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  1. I was just searching for a thread on using Epson Ecotank (the model numbers start with ET) printers for printing decals. I am having the same problem as Erik was - I am using MicroMark's decal paper. I then took the paper to a friend's house where he has an HP printer, and everything came out fine, as it did on my old Canon printer. So I think the Ecotank ink may be less suited to printing on decal paper. I am going to try coating the paper with Testor's dullcoat and an acrylic clear flat and see if the ink will work on those papers. My other 2 options are to keep buying different papers (looks like I need to find the Hayes paper) or buy another printer for decal printing. I got the Ecotank since the tanks don't seem to let the ink evaporate like happened with my old Canon, and the ink is better-priced coming in the bulk bottles from Epson.
  2. I was at my bench the other day wondering this same thing. For me it’s usually 2 hours max. I usually have an automotive show on TV (Wheeler Dealer, Kindig’s show, etc) or music in YouTube. I also get much less done than I should be able to in that time, and just keep adding stuff no one will see (hmmm…maybe I should add a fuel line after all….)
  3. I just think it is a cool kit! Honestly think it would look great with a pro-stock hood scoop too. Unfortunately I already have too many kits/projects!
  4. I’m building the AMT ‘65 Galaxie. I’ve looked at pix of the real engine and looks like the coil is on the driver’s side of the intake manifold. Is that correct? Also, in those pix I’m not seeing a wire from the distributor to the coil. Can that be possible? How should I be wiring the coil? Thanks for the help!
  5. The website and Facebook page haven’t been updated since 2021. No word on agenda, finalization of Sheraton as the venue, or anything else. I tried emailing Mark G at the Museum’s email address but did not hear back.
  6. I think the Viper would be a good quick build for the shelf.
  7. Tim, I assume you were at the Thomas Center at Duke. I ate numerous lunches there when I got my MBA at the attached Fuqua School. I didn’t see any protests while there, but after Duke won the NCAA Men’s basketball championship in 1991, the local Hell’s Angels chapter showed up to join the celebration on the main campus!
  8. I don't think it is a great drag car unless it has a blower!!!!
  9. Paint is just amazing! And you have made that AMT chassis look better than I thought possible!
  10. You could tell Chad was genuinely enthusiastic and really proud of the garbage truck! It's not my thing but pretty amazing it came out 50 years late!!
  11. I bought this kit around 1972 when I was 12. The body went on a Piranha chassis, the El Toro chassis went who knows where, and the engine was used in some project. When cleaning out my parents house I found all kinds of stuff, including the body and a lot of the engine. I was going to strip the body and put it on a Model King Camaro FC chassis (the El Toro shared its chassis with the Camaro, Nitro Charger and Novacaine FCs). However, the paint was in pretty decent shape. So I’m going to remove the hood decal which is in bad shape, keep the side decals, and polish the blue paint. A “test polish” worked well, and I have a decent “repop” of the hood flame decal. So I’ve built the Camaro chassis, used the El Toro engine (with parts box injectors), will use the Camaro headers, Revell front wheels and tires, modify the Camaro tin, and be good to go!
  12. Wow x 10 ! Or maybe Wow x 20 ! WOW!
  13. Very nice! Each of those three Mustang bodies has its issues - this is a great rendition of the SWC Mustang! Would you mind posting a shot of the Custom Body FC from the magazine?
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