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  1. Thanks for posting these. Nice shots of some great builds!! If anyone sees more posts from NNL West on the Interwebs, please let us know here! Thx!
  2. How is the XK SS kit? I am almost done with the E-Type and really pleased with it, so I'd like to build another Jag (plus I love Jags.) The only "problem" with the E-type is it has so much detail and so many decals it is taking a long time to build it! But it'll be great when it is done!
  3. And even better, the post you link to is by “regular guy.” He was always good for some unusual posts. Wonder what happened to him?
  4. I emailed him Tuesday about the redlines mentioned above and heard right back in maybe 2 hours. I emailed Weds to place an order and have not heard back. Speaking of the Redlines, the Revell 68 and 69 Chevelles were mentioned as having them, but I believe only the 68 does.
  5. BTW there are many times I have sat and held parts together for 10 minutes while the glue cures!
  6. I had some bad luck with the kit redline decals, and another set of redline decals I had. So I picked up the AMT Redline tire parts pack, but the diameter of the opening in those tires is too big - the Revell tire opening is 9/16" diameter and the AMT opening is bigger. So I'd like to find some redline tires that fit the Revell wheels. Modelhaus has 197s and 220s, both of which look good, but I have no idea what the diameter of the opening is, and they don't have a contact email to ask. Does anyone have those and could measure them, or have other ideas? I tried redlining tires with Gellyroll pens, but the results are not good enough. There was a thread on the board from a few years ago that had some options, but the posts did not get into the diameter of the opening unfortunately. Thanks for ideas and suggestions! Chris
  7. I decided to look more into where the drivers sit in powerboats. It definitely looks like for your average, normal powerboat, the driver is on the right. And that seems to go back to the '60s at least. But for boats like the Rayson Craft and similar, it looks more common for the driver to be on the left. I also looked at modern day cigarette boats, and their drivers are on the right. So who knows how this came to be. And as pointed out earlier, the AMT Rayson Craft box art shows the driver on the left. But all that aside, I have to say that Tim, your Rayson Craft in that blue looks outstanding!! Chris
  8. I have seen or been in a lot of real-life powerboats, and I have never seen one with the driver on the left. The steering wheel is always on the right (or occasionally the center of the boat.) Did AMT make them this way, or Tim, do you just prefer left-hand driver seats?
  9. I of course already have way too many kits. However, I’ll have to get the Ivo, and although I’ve not been interested in the ‘55 wagon, it looks like a might need it. The Thunderbird also looks interesting. I’d like the Charger but still haven’t touched my Testors Charger from when it first came out. So Chad’s video might have worked to sell me 2-3 more kits than I’d have planned on.
  10. I was just searching for a thread on using Epson Ecotank (the model numbers start with ET) printers for printing decals. I am having the same problem as Erik was - I am using MicroMark's decal paper. I then took the paper to a friend's house where he has an HP printer, and everything came out fine, as it did on my old Canon printer. So I think the Ecotank ink may be less suited to printing on decal paper. I am going to try coating the paper with Testor's dullcoat and an acrylic clear flat and see if the ink will work on those papers. My other 2 options are to keep buying different papers (looks like I need to find the Hayes paper) or buy another printer for decal printing. I got the Ecotank since the tanks don't seem to let the ink evaporate like happened with my old Canon, and the ink is better-priced coming in the bulk bottles from Epson.
  11. I was at my bench the other day wondering this same thing. For me it’s usually 2 hours max. I usually have an automotive show on TV (Wheeler Dealer, Kindig’s show, etc) or music in YouTube. I also get much less done than I should be able to in that time, and just keep adding stuff no one will see (hmmm…maybe I should add a fuel line after all….)
  12. I just think it is a cool kit! Honestly think it would look great with a pro-stock hood scoop too. Unfortunately I already have too many kits/projects!
  13. I’m building the AMT ‘65 Galaxie. I’ve looked at pix of the real engine and looks like the coil is on the driver’s side of the intake manifold. Is that correct? Also, in those pix I’m not seeing a wire from the distributor to the coil. Can that be possible? How should I be wiring the coil? Thanks for the help!
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