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  1. That looks good!! I dont think Krylon is a very glossy paint. Results are usually gloss-ish. But the colors look absolutely perfect and stock cars often didn’t have finishes as good as on our models of them!
  2. I'd like to know too! I just bumped into both Richmond and Talladega. I'd love to know what was going thru Dale Sr.'s mind when it looks like he took a left turn into DW at Richmond! Anyway it was fun to see Kyle win his first. Regarding this topic - I'd love to see some pix. The box art looks so good - if the body is accurate I think will pick one of these up. A nice change from the Monte Carlo aerobacks.
  3. Looks great on the box! Why on earth do they say they are for age 18 and older??????? FS1 has been replaying older NASCAR races and just saw these GPs tearing around Talladega in 1987 - they were good looking racecars.
  4. I just finished this up. I have quite a few NASCAR kits but this is only the 2nd I have ever completed. I wasn't a Brett Bodine fan, so I am not sure why I bought this kit, or of all the kits I have this is the one I built!! But in any event, I painted it 10+ years ago, and then it just sat til a couple of months back when I decaled it and painted remaining parts. So here it is - it will look good on the shelf and I think it may inspire me to finish a couple more that have been in progress for a loooonnnggg time (one since the 1990s.) This is the AMT kit - I have some Monograms too, but more AMTs.
  5. It's going to be hard to go wrong with that combination of parts!!
  6. Looks like adult Pinewood Derby. I have to say it looks cool to see the pack go by!
  7. Say, how is this kit? Back in 1979 or so I didn’t like the nose on this car, but now I have a soft spot for it and if it’s a decent kit I’ll get one.
  8. Not that I need any more kits, but the GTX looks pretty cool. Also, I wonder where they came up with the Golden Gate Bridge idea for the Chevelle box art? In real life there is a fort not far behind the Chevelle, and there is a beach - with no road - where the car is driving!! But much better box art than for the '68 Chevelle. I once fell asleep looking at that box :
  9. I would believe that, except no teleprompter writer in their right mind would use the word “cool” in every sentence. Plus if there was a teleprompter Chad should know what it says ahead of time.
  10. That few cools is not cool!! I think he got 2 in on one sentence about the Dart.
  11. I used to pick up kits that I might have a plan for 10 or 15 years ago as the price was low enough that if I didn’t build it, so be it. Now at $30 per kit, My purchase are way down. The only time I buy something now that I don’t have a plan for if it’s $9.99 at Ollies.
  12. Nicest build I’ve ever seen of that!!
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