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  1. I still have three of the old Autoworld sponsor logo sheets from back in the day. These have some really rare markings on them and remarkably they are still good to use.
  2. Hey folks, I am looking for anybody in the Central Florida area that would be interested in creating a new club. There is nothing solely for the car people around here and I think that there are enough automotive builders around Central Florida to form a pretty good club If anybody out there is interested or has friends and family that are not on the forum that would be interested please contact me through my email link and I will compile a list of contacts and then set up a time and date for everyone to meet and discuss the possiblities. Thank you.
  3. I just went in to a Wal Mart here in Florida a couple of days ago and picked up a reissued AMT 58 Plymouth Fury. When I went out to my car I was still waiting for my wife to come out of another store so I opened the kit. What I found inside was an AMT Firefighter Mustang II pro stock kit. Apparently someone had returned the kit like that and the store went ahead and re-wrapped it and put it back on the shelf. Now the kicker is that when I went back inside to return it, the customer service person basically accused me of going outside and switching the kits myself. She wasn't so cocky after I called for her store manager. But this is what happens when your store employees care nothing about customer service. So, buyer beware. When you buy a kit at WalMart open it up before you drive away.
  4. Based on my experience trying to use any of the stock car tires as slicks only works on maybe a front wheel drive tuner/sport compact racer. Otherwise they are a little short. Slicks for a "Stock" classified car for todays generation is tough to find. You can try some of the aftermarket companies such as Perry's resin or Compresins for something different but you may have to settle for some narrow slicks from kits from the past such as the Lindberg 64 Dodges or something like that. One other solution that would work (and I have tried this before with success) is to take a treaded tire that fits the size you are looking for and sand off all of the tread. For example, if you can find two of the left rear racing tires from any Revell-Monogram sprint car kits and sand down the tread they will work well or if you even need to go smaller then the two front tires from any of the same kits would work as well. The front tires from a sprint car kit actually already make for good cheater slicks because they only have two or three straight tread lines in them. Hopefully this helps you with your search.
  5. I used a set of the 19" Aoshima wheels. They fill the wheelwells pretty good. I believe these wheels are even on the list shown above.
  6. Wow!!!!!! That is perfect all around. That color is amazing. Excellent job!
  7. Yes indeed, good finds. I picked up a few of the 04 GTO's, 69 Couger and a couple of Deoras.
  8. One other scheme that I tried just recently was to perform this technique but only on certain panels of the model. For instance, paint your model whatever color you intend it to be and then mask off for rally stripes, for example. Lay down a thin coat of clear over the area to be painted so that no paint bleeds through your mask and then paint a new base color. When this is dry then perform the "swirladelic technique". After the paint is dry enough remove your mask and you have swirled rally stripes. I would show you the results but I am in the process of moving and everything is packed away. After I am settled I will shoot some pics. to show. This is just one example. There are plenty of different ways that you could pull off this look.
  9. That is sharp. The badges look great on there. Sure to be a winning model when finished.
  10. Jairus is right, anything other than enamels with merely seperate and build up on the edges of the container you are using. Also it doesn't really matter how you layer the paints if you spray it on because once you swirl the paint it will all be mixed together anyway. After all, that is the focus on this process. One other thing not mentioned in the article. Have a hair dryer handy and plugged in. After you pull the body from the paint hit it with the hair dryer to help remove any built up water bubbles. Use a medium to cool setting and it will blow away much of the excess buildup of water trapped by the paint.
  11. Very nice. I like it a lot. Nice paint.
  12. It looks great. Nice detail. Clean build. One thing though, you could turn the front axle over to drop the front end down where it belongs. The directions for these kits were incorrect in showing people how to attach this piece.
  13. Here are the guys that make it all happen. Thanks for putting out a great magazine and an excellent forum. Even though I am moving back East I'm sure that I will run into you guys periodically at shows back there. A big thank you for all your efforts.
  14. It took a while to download but they are finally ready. Over 300 pictures including pics. from the awards brunch. http://public.fotki.com/1320wayne/model_shows/gsl-xxi/
  15. There's a new morning radio show. It's the Mark and Mark show and they were broadcasting from the GSL at Salt Lake. Take a look!
  16. Cool build. I especially like the Stars and Bars on the roof.
  17. Something is wrong with the link. Nothing comes up.
  18. Looks quite showworthy to me. I can't to see this one in person in a couple of days.
  19. Jairus, as soon as I see you in your pink shirt I will run back to my room and put mine on as well.
  20. Here are the final touches. The bodywork framework was completed using Evergreen styrene, tubing and rod. And, the chute lines and release cables have been added.
  21. Here are links to a couple of Grumpy reference albums that may be useful. http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4292284851 http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4292328765
  22. As a follow up to Bob Paeth's post about the SABA club, I have recently created club folders for all of the members that I have pics. of their models and set them up in my Fotki site. Click on the link below to see. http://public.fotki.com/1320wayne/saba-club-member-models/ There is also a complete folder with club meeting coverage from the last three years, minus a couple of meetings that I was unable to attend. You can check these out at the link below. http://public.fotki.com/1320wayne/saba_club_meetings/ Thanks for looking.
  23. By the way, your mockup looks cool. I'm sure that it will look great when it is done.
  24. I don't mean to sound like I am talking down, but what's hard to understand? The web site shows the wheels, the price, and the address to send your money to get those items. They are great resin items. I have bought some before and they have great detail and paint up really nice. Your source of these items is most likely limited and this has all of the choices that you need.
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