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  1. Dodge Pickup has been Traded!!!!!!!!!
  2. I have an almost complete Older MPC Dodge 4X4 pickup Missing parts are: Engine, Rear wheel's , rear tires, rear axle, tail lights. the black Paint on the cab, hood, tail gate, and bed have been fairly stripped. The Blue GMC Step side is Now the Silver one in the main pictures (GMC's Not for trade)
  3. Last week I bought two plastic totes full of model and parts Among them were two 72 GMC pickup's while the GMC step side is complete its sister Grand Sierra needs the complete engine.
  4. US 127 Garage sales started today at the Van Wert Fair ground which had lots of vender's . I made one of the biggest scores there today! The two plastic containers cost me $100.00 But well worth the cost! The Plymouth Roadrunner/Dodge Monaco are going to a good Friend of mine. I have a lot of clean up work ahead of me not to mention what is complete and what will need parts to restore. The Billy Carter pickup is still factory sealed!
  5. While the main US 127 Garage Sales start tomorrow there were some that started today. The AMT '59 Corvette (circa 1974) I paid $10.00 for along with the AMT '66 T-Bird which is also an earlier 1970's Issue. Then at a lot where there were several vendors I Bought four "promo" type AMT Ertl Models. Black 1990's Chevrolet Blazer, Tahoe, Corvette, and extended Cab Ford F-150 for $1.00 each. The International pickup was found at another vendor at the same Location. I was surprised to find it, and for as cheap as it was $10.00 The Standard International Harvester Pickup Won't be up for trade Since I collect IH Trucks/scout's in Model form....
  6. The singer/actor who went by the stage name Meat Loaf passed away at the age of 74. His two biggest selling albums were Bat out of hell, and bat out of hell 2. He also played the bad guy Red in the Movie Blackdog, and of course Eddie in the Rocky Horror Picture show.................
  7. A good friend of mine bought and had it sent from resin model ranch. it's mocked up at this time as It still needs parts from an AMT '64 Olds to complete it.
  8. Thanks for the tip. It is pricey compared to the ones I bought off ebay over a week ago. The ones that I bought had one complete car, and an almost complete copy with it. The incomplete was missing the glass, wheels, tires, axles, and the steering wheel. I had nearly all the missing parts for the second kit just not the steering wheel. FWIW I paid $18.00 for them. Hopefully someone on the forum will have the steering wheel!
  9. Long shot since they seem to be hard to find, But I need the steering wheel from this kit. The kit is molded in Turquoise with a white roof and has a off turquoise with black interior. The steering wheel is off turquoise in color. If anyone has a spare from a junked kit I need one to finish the car I have.
  10. Dann. The amt kit has the option to build as Ecto 1 or 1 a, Polar lights kit was just Ecto 1.
  11. I would actually rather see a truck that Coca Cola actually used such as The International S-Series trucks. Seen those everywhere in the 1980's and 90's
  12. Made the U-Haul decals myself. I used part of the white stripe decals that came in the Transtar 4070 a kit. Cut and shaped to size then ultra fine sharpie markers to do the logo & lettering...
  13. I bought the kit as a christmas gift for myself. This is the second Nova wagon I've done in this color combo, as first one was given to a Nephew of mine. The U-Haul trailer is corrected to look more like an actual U-Haul trailer from that time period. Still have to find period correct U-Haul decals for the trailer. Photo's were taken inside due to being windy and cold..
  14. I bought the trailer in Sylvania in October 2021, and built it The Transtar 4070 a was a Christmas gift that was finished on New Years day 2022. When I was growing up the north American HQ Offices/trucks & trailers were on the east side of Meyer road. This was directly across the road from the scout factory. The Truck factory had several entry gates off of Meyer road as well, One was where we would drop of my dad sometimes. These two are part of the History of Ft. Wayne Indiana in the early 1970's... Sorry couldn't take photo's outside due to weather conditions of overcast skies and rain...
  15. Some apache pickups had a gray color interior.
  16. Wonder if he'd be interested in trades for one or so.....
  17. Have the part's you need and more, Sorry no decal set for that though. I'll get the item mailed to you in December. Email me your address.......
  18. What the??? I think this would have been a better choice ( the Ex Van Lines ) Nascar/Indy car trasporter....
  19. Tom Ogle died in 1981 , The internet started way after his untimely death. He did have his invention patteneted! Only part of his invention diograms have been found since then. sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
  20. Revell 92 Chevy Caprice, 94 Impala, and Monogram's s-10 pickup kit's have them as well.
  21. Tom Ogle did make his Ford Galaxie go 100 Miles on a gallon of gas. His Story is on the internet. as is his death, But who would want to kill a guy who mad a car more efficant????
  22. Nice , but the hood air cleaner bars on the side of the hood should be vertical .
  23. Actually Krylon short cut's yellow over the molded in yellow, decal's, Molotowed the trim and then clear coat with Krylon short cuts clear.
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