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  1. Dodge Dart 62, hardtop. Johan. Red.

    Nice! I went to school with a guy who had the 1:1, though his has more rust lol.
  2. Miami Vice Ferrari 365GTS/4 Daytona

    That's got to be one of the nicest builds of this kit that I've seen.
  3. Hey Steve !

    I just so happen to have an extra Paddy Wagon

    Whattcha got to trade ?

  4. '57 VW rag top

    I love it!
  5. Unfortunately no instructions, other than 3:1 ratio of the clear and hardener. The only video I found on YouTube reviewing the product was in Japanese. That is not going to work for me.....
  6. Headlights

    I use cheap, white craft glue to hold my headlights and “glass” in place. Just Apply a thin layer with the end of a toothpick. Dries clear. Also does a decent job of giving gauge decals the appearance of having glass over them. As for picking up the headlights off of the work bench, suppose you can use some low tack tape like Frog tape. Strong enough to pick it-submissive enough to let it go.
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys. I ended up purchasing the set from a AK Interactive Canadian distributor. Since my order met the minimum requirements for free S&H, I thought I would take the chance. I have not found a Canadian Zero paint distributor, so those products are not cost effective (for me) to import. A shame since they offer great products. Importing paint (a.k.a. hazardous goods) across the boarder is difficult and very expensive. As for yellowing, this has been my experience with most clear coats over lighter colors. Especially white. I try to consider this in my builds. Thomas - Not sure about the products available in Germany, but my AK set was packaged with the Clear, Hardener, thinner, and two syringes. To date, I've used Testor's one coat Wet Clear spray, or Dupli-Color Paint Shop clear. Both provide a nice finish when used correctly. The Dupli-Color has been my preference for glossy finishes and comes in a Gallon, already pre-thinned. Will most likely go bad before I use the whole can. Cost is nearly the same as the AK set too. Still getting my paint booth set up in the new house, so it will be a little while before I try out the product. Will be interested to see how it compares to the Dupli-Color Paint Shop clear.
  8. Too bad. They weren't the cheapest place for me to order parts, but they offered a good selection and were easy (aka reliable) to deal with. Rare and dying qualities in a vendor that supports our hobby...
  9. I just went to the Xtreme Scale Detail website and the opening screen says they are closed. Granted I've been away from the hobby the past year, but did I miss a post where they closed shop?
  10. Revell/Monogram Paddy Wagon

    I’m in need of the headers the Revell/Monogram kit. Wouldn’t rule out the complete kit either. Have lots to trade!
  11. Has anyone tried this product? ANY feedback is welcome!
  12. Audi DTM A4

    Looks great! I heard these DTM cars are a challenge to build. Was that your experience?
  13. I like where this is going. Executing the chopped top on this kit is not as easy as it sound. I know that I have attempted to pull it off a couple of times and ended up putting the project back on the shelf for another day. Hang in there and keep up the good work.
  14. '89 Nissan Sunny Truck / Hasegawa / 1:24

    Looks like a typical (Canadian) Nissan: Rusty! Excellent weathering skills.