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  1. I've been experimenting with Gold/Silver/Variegated leafs in my finishes recently. Bought the leaf and glue from Michaels. Below is a pic at my first experiment - the "Chevrolet" lettering has the silver leaf and a thick coat of Testor's One Coat Lacquer. I don't see any way around applying the leaf over the decal unless it is on the model's intended finish. Since you want to apply leaf over the decal, you probably want to apply the decal to the model and let cure. Then a coat of clear, let cure. THEN apply your leaf, add more clear. Its going to be time consuming and require patience, but the results will be worth it, I'm sure.
  2. Very nice - the paint is fantastic
  3. I bought this kit years ago to replicate my fathers 1:1 since it was the only kit I was aware of to offer the ‘73 Challenger body. Don’t think I paid more than $15 for it from HLJ. The thing about this kit is that it was designed primarily as a toy and accuracy is not its strong point. Nice work all the same, especially overcoming the issues you described.
  4. Haven’t seen it-can you resend?
  5. Great colour for a Duster, nice execution too
  6. Performs the same as the "toxic" stuff in the orange tube in my experience. Use almost exclusively CA glue now. Non-Toxic or not, probably best to assume you should use precautions not to inhale any adhesive fumes where possible. Oddly, I find the stuff in the blue tube gives off a citrus type smell to it. I have a poor sense of smell, so if I can identify it, it must be relatively strong lol.
  7. Nice work Pat - shame about the resin piece. I love this engine! Living in southern Ontario, I get the privilege of seeing and hearing the Merlins in action on the Lancaster from Hamilton from time to time. What a sound! Could not imagine what it would have been like to be on the ground looking up at this beast and several dozen of its friends overhead. Keep up the great work
  8. The Whitewalls give the Rat Rod vibe, while the standard black tires looks more like a barn find. Either looks great.
  9. As the title states - looking for a set of WHITE 1970 Chevelle Rally Stripes for the Revell/Monogram Heavy Chevy, not the Baldwin Motion set. All I really need is the white stripes, but will trade for the complete decal sheet or complete kit. Have TONS to trade - PM me if you have a set to sacrifice. Thanks
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