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  1. Same boat. I have that DM800, I like very utilitarian trucks. That is one of those kits that have me questioning the utility of having a stash. I think it is coming around for another reissue since I bought it.
  2. You are not alone. At least I'm not the only one who is struggling to get started. Good luck, hope you get some time soon.
  3. Finally getting a start, just dropping this to cover April since it is the 30th but will get some progress posted in the next day or 3.
  4. I do the same thing, I fill a bucket with hot water but not so hot that I can't comfortably leave my hand in the water.
  5. Just because military kits won't be a priority doesn't preclude them running existing tooling or leasing them out to other manufacturers. Smer re-boxed or outright bought the molds for (never got a solid answer which) for many of the Heller 1/72 aircraft. Heller did a bunch of the very ungainly 1930s French bombers that are likely to remain the only option. I would hate to see these shoved into a dark corner or scrapped, but even if the new Heller has no interest I imagine Revell or one of the Eastern European kit makers would buy the molds for better than scrap price.
  6. March update, sadly no progress to show although there was finally a break in the weather long enough to let things dry out so I could crawl around under the truck and sketch out the frame. This has been one of our wettest winters in years. We can use it, but it has certainly hindered my progress on any outside activities which includes necessary measurements to get going on this project.
  7. I get that from time to time, it seems linked to the length of the post. I've found deleting a couple words will often let me post. It doesn't seem to be a too long post thing so mach as the software just not liking the specific length of the post if that makes sense (it only marginally makes sense to me as I type it).
  8. Are you looking at mold release for resin casting? Not all resin / silicone require a mold release, so I'd check to see what is recommended by the supplier. If you are looking at something to keep the silicone from sticking when making a two part mold petroleum jelly (Vaseline) works fine. I've heard Pam cooking spray works, but never tried it.
  9. That makes sense and cut tight to the lettering I imagine a very thin sheet doesn't show at all once painted.
  10. I've been waiting for the rain to pass so I can get under the truck. I need to take some measurements then I can get started on the frame. It is a 2 ton truck, so has a much simpler (straighter) frame than most pickup trucks.
  11. I think this is the only thing I've bought from them and I've had this kit at least 12 years so don't know how it compares to their current line. Luckily I could never commit to a project for it as it doesn't appear to be available anymore. It is a well cast piece, a little thick in a few spots, but not bad and very few casting flaws. Lots of detail pieces and options including many photo etch badges. It includes name badges for Fargo and Desoto in addition to Dodge.
  12. The middle and left trucks in the first photo are 59s. 58, 59 and 60 each have different grills. The one of the left is a 4x4 W500, the center one a 2wd D500. I need to check the kit and see which grill it has. or if it offers multiple grills allowing a 58-60 to be built. It shouldn't be too hard to make the correct grill if it only has the '59 grill, '58 is the least complex of the 3 years. Are you saying you glued the PE to a strip of plastic and them glued the strip with the letters to the fender or did you just tack the letters onto the strip to hold them in place and then removed the strip from the letters once the epoxy set?
  13. That is a very real concern particularly later on when the weather is nicer.
  14. I have spared no expense for this build and have had reference materials delivered.
  15. My entry is going to be a 1958 Dodge W500 fire engine used by the US Forest Service. The truck on the far left is what I'm going for, although that is a '59 which has a different grill. I will be starting with a resin cab from SELtd and most of the rest will have to be kit bashed or scratchbuilt.
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