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  1. Thanks Bob. Acrylics is my weapon of choice when weathering a model. Can't say I have a preference for acrylic, enamel, or lacquer for "shinny" models. Tend to stock up on Vallejo products specifically because its cheap and plentiful from my preferred vendor. Has been easy to use and forgiving for my needs.
  2. My second Transformers build from the Flame Toys series. Build time was roughly a week and is box stock. Decided to not use the toy like stickers, sledge hammer, or the hybrid helicopter jetpack. The weathered look is my interpretation of this character being based on a neglected VW Beetle, while showing signs of battle in robot form. Not unlike the blockbuster movie a while back. Used Alclad II Magnesium for the skeletal components, Vallejo and Tamiya acrylics for everything else. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Looks like you did a fine job with what you had to work with. The Lanc is one of my favorite planes - was going to buy this kit and try my hand at it. I knew it was small, but had no idea how small it was actually. Have any assembly tips you feel like sharing?
  4. Love it - the old vs new engine looks fantastic!
  5. Nice work. I like the subtle weathering/tire wear on the trailer deck.
  6. Here's my MEGATRON build from the Flame Toys kit. My inner kid is a huge '80's Transformers fan, so this was a must have for me. Paint and glue are not necessary for these kits, but they certainly enhance the final product and is the difference between a toy and a display model. Haven't spent much time at the work bench lately, so this build was done on and off again over a 10 month period. Realistically, the build could be done in a couple of days if you were dedicated to it, or less than an hour out of the box. Decided to not use the toy like stickers that come with the kit. Mine was the IDW Autobot version, so the only thing not box stock on this is the metal transfer of the Decepticon logo on the chest I had in my parts box. Used Alclad II Burnt Metail for the skeletal components of the limbs, Valejo and Tamiya acrylics for everything else. Did some weathering to depict years of battle with the Autobots - pleased with the final result. Hope you enjoy!
  7. Yup - I'm a product of the '80's and a huge Transformers fan. Been slowly collecting the characters that I can get my hands on. They are expensive and often hard to find, but the detail and articulation of the joints and torso almost make up for it. Here's a pic of my WIP: MEGATRON! Took some creative license and added paint and detail. Going for a weathered, battle worn look.
  8. Looks great. The black and gold combination is perfect.
  9. Nicely done! Shame the kit stock carbs look more like legos than carburetors. Definitely a shortcoming of the kit, not a reflection of the builder.
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