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  1. Nice , but the hood air cleaner bars on the side of the hood should be vertical .
  2. Actually Krylon short cut's yellow over the molded in yellow, decal's, Molotowed the trim and then clear coat with Krylon short cuts clear.
  3. Used the new reissue AMT kit (molded in yellow) to produce the final year of the Scout II production. The head light's and their backing are from a Monogram S-10 Chevy pickup kit.
  4. I bought an original ertl Molded in Yellow scout II kit from a seller on ebay. I built it as the box art show's on both the Ertl kit box, and The Amt reissue. Used the new stripe's decals from the amt kit on the Ertl copy.
  5. Bought at Sylvania Ohio toy show . Took apart, and painted. I left the roof as it was not because I couldn't fix it , but to be a reminder of they way It was when I bought it. Pictures are as it is now, and what it was like when I brought it home.
  6. The '60 Apache came apart really easy. Paint is Krylon short cuts Clover green.
  7. Lee FYI you'll need to relocate the rear cab mount forward on the frame, being that you used the 4300's frame.
  8. Same room (indoor soccer field) Not sure how many vendors were there But I'd say close to 28+ Lots of old promo's were there.
  9. Thankfully yes it does! They are a little messed up But I still plan on using them on it when I build the Scout II . Not a bad deal for $20.00!
  10. Got back home just before noon from Sylvania. I got some real good deal's on some vintage kit's and promo's. It was nice talking to Greg Smith while I was there, and I bought a Transtar 4300 Kit from him. I also bought a AMT American Van lines Trailer kit from his good buddy that was there. I was able to find a couple of vintage built Chevy pickups . A SMP '60 Apache that came with the trailer, and a non painted built '68 Chevy pickup. Two Chevrolet promo's '77 Chevette (in silver) and a '80 Monte Carlo. Found a Ertl IH scout II off road which is complete, and not built. a Factory sealed '72 GMC step side pickup, along with a resin '79 Malibu body, hood ect. form another seller.
  11. Seeing how the MPC '67 Impala became the '68 Impala kit. The '69 Impala's are a completely different body shape that includes the fenders, rear qt's and the roof design. I know the '69 became the 70 Impala kit's But If they used the '68 molds to make the '69 that would have been a major reworking of a mold wouldn't it?? I mean sure molds such as the '73 Caprice went on to be the '74-76 Caprice kit's which is easy to see why as the body changes were the front, rear roof ,and hood, and the basic body , doors, rear qt's, trunk deck, and front fenders remained much the same.
  12. Are you 100% sure that the Ventura became the 79 Nova??? MPC Issue a New 1977 Nova in 1976 along with the new 1977 Ventura also in 1976! Odd that both kits were released the same time in the same year. (rear plate on the Ventura reads 1977!
  13. Sorry to read the news of the loss of your wife. They have made artifical ones for diabetics, but still working on one for cancer...
  14. Robert Fuller age 88 who was born in 1933 is still living!
  15. Tim Donnelly passed away Sept 23,2021 he was 77. He was best known as one of the Firemen, and prankster from Squad 51 Emergency! Chet Kelly loved his pranks, and poor ol' Johnny Gage was usually on the receiving end of them. Cozi TV runs a two hour block of EMERENCY! @ 11 am to 1 pm EDT. We watch it every day 5 days a week, only minus half of the noon one for local news(weather)......
  16. Needed are: stock grill , stock bumpers, and wheels. I have the Wave rider custom part's to trade (IE) custom Hood, grill, steering wheel, wheel's and custom body parts. All wave rider parts are molded in metallic green/with chrome wheels.
  17. A local Grocery store started carrying Tony Packo's Food's! They sell the Front street Franks, Hungarian Hot dogs, Canned Chili, Pickles , and Peppers.
  18. Art Metrano for those who may not know the Actor. Played Captain Mauser in the Police Academy Movies. Not long after he made his second Academy film he fell off a ladder, and broke his neck plus had a spinal cord damage. He regained use of his arms and could walk later with crutches. He retired from acting around 2000. He was 84. So far The film franchise lost: Bubba Smith, David Graf, Marion Ramsey, Andrew Rubin, Ted Ross, Debralee Scott, and George Gaynes,
  19. It's An AMC of the Truck world??? Those front fenders/headlight's Look like they were taken from a International Transtar 4200- 4300 series of trucks.
  20. Willard Scott Today show Weather personality , and The First Ronald McDonald has died at the age of 87. He was the Today show weather man/100th birthday announcer as well.
  21. Got 3 AMT display cases ($6.74 each) and the 63 Nova wagon $19.97 at our wal mart in town here.
  22. Van Wert Ohio Wal- mart must have gotten the, yesterday sometime. I managed to get three display cases, and the '63 Nova wagon. some empty spot's on the display already!
  23. Found a Jada Just Trucks 1980 Chevy Blazer w/ tire rack along with extra wheels/tires, axles, and a screw driver. I detailed it, but I still need to detail the steering wheel to interior color. It's very close to 1/24 scale! overall length is the same as Revell '76 Chevy Step side, and just a hair wider than the revell but really close otherwise!
  24. Ed Asner passed away at the age of 91.
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