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  1. Country time olds.

  2. I had a lot of fun building up the generic kit. It doesn't represent a real Dyno Don car, but I've seen them build as the DD car and they look cool!
  3. Funny car rear tires

    First, nice builds!! Those slicks look good. However, other than buying a Revell kit and junking the kit while keeping the tires, is there a source for these tires? I'd like to use them! Chris
  4. Funny car rear tires

    I’ve got those comp resins tires too and mine’ll need a ton of sanding too. Personally I think they are too big for 70s cars, although a lot of people use them for that. I’ve used Stevens International repops of the Revell one piece 70s slicks but they seem a bit small...Rhe pix are not perfect for this discussion, but the Pinto has the Revell repops, and the Mustang II has the big AMT slicks.
  5. Buddy Baker Crisco Olds 1986

    Great build!
  6. 1957 Chevy Bel Air Funny Car

    Whole thing looks good! Chassis very nicely done. Nice work!
  7. Monza Funny Car

    That looks great! It's a nice color scheme too.
  8. AMT and MPC Please Put Out Significant Kits

    ROfL! I’m enjoying this thread. Entertaining!!
  9. AMT and MPC Please Put Out Significant Kits

    What dilemma are you referring to? I thought you said race kits are what sells so that’s what they should be making. Given your favorable comments about the kit I am surprised you didn’t buy one Also, I hate to have to break the news, but this release of the kit does not have a clear body. It’s molded in petty blue. It was going to be clear, but I seem to recall that they couldn’t fully reverse mold changes made over the years and plastic wouldn’t flow into the mold properly to get a swirl-free clear body.
  10. Need help sourcing parts for an early sixties blown Chrysler

    My Miss Deal has a huge sink mark on the top of the scoop. I had to use a scoop from another kit.
  11. 66 IMPALA Late Model Sportsman

    That is nice!
  12. Milner's dragster decals?

    I’m not very familiar with the car, but this slixx sheet has part of what you need. http://www.slixx.com/8069.htm?id=5513

    I need some tools, tool chest and such and this looks good to me. As long as the price isn’t outrageous I’ll pick a set up.

    Regarding the AMT Lightning. I bought one when they came out, but I was never sure why. I am a serious builder, but when our friends’ boys got into rocket powered Estes cars, the dads decided to make their own with bigger engines, and the Lightning was my choice to soup up. And it turned out to be best engineered and the fastest! As it happens, I just harvested the seats to go into a Ford custom, and I think it’s got some other nice parts that may end up elsewhere.
  15. Ollie's strike again

    I forgot - they had Deoras and Silhouette a too.