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  1. Chad said “cool” 7 times while talking about the PINTO!? Lost track of the total number of “cool”s but this month may have been a record!
  2. The press release says they only got molds of cars through the ‘90s.
  3. Nice build! I enjoyed building that as well.
  4. That came out nicely! And that is the mother of all rear deck spoilers!!
  5. As I recall those kits were popular when they came out. All us kids liked the odd bodies and huge slicks!
  6. Nylibud, despite the nitpicking there is a lot to like in each of those builds!
  7. Wrinkle wall is backwards on the passenger side of the orange car. It’s correct on the driver’s side.
  8. It could be that there was a rush to finish the orange car before the show. In that case, it’s too bad there wasn’t a bit more time to finish it properly after putting so much work in. If it wasn’t a rush job, I don’t know why people put so much time into the build and then don’t bother with getting the paint right. Also, you can see the decals on the front tire on the orange car were not applied properly. .
  9. I see it’s out now. Love the box art, especially where it says “replica of”. Guess they thought a lot of people would be expecting the real Wynn’s Jammer in that little box!
  10. Was in the Ollies in Cherry Hill, NJ today. They had most of the automotive kits mentioned above, but no trucks. They did have something I’ve never seen before - Lindberg pre-painted police Crown Vic kits inside a display case (you have to build the Crown Vic.). They had fictitious markings, but for $9.99 not bad for a kit plus display case.
  11. Just found my original Wedge Trike from when I was a kid. It’s molded in blue and I didn’t build it well - and replaced the kit engine with something else. Maybe it’s time I rebuilt it.
  12. Late 2020 - good grief! I rpbably will get one. I’ve wanted to try a Mobius kit and this is the first subject that has interested me.
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