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  1. Anyone buying Revell kits just in case?

    I picked up another Revell '36 Ford convertible when all of this was announced. Just because with the current situation the odds of a re-issue of that kit is now quite some ways out. Revell kit prices will only climb until things shake out but I'm really not too worried about the rest, recent issues will likely restart within the year and I have a few of most Revell kits I will "need" until the company gets back on track.
  2. Future of the hobby

    I still prefer forums like this, but the FB groups are many and can be pretty specific. I had little to do with FB until the past year when I found out about the groups. Since it is so easy to form a group there is a group for just about everything. Totally different format, but kind of like the old yahoo groups, there is almost nothing to niche to find a group about.
  3. T.D. Garbage truck

    If the garbage body had decent detail it could perhaps be used on a 1 ton or 1-1/2 ton truck? There are small garbage trucks out there for industrial sites, gated communities, camp grounds and such, not all are built on large trucks. Unfortunately I haven't found the detail on other Tom Daniel customs to be worth bothering with for use as a more serious model.
  4. Future of the hobby

    There are a lot of Facebook model groups. It would be interesting to see how the ages compare to here. It is not uncommon to see disparaging comments towards Facebook here, so I suspect that would provide a substantially different demographic. I'm sure you would see substantially different demographics simply based on themed groups, say a tuner group vs traditional customs. I would also guess that taking a poll of what Yahoo model groups remain would likely skew to make the average age shown here to be whippersnappers.
  5. New wooden kit project . Whale boat Done !

    Nice job on the whale boat. You need to get that hatchet off the deck. its making me nervous, one little wind shift and ploop, right over the side.
  6. Future of the hobby

    People need to get out of their bubbles. You go to aircraft and armor sites and the reaction to Revell's situation is "so what they haven't made any new kits in like 20 years". Over here the sky is falling because Hobbico (not Revell) is bankrupt, but if you look outside of Revell models are booming. There have been loads of "they'll never kit that" kits in the past 10 years (and still coming). People are having to look for really obscure stuff these days to make joke kit request references. It seems like there is a new model company or two popping up every year. There are companies like ICM and Meng that have focused on military subjects now beyond the sticking a toe in the water of 1/24 model cars. Modern(ish) Ford F250, Hummer H1, Jeep Wrangler, how many new Model T's? and several 1940s European cars. The fat lady hasn't even left her house yet.
  7. How Old Are You

    As the OP was kind enough to overlap the age groups, I chose the younger option while I can. There used to be a fairly decent size contingent of early 20s modelers here. I think some get intimidated when they see the stashes and tools some of the older guys have to play with. Facebook probably took some away, and likely has kept many of the new modelers from even looking (forums are so 00s ) and a lot that we had probably hit that magical age where other things drag them away from hobbies and they drifted away. I suspect the frequent "get off my lawn" spiels don't help to attract or keep younger modelers.
  8. Thanks for finding that. The Landmaster is an iconic sci-fi vehicle, neat to hear how it came about. Terrible movie, the truck is the only positive thing related to it. I'm a fan of the genre but the movie is the typical big budget Hollywood blockbuster with bad writing and worse special effects. The book was great, but the only thing it shares with the movie is the title and a super truck.
  9. How hard could it possibly be to scratchbuild a refer for the trailer? It is basically a box with some boxes attached to it. I'm sure the grating could be scrounged up from something, or fabricated from styrene or metal strip. Most of the truck guys seem to be pretty comfortable customizing. The Thermo King across the top would be the most difficult aspect, photo etch would be the best option, but DIY decal would probably do the job.
  10. Problems at Heller

    It is hard to sell kits that consumers can not find. Distribution seems to be an issue for them. Most of the vendors I've checked for Heller kits don't actually have many in stock. Heller has some good kits, and had a lot of interesting subjects in the works so I hope this isn't too big of a bump in the road for the future of the company. The google translation is a little weird, but I gather the parent company wants to dump its French connections and move production someplace cheap.
  11. Isn't it an amazing coincidence that "the public" wants the kind of cars with kind of options that happen to coincide with the greatest profits for automakers? Surely marketing doesn't play any role in that...
  12. Palmer model kit history?

    Keep in mind what they were competing with, scale model wasn't a term in common use. Ever here the term "box scale"? That literally means the model was scaled to fit into a standard size box, that was still common in the early 1960s. Johan's early Cadillac kits are notorious for having shortened proportions, because Cadillacs were large cars and many wouldn't fit into the standard box Johan used. In 1961 plastic model kits had only recently replaced wooden model kits. You think Palmer kits are bad check out a Monogram or Strombecker kit from the 1940s or 50s. Hey kid here is a block of wood sort of shaped like an airplane, here are some pictures of what it is supposed to look like. Here is a knife, go. Their later kits like the 1940 Ford are much better than those early kits, not great, but better. Good enough that some people think they copied the AMT or Revell kit. Their early kits are similar to other brands early kits, kits many gripe about for being bad. Also cars do not appear to have been their strongest effort. Apparently their ship models are considered to be better. I'm not really much of a ship modeller, so don't know from personal experience but I have been told many of the better Lindberg ship models began life as Palmer kits. Monogram's kits from the late 1960s really stand out because they were so much better than most anything else being done at the time.
  13. keep stopping at the end of my builds

    The lighting is the same problem as the models. Everything is there and in place, wires just just have to be connected, I'll get to it, its only been 4 years....
  14. keep stopping at the end of my builds

    I built the one I have, it isn't a prefab Ikea kind of thing. It took some time to build in the evenings and weekends. Technically it isn't actually done since I've never got around to wiring the lights.... It hasn't been this empty in a long time. I do have plans to do another but, that is going to fill a wall. I have to design it, then it takes time to build and is a much lower priority than some other large home DIY projects. Building the case isn't like a model where an hour here and there gets it done, it is a substantial time commitment and can't just be tucked into a shoe box until I have time to get back to it. There is also the cost to consider, wood, glass and the misc hardware adds up quickly. Then there is the matter of a truck for hauling all the bits and pieces. A truck is something I no longer have. I agree just getting another display case would be nice, if only it were that simple. I can't do anything the easy way.
  15. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    It may not have had anything to do with Revell's profits. Hobbico was much more than Revell and it is quite possible the issues were in other parts of the business. In fact I'm pretty sure some earlier posts explicitly said that was the case. Recently Airfix's new parent, Hornby was also having financial issues. Airfix itself was in the black and doing just fine, it was some of the other (non model) divisions that were having trouble.