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  1. Would like to build the Dodge truck from the movie Twister. Is this truck available in 1/24-1/25 plastic or resin. Diecast would be ok.i
  2. Great show and of course I spent more money than I should have. That's what keeps the venders coming back.
  3. SWEET TRUCK!! Don't start the engine till you get plug wires in the correct firing order. LOL Hate to see you bend a bunch valves
  4. Really nice S&H Torino. One of the best I've seen. A couple of the problems I have with the kit is they don't give you a single carb manifold or bucket seat options. Mine will have this when I get it done. The grill LOOKS awesome.
  5. I built this kit back in the day but put in a Thunderbird engine and different paint scheme because the Ala - Cart didn't appeal to me at the time . I purchased the reissue to do it as the original car and display next to my old version but was so disappointed in the differences that I have yet to build it. Hopefully this will ignite a fire under me and I will build it the way you are. Probably not with the great attention to detail as yours but hopefully close. I will be following.
  6. Thanks for the info. Sorry it took so long to get back to you
  7. Love this Gremlin. What color and brand did you use?
  8. SWEET! Looks Good. Nice job.
  9. NICE ! I've wanted to do this for a long time but so many other projects. If I ever get around to it I don't think it will be quit as detailed as as yours. Great start
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