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  1. I found this book in a stack of folders I had never looked at since moving here and working in the shop.
  2. You should purchase the the kit in another topic here. It is a more complete kit than what I make. I am more interested in doing the four door police cars for Dwayne L.
  3. I have internet in the shop now. I ran a cable in, bought a cheap modem. Got what they refer to as a roommate account. So now I can have a good solid no frills account for forty bucks. hgresin@gmail.com
  4. Hoping soon to get a ALPS printer up and running. Brad Noorgard might be able to create your graphics for you. He is on here so you might ask him.
  5. This is nice and I like it quite a lot. It might be best to refer to it as a custom gT 500. I am personally hoping to not get caught up in the dilemma about the daughter of the guy who made the original gone in 60 seconds movie. She has a lawyer and going after real Eleanor cars and has secured the name Eleanor somehow. I would gladly send prospective customers to this kit. It is much more complete and I have new projects to focus on anyway.
  6. The computer that died was a mac g4 tower. The last three times we turned it on we had to tap the hard drive to make it function . Then it seemed to be stuck and a blinking question mark appeared on the screen. My Buddy Brad Noorgard is a mac guy and used to teach graphic arts at a local college. Now he manages a yogurtini. I was wanting to buy chrome plating equipment but that was wait out of reach. So I bought a couple of these printers. One is on it's way. I bought a 8 direction cnc Sherline setup. And I bought a Pocket Nc desktop 5 axsis mill machine, it is the V2 50 version. Both need computers. I am helping Brad reinvent himself. And add to what we can do for the scale model community. I also bought a Peopoly Phenom Noir 3D resin printer.
  7. Hi Kit basher, What computer are you using to run your ALPS printer? We are having a heck of a time trying to get a computer old enough to run the MD 5500 printer I bought. My wife used to teach grade school. We had a big bunch of computers we took to Goodwill but some were still around. We hooked up one that was still around but the fourth time we turned it on it died. The others are still to new of a operating system. Brad joined a ALPS forum. Hopefully he will get some help there. I bought another 5500 that is supposed to have a operating disk and a manual in English, it is coming from Japan.
  8. Thank you, this just might be what I need. You are here in AZ also?
  9. A laptop works ok if the hotspot on my phone is turned on. With the expectation of multiple people in the shop using computers, I would prefer a steady connection.
  10. The router we have is at the far end of the house from the shop. My wife will complain about some other wire hooked up and then running through two walls and then through the roof then up over the roof and back down. Then over and into a conduit that has a pull twine to help get it through. Then I need it to go to the other end of the 40 foot long shop to it's opposite corner. So it's a long way to run. I dont care if I need another modem as long as this all works. Need to get a putter to work on a website and operate a ALPS printer I bought.
  11. Thank you for your help, Ace. I should be able to get a length of nice quad shield cable that has two ends factory installed. Add a splitter on one end then hook this on inside the box where it originally attached and then attach the original cable to the splitter and then I should be good. Then take my new cable and hook it up to the splitter and I should have a good signal to my shop? Then hook a router up? Thanks
  12. Question: Why did the one armed guy cross the road? Answer: to get to the second hand store.
  13. I have cox internet here in Sun City, Az. My shop is about 200 feet from my house. I need internet in my shop. Can I put a splitter in my cable and run it over to my shop and put a router in my shop so that i dont need another account set up? Any help would be great.
  14. We are working slowly on these projects. I have purchased some new toys for the shop too. A Peopoly Phenom Noir resin 3D printer, A ALPS MD 5500 decal printer and a Sherline 8 direction CNC setup. Covid has really been a problem. My biggest issue is getting some clear resin that is easier to work with.
  15. Those wheels look great but can that spinner be printed? I tried to remove a spinner from one of the sprues I have and one of the wings broke off. These of course are quite delicate. I recently ordered a peopoly phenom resin printer. I think it is the noir model. It is the largest resin printer they offer with a 15 inch buld plate. Marty wants to learn how to use it. I have Brad also with a graphic arts background. I'm trying to purchase a ALPS printer too. I bought the 3D printer from Matterhackers.
  16. I grew up on a farm in Indiana. My Dad had a 56 pickup. It had the straight six. It had three speed on the column. It was also a 4 wheel drive, it had two gear shift levers on the floor as well and manual lockout hubs on the front. Man, if only he was a car guy and would have kept it. He traded it in 1970 for a heavy duty Chevy pickup.
  17. I like IH trucks too. I have a diecast of a 54, I think in came with the craftsman lawnmower in the bed. I have had it taken apart for quite awhile thinking I'm going to cast the parts in it. I also have a diecast travel all that has some kind of Briggs and Stratton engine diorama in the back. I would like to turn this into a resin subject too.
  18. I'm thinking he lost everything in that big fire in California. He's lucky he got out alive.
  19. WOW!! 3D printing is just amazing. I have a set of Baronis from Modelhaus. They are pretty nice too, but this is over the top detail. What printer are you using? I would like to have a printer but I have no idea about creating files and using it.
  20. Thank you, Raoul. I appreciate your posting the picture. It turned out really nice.
  21. Glad you like them. They are delicate and not easy to pull out of the mold. They can break to easily.
  22. I recently sent some parts to a guy in Japan by way of the USPS for 27 bucks and he got within 2 weeks. I don't know why people complain about the USPS. I just read another news article about it going belly up and Jeff Bezos buying. Our postage rates will go through the roof too.
  23. Yes, I am interested in doing this. It seems there are a lot of equipment choices and companies that build equipment.
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