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  1. Update: finally finished and fitted the body and the Centrelines, also shown my previous Surfite build. A bit more to do on number 2, rear view side mirror, exhaust, number plate surround, windscreen wiper, plus one for the rear window (if I can find one) etc, plus decals I can find in my collection and self printed box.
  2. Further> in my build of my Surfite 2, I have covered the Tiki Hut in coffee sticks and converted it to a bar, suitably painted, also decaled the three surfboards, from my decal collection. Also today, cutting out new clear plastic stock for both front and rear windscreens and fitting in place. The kit clear plastic strip is opaque due to it's age. The picture below shows my first Surfite with four rear wheels/tyres from a Meyers Manx kit. This is one of my many Meyers Manx kits but lowered with Centrelines, as I think I'll fit to the Surfite 2.
  3. Thanks guys. I'll have to look for something different to build. Ah I've got an old Surfite & Tiki Hut kit!
  4. Thanks guys, yes the Subaru does go together very well, a joy to build each time.
  5. Surfite & Tiki Hut 2. Started today.. Re-building the hut... Chassis... Because there are a lot of small chrome pieces I've stripped the chrome off the sprue.
  6. Thanks Mile High Scale Modeler. No issues at all just making sure all the clear lenses put in with clear adhesive not ordinary plastic cement.
  7. Build box stock. Painting various parts in yellow to highlight those area's. Unusually various decals came apart ,like the rear number plate, partly rescued and the front sun strip using an old Airfix strip from the decals box and Pirelli P7 tyre decals. I also made, as they aren't supplied, three clear sprue heat stretched aerials, And an alloy tube exhaust tip.
  8. We don't see these in the UK and they are expensive to import, are they a reasonable price in the US, and are they well detailed please? If so I may get my eldest son who is in Canada to send me one.
  9. 12.05.22 Update, decals on some covered with clear gloss as they dried out super fast and started to fall off. Found a match to light my tea light, used flame to stretch some clear sprue to make three aerials. I added door mirrors and wipers, will paint front side indictors tomorrow.
  10. Three builds underway... Some decals on the 1/72 Gee Bee... Tamiya 1998 WRC Subaru Impreza, Body on ready for decals... Decisions, decisions, looking at what wheels to put on the new Surfite 2.. Yes it might be Centrelines, as with my lowered Meyers Manx. Update.. The Gee Bee has only one extra decal on each side, the other decals are damaged and the red paint is too dark to add any further. The Subaru decals are coming along. I had to use a hole punch on the roof decals to open up holes over aerial posts. I just need to add wipers, aerials, paint side indicators and build and mount front auxiliary lamps. My gold paint in a tin is old so I used sunshine yellow on the wheels.
  11. Thanks Randy. Interesting choice of engine suggested!
  12. Not seen on the road but whilst researching for sand/dune/beach buggies I came across this 1970's prototype for a kit car. Has anyone any ideas what it might be or any info at all please?
  13. Superb! I was only watching some of these racing at the Silverstone Circuit today. There were various classes of sports car racing.
  14. Latest News! It came today 04.05.22. Although completely intact, one big factory sealed bag and separate tyres, the box and instructions look to have been in a very damp place for years. I looked at the date on both the box and instructions and it's 1965!
  15. Brilliant! I wish I could chop, section, drop etc!
  16. Thanks guys. All I do is line up a number of spray cans, Humbrol, Tamiya and Plasti-Kote and spray away! It doesn't seem to bother that some are enamel and some are acrylic, they all dry at the same pace and are dry the next day! I tried hydro dip a couple of years ago and may try again soon!
  17. Built box stock. Having got fed up spraying the light colour then masking up to spray a darker one and the Tamiya masking tape tearing the lighter colour off, I threw every colour I could find to cover the body!
  18. OK yes I've got another one! It's about number 7 or 8! Just because they were built by Prodrive about 20 miles away.
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