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  1. Ver well done! Good to see some colourfull decals from over the pond!
  2. Even my Spray cans from the local hardware store have gone up over £1.50 to nearly £6. That's not happened in over 5 years!
  3. Thanks Rattlecan Dan, yes being Patrick my birthday (only 75) just happens to be on St Patricks Day! Born to an Irish mother too.
  4. Thanks guys. Yes they are expensive, it was a birthday pressie from my wife for my 75th!
  5. A 1979 Matchbox AMT VW Golf.. As it has side panels in the kit to make a Delivery Van, I'm most likely to go that way.
  6. Are there any kits of the short wheel-base Postal Jeeps in 1/24 or 1/25 please?
  7. You've done great job! I remember these when they first came out on the race tracks! My brother bought one of the first light green colour 850cc Mini Van's in 1963!
  8. Beautiful! These cars are seen at nearby Silverstone circuit and Goodwood at various times during the year.
  9. Superb! One of my favourite cars. The 1:1 cars being built at Prodrive just 20 miles from here.
  10. His arms are not long enough!
  11. Superb! I remember these as a long term race marshall at the Silverstone Circuit in the day.
  12. Thanks guys, yes I love decals! The kit itself was of a high quality.
  13. Thanks Peter of Ontario. We are out in Calgary Alberta in June to visit family!
  14. Thanks guys, one of the front pod light lenses fogged up so I cut a new one out of shopping plastic tray, hey presto!
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