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  1. Well so far the January kit list is the '70 Impala Fire Chief, Ed Roth Mailbox Trike, '77 Pinto Popper Coca-Cola, and Tyrone Malone Hideout KW Hauler Truck.
  2. Also Platz tweeted around 6pm EST tonight this (pardon the machine translation), so hopefully Japanese vendors will have it by the beginning of next week. That'd be a 3-5 day gap between Hong Kong release and Japanese distribution. Which makes a pretty clear case why Beemax couldn't drop their deal with Aoshima fast enough.
  3. Renaissance out of France said they were doing that one, plus two others I can't recall off the top of my head.
  4. Nope it's a curbside. It'll be just a mild-retool - just a top body mold insert - of their existing MX-5 Roadster from 2015. I'll have to either sell my Plamoz RF conversion piece, or pass on this one.
  5. This has officially been added to the Round2 January releases.
  6. Well it's free money to some extent. I know, I know Round2 had to buy the tooling blah_blah_blah, but if they haven't recouped that investment in a dozen years, it's very likely they never will. Also maybe they got strong pre-orders on that MPC Ed Roth Mailbox Trike, which opens the possibility to any "Show Rod" style cycle. One things for certain, I'm not sure how any of you older folks are still here because that was some OUTSTANDING drugs these guys were on back then. 😂
  7. It wouldn't be an efficient use of resources, at all. Aside from modifying the promo tool, you're also talking about running 3 tools worth of kits to get one kit at the end. You'd then have 3k sets of all of the other kit's parts as tooling is not set up (especially the older stuff) in a way that only allows bits and pieces to be produced, you run the whole shebang.
  8. This kit has been reissued as of this morning. Considering the RevellAG Land Rover Series III is freshly minted, along with the 70/80s Land Rover 2 Dr & 60/70s Land Rover 2 Dr ESCI/Italeri reissues being out there - now is the time to bask in English off-roading. The Italeri reissue of the ESCI MB G320 is also pending any week now.
  9. https://www.spotmodel.com/product_info.php?products_id=53062
  10. Ahhh well I knew it was an NNL held in the past month or so. I defend my mistake on the basis that Toledo and Detroit are "close enough" 😀😀
  11. Revell had a U.S. box on display at NNL in Toledo, it's in with Tim's photos somewhere.
  12. The JB (1998-2018) 3rd Gen was shown in a test shot format a month or so ago - at least in terms of the body. Fujimi is currently on a massive 1/72 military kick, so I'm not sure when these will see the light of day, but they are working on them.
  13. Yeah but with a RevellAG kit then you have to hope they don't smush the contents cramming them in our smaller U.S. boxes.
  14. FWIW in addition to not using pillarless hard tops, 98% of Chevy police cars would have also been Biscayne trim level, not an Impala. But at least now there will be a much closer base to start that conversion from, rather than stretching a coupe, or using a resin body.
  15. Should be out any day now, depending if it got shipped out before the Christmas Rush starts to clog up the system.
  16. Yes all Model King kits are done in smaller runs that what Moebius would do for their own kits. Your LHS had to use a different supplier most likely because Dave Burkett is the one selling the kits, not Moebius so fulfillment wouldn't be the same.
  17. Not cynical, it's just the reality of the audience Round2 is aiming their products to...all of these old kits appeal to older guys for the most part. If you pay any attention to social media younger folks who get these Round2 kits coming off Revell and Japanese products are totally appalled at the contents. We can debate the accuracy of Revell's body proportions, but the one thing they have down is the engineering side - they assemble exactly how you'd want them to...
  18. And what kid in 2019 even knows who Don Garlits is, or wants to build a mediocre old drag racing kit. This is aimed squarely at adult builders tugging on their nostalgia (or mistalgia) heart strings - making them buy another one of something they already have a half dozen of laying around.
  19. Yes the roof has been slightly askew on every example I've seen.
  20. RevellAG has always done these 4Q/1Q handful of reissue type of announcements. The actual 2020 kits are announced New Years Day, but this gives them some models to release early in the year, since the 1/1/2020 announcements that involve new or significantly modified tooling are always 2nd Half of the year items.
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