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  1. Beautiful interior Joe, what did you use on that dash and console? Looks to smooth for paint…
  2. i watched te first one in the theater and thought Tom did an excellent job. The second one was aweful. Check the first one out Snake 🐍. I not joining Amazon to watch it..
  3. Looks great Pat, and the rebuilt dune buggy is very sharp…
  4. Beautiful color choice and very clean work so far..
  5. I wish it was an earlier year but a 76 or75, or 74 chassis might make a better Pinto..
  6. Your doing a great job, Bob…
  7. I have not seen one of those in a while friend. Miss you around here brother..
  8. I built an old Revell Hot. Rod series pick up and it had the hard. 2 piece tires. I used them and they look nice on it..
  9. My neighbor mowed my yard and the one next door and mulched up the leaves 🍁 that came from his tree. Very nice man and works a lot..
  10. installed ad blocker plus guys, thanks…
  11. Great color choice, Roger. Looking forward to seeing some color on your Ford..
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