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  1. If you want to get really technical it's not a Pro Mod either. It's a an Altered!! Very cool looking Altered! lol
  2. Some people get VERY defensive and offended when comments and suggestions are offered. That's what these threads are for! When you post, you open yourself up to positive and negative critique. Most people understand this, some don't. If you don't like the suggestions, you can simply ignore them and do as you like! WF
  3. I am loving the heck out of this!
  4. Those headers look like a good fit. I would recommend cutting the modern tapered collectors off and replacing them with a straight tube (drinking straw?). The 12 spoke front wheels will look good on that car. WF
  5. An Altered of that type would have a roll bar or a cage depending on what era it was raced. Rear axle could be anything found in a wrecking yard. The type of differential would, again, be according the time frame that the car competed in. Olds, Pontiac, Chrysler 8 3/4 would be common as would a Halibrand Quick Change if the funds were available. If you want some really good pics and ideas for early Altereds you have to check this out!: http://www.georgeklass.net/altereds.html
  6. Big pat on the back for that one! Great car to build a replica of! WF
  7. You did good! Not a fan of green cars ( I actually owned a green '68 road runner at one time. Looked like an Army staff car! lol) but the paint finish on yours is terrific. WF
  8. Those grills look amazing! If and when they go into production, I would certainly buy a few of each! WF
  9. Into the pond last night: Stripped and ready to start over:
  10. I love wacky, one off, cars like this. Superbly done too! 100 extra credits for installing a drive shaft loop! WF
  11. Orange. Almost all of his cars were orange. Old photos (even modern digital pics) can be off quite a few shades from what the car actually was. Google search California Flash and click on images and you will see dozens of different shades for the same car! Go with a reddish orange and you should be fine. WF
  12. Ordinarily, I probably wouldn't have even looked at a thread about a Volkswagen ( I'm an American car bigot), but I'm glad I did! Terrific craftsmanship is terrific craftsmanship no matter what the subject matter! Beautiful job with incredible detail! WF
  13. I got it apart. Broke the A pillars and the vent window uprights but I repaired those with some brass strips. I made a windshield from clear plastic and it seems like it will fit ok. The brass strips should hold the new windshield in place too. I made a template for the windshield by tracing the window opening on to a piece of tape. I placed the tape on to the clear sheet and cut around the trace marks leaving a little extra all around. I'll leave the tape in place until it is trimmmed and ready to install. I used some square brass stock to reinforce the broken A pillars. If all goes well the brass will act as a "stop" to hold the windshield in place. Once the glue sets up, into the pond it goes. I was not happy with the paint finish so it's do over time! Usually takes me three tries to get a decent paint job anyway!
  14. The Lindberg shield is not even close. Good tip on the rubber cement! Rubber cement would probably not put any stress on the windows. I'm debating on whether or not, I should try to remove the windshield and make one from clear sheet plastic. If I do that, I'm going to strip the paint and try again. WF
  15. Thanks! I probably spent more time making the fuel lines and exhaust tips than I did on the rest of the car!
  16. I can't believe it. The second windshield also cracked! Is it the two part epoxy or the fact that the plastic is almost 50 years old? I don't even think that I can remove this one. It's held in with a lot of epoxy. Makes me sick. This will probably be the end of this project.
  17. I believe that I had mentioned that earlier. They had evenly spaced exhaust ports for a Hemi, but they never fit correctly. I had to savage these to make them work.
  18. Got the body painted and the front and rear moldings foiled. I installed the rear glass and side windows but when I installed the front glass I found that it had cracked badly in two spots after the glue dried. ??? That never happened before. Luckily, I have one windshield left.
  19. Just heard the other day that K.C. Jones lost both of those cars to a trailer fire and will most likely retire. He always put on a great show. WF
  20. Looks like it's coming along quite well. One suggestion....find a lead to the starter that has about a 50 percent smaller diameter. That one is WAY too large.
  21. This was one of those winter doldrums projects that was to be a "quick and easy" , o.o.b., slump buster. It wound up taking more time than I thought it would. Of course! It
  22. I saw the 1:1 in New Jersey last summer. You really did it justice. Fantastic job! WF
  23. I know, I know. I posted already but I had to come back and check it out again! WF
  24. A lot of folks throw compliments at just about any car posted here but this car absolutely deserves all of them! Gorgeous! WF
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