then does it really get you much, and if you have to replace the transmission why not go all the way and put in a manual or at least a better auto that allows positive shifting. Seems like an overly complicated set up. The lack of manual transmissions is one thing I never cared for in this generation of GM performance cars (Impala SS suffered from the same issue).
  5. Aaronw added a post in a topic AMT Ecto 1A to be re-released?   

    Skimming through quickly depending on how detailed you want to get it looks like you may want both the PL and AMT to build an ambulance, maybe even throw in a Monogram Eldorado if you want to go full detail.
    PL has the correct stock rear bumper, AMT has a non stock step bumper. AMT may include a stock rear bumper as well, not sure about that. 
    PL has molded in strobes in the grill, AMT has a stock grill, Monogram has the best grill.
    AMT has separate clear red tail lights, PL has white plastic molded in tail lights. AMT and PL are curb sides with a promo style bottom plate, Monogram is full detail. 
    I only have the PL version, the above is based on comments from the thread.
  6. Aaronw added a post in a topic '70 Buick GSX   

    Nice job all around and the color combo is very striking.
  7. Aaronw added a post in a topic Who's That Lady?   

    How about this one

  8. Aaronw added a post in a topic Schaefer Ambulance(Cadillac) from 1980's TV show???   

    Art is referring to the coach builder Superior, not the service using the ambulance.
  9. Aaronw added a post in a topic Schaefer Ambulance(Cadillac) from 1980's TV show???   

    The Ghostbusters kit isn't a high top, so you may still want the flintstone body (I think he offers a hightop ambulance and a hearse body).
    Schaefer ambulance still exists, so it might be possible to get a color from the company if you are lucky enough to find someone older with some time to spare.
    The professional car society has a Socal chapter which might be another option for finding the color.
  10. Aaronw added a post in a topic Hot Wheels Tribute builds   

    Neat idea.
    I remember in the early 70s Shell stations would give away hot wheels with a tank of gas. When I'd visit my grandmother it was kind of a ritual to get gas so I could get a hotwheel. Had a shoe box full of them over at her house. I looked for the box when she passed away, but I was the oldest of a number of grandchildren and somewhere along the line it must have been given to one of the younger ones or thrown out. They were pretty beat from me, but would have been fun to have anyway. 
    The Custom Barracuda is one of the more tame ones that really stands out to me, I was thinking about doing one in dark blue metallic like the one I had.
    The ones that really stand out in my memory are the more wild customs Python, Beatnik Bandit, Silhouette, Twin Mill, and Mantis being particular favorites.
  11. Aaronw added a post in a topic I have a problem...   

    I have a hard time actually putting the finishing touches on a model, but once I'm "done" I try not to look back. I have occasionally made a modification or fixed something that I missed, but that is rare.  
  12. Aaronw added a post in a topic Time for a switch in jobs. I'm gonna have a shiney hiney!   

    Hope this is a good change for you.
    This seems appropriate for the new ride  
  13. Aaronw added a post in a topic 1970 Toyota Corona 1600 sl ( from otaki)   

     Ours was gold, with a beige interior. As far as chrome I don't recall much, wheel covers, a few small trim details and the bumpers. Most of what I see chrome in your photos was actually metallic grey or black plastic.
    This one is pretty much identical to the one we had.
    I'd love to find one or two myself. My parents bought a '70 new when I was about 3, and my dad drove it until probably '83-84. I had an aunt with a Datsun B210 Honey Bee, and another aunt had an older Corona (the one that looks a little like a Datsun 510).  
  14. Aaronw added a post in a topic Modelshops in Salt Lake City and Denver, is there any?   

    Well not models, but cars are model related. If you end up heading west into Nevada there is the Hays Truck museum which recently moved to Reno, NV from Woodland, CA. The National Automobile Museum which houses the Harrah's collection is also in Reno. Harrah acquired a pretty amazing pile of cars during his lifetime  http://www.automuseum.org/
    There was a decent hobby shop in Reno back in 2005 or so, but don't know if it is still around.
  15. Aaronw added a post in a topic Road Drones: Self Driving Trucks Cross Europe   

    I was just reading about some of the driverless tech here in the US. It works fine in lab conditions but they are finding it hard to make reliable in the real world. Bandwidth is a major issue as is combining driverless vehicles with human drivers, pedestrians, wildlife.
    They also found real world roads a big problem compared to a perfect track. Human drivers are much better at avoiding pot holes, and other hazards. I'll try to find the article, I just read it within the past month.