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  1. I tried another hosting. Does it work? Can you guys see the pics?
  2. It looks like Photobucket hijacked my photos unless I pay them for a higher account level. I have no intention to do so. Therefore I have to try to find a new hosting or retire from the forum activities. I don´t think I have time and will for refreshing all the photos I have ever posted here.
  3. Your Papa truck looks great in orange and the backhoe fits in just as great.
  4. Fantastic engine! What a wonderful job! Do I like it? You bet!
  5. This is my rendition of Tyrone Malone´s SuperBoss reissued by Round2. I didn´t know the story of Tyrone Malone untill I bought this kit. And I am fascinated. I bought the kit to see the Allison automatic transmission that I needed for another model. I made a scratch copy of it and later added some details to the original AMT part. I searched through the net to find as much pics and info of the SuperBoss truck as I could. I learned that the truck went through some changes in time. I found differencies in colors and equipment too. I probably won´t be able to capture a correct combination of colors and equipment of a specific time period. More likely I´ll end up with colors and parts that never met on a real truck. That´s why I am not so picky when it comes to true color shades and that. I started out with the power plant as usual. A very nice thing in my view.I sprayed GSI red over a grey primer. The frame in the kit is simplified and some parts vary from the 1:1 original. But since the most of the frame is covered by the the rear body and the cab I just don´t care. I made the front axle steerable though. The hood has a fiberglass pattern on the inside surface but also some big pin marks. Other inside details are missing, so I added the reinforcing ribbs and fender skirts (sorry if i used a wrong terminology). My version is simplified compared to the original shape but I can live with that. Up next, the interior...
  6. I´ve learn something new again. Never heard of safety blankets before. Thanks for the info. This could be a nice detail on a model.
  7. Thanks a lot Håkan and Russell. I´ve been checking the Tyrone Malone FB quite a lot lately, looking for all the details I can find. My interest in Tyrone Malone´s trucks was never too deep untill now. It´s a fascinating adventure. From a whale display to power trucks.... ain´t that breathtaking? I wonder if the Super Boss was equipped with the front brakes all the time or if they were added on later since the AMT kit includes no front brakes. The Bandag Bandid doesn´t have them either. I also wonder if this blanket around the Allison transmission is there for museum display purposes only (to prevent oil stains on the floor) or if it was present when the truck was at full performance back in a day.
  8. Thank you Ben for the explanation. But this leads me to another thing. I tried to find a picture that would show the whole thing becuase there is only part of the system visible in the photo. I was not successful. I have looked through the pictures of several setups on the net but these are probably different. If I tried to add this part on my version of the Super Boss model, what should it look like? Is it a stabilizer running accross the whole width of the axle or are there two smaller ones on each end of the axle? I wish I knew the answer to this. Can someone help?
  9. Looking at the photos of the Super Boss Truck I found this... I wonder what is that thing beween the yellow lines in front of the axle. A kind of return spring? I don´t thing I´ve seen it before.
  10. Thanks a lot. I already scratch bulit the Allison automatic for my Peterbilt fire truck. I took the dimensions from the AMT Super Boss kit and added some details according to the pics I found on the internet.
  11. I can´t find my own words so I´m just underlining what the others said. Excellent!
  12. Nice tanker in a cool garage. I like your work. This is really awesome dio.
  13. Truly amazing pumper. I looked at the work bench section again to remind me how this build came into being. You have done a fantastic job and that includes the painting. If I may have one question, how did you make the hoses? They look fantastic too.
  14. Very nice work on this one. Exactly my taste. No problem if it takes long, I am not fast either. The result will be worth the time.
  15. Thank you all for explanation. Does that mean that there should be no clutch pedal on the floor? I tried to google out the Allison automatic and I got some pictures. But I´m not sure if these are OK for the 359 Pete era. Or did the design remain the same, more or less?
  16. I wonder what it is there on the cab floor. Instead of a regular gear stick there is a tall box with a short lever on top of it. Is it a shifting system or somethin special designed for fire trucks? Thanx for any info.
  17. This is a very nice build Juergen. You are a master of weathering techniques. The engine compartment with all the wires looks very realistic to me. I also like the small items you added, like the work gloves, chains and cables, wrenches and grease gun...... cool! As for a rust on the parts that do not rust, sometimes the corrosion is transfered from a steel structure nearby. It´s probably not the case here but it happens sometimes. Like I´ve seen some rusty stains on an aluminium cab. Even the aluminium cabs have some steel items incorporated. And they do rust. I do appreciate the amount of work you must have put in this build. Excellent!
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