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  1. Yeah, I can imagine. I wonder if they reissue the fire truck some day. Meanwhile I painted the hoses. The yellow turned out much too intense for my taste. I wanted a paler shade. But I also knew that most of it would be covered by a canvas. So, I just let it go. The real truck and the one on the box art as well show some details that are not included in the kit. So, I scratch built them myself. Don´t know what purpose they serve to, though. I added the CTM photo-etched lid to the fuel tank. The kit´s mirror brackets didn´t look good so repla
  2. Thank you, Mike. The kit number is 07529 and it´s no longer in production, I´m afraid. I bought it from a local fellow modeler a time ago.
  3. Thanks Mike. Remember that not everything that shines on a truck is actual chrome. Sometimes it´s polished aluminium, sometimes stainlesss steel. This old Peterbilt pumper is a perfect example of the diffferences between the various metallic surfaces. If you take a closer look at the photos you find it yourself. I would post a link to the original Klaus Lassen site but it doesn´t work the way it used to. I can´t locate the pics no more. Here are some of them from my archive. Credit goes to the author. I don´t remember his name and I think he´d passed away. You have to
  4. Here is a few pictures of the pumper with the cab and body resting on the chassis. The cab doors are in place and they work fine. The hoses in the kit are plastic strips which I don´t find convincing. I was thinking of shoe laces but these have a textile pattern too rough for this scale. So, I bought this elastic band rubber and laid it zig-zag like the real hoses are laid. In order to stiffen the hose blocks I spaced each layer with the Evergreen stripe. This is how the hoses look when loaded on the truck. They are not painted yet though.
  5. Thank you very much. I applied all the decals to the cab and pumper body. When working with decals I always use tensioning liquids. Never had any problem with that. But this time the tensol liquid has ruined the black control panel. The black color of the decal dissolved with the scales. One of them lost the readings completely, some other lost the white shine. There is no way to repair that, except getting a new decal. But I don´t have any spare, so I left it damaged. I only added rims to the scales. Besides the decals I also added the chrome strips and fake piano hinges. These are
  6. Wow, just a floor, dog house and interior and you have a perfect wreck resting some place. Cool!
  7. Thanks a lot, guys. I did not use the original valve covers even though they wear the "Detroit Diesel" sign. I needed the newer square design covers but I did not have them. So, I scratch built them. But the lettering was beyond my abilities. Also the altenartor belt cover shoul probably not be there at all, since it is a conventional truck. But those are the kind of details that come to my mind usually too late. Anyway, these are the major parts fresh out of the booth. I cut off a hole to the RH side door. I don´t know why RoG ommits the peep window in the passanger door. Anothe
  8. I like this a lot. Awesome work on this build. Nice, nice, nice!
  9. Thank you for your interest. Now, let´s turn to the cab. Since there is no sun visor on the real cab, I had to fill in the upper corners of the model cab. Two pieces of plastic and a litttle putty did the job. No big deal. You can also see a preparation for the door hinges. Revell has it´s own system of hinges but that´s not too realistic. I mean the molded-on piano hinges which are too thick for this scale. I ripped them off and made me a pair of functional piano hinges out of a thin aluminium sheet. Similar to the one I have made for the sirenes plate. The Revell hood om
  10. It looks like a very interesting project. It´s a great start. I like the rusty rim combined with the shiny hub cover on the rear axle.
  11. I have a few unfinished builds here but I am starting another one. The fire truck by Revell of Germany was not my dream truck at first. But when I found that the real pumper has 8V Detroit Diesel under the hood coupled to Allison automatic and that something has to be done with the sirenes on the bumper to fully open the hood, my interest grew dramatically. This picture was my starting point. The photo reveals the turbo charged 8V Detroit Diesel and also a hinged sirenes plate on the bumper. Another important Picture is this. This shows a shifting tower instead of a regu
  12. It looks like this old KW had done some hard work. And so have you. I like everything about this truck. The spoke wheels, the walking beam suspension, the weathering..... Fantastic!
  13. Great model building school. It´s got everything a top class model should have. Stunning!
  14. I enjoyed looking at the progress of this one and seeing it all done is just as great. It´s a nice truck and you have done a great job.
  15. This looks very nice. I´m gonna peep here if I build a tanker myself some day.
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