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  1. That's not Florida orange, is it? 8^)
  2. Beautiful build! I love the pic of the kid standing next to the rail looking into the cockpit. It's as bad as heroin cause he's addicted. I sure can't get cars out of my blood. 8^)
  3. Love the 57! I commented on someone elses thread that I almost bought a 1:1 57 150 just before I got out of the Navy in 66 but spent the money on an engagement ring. I told my son that story as we stood in front of one at a car show and concluded it with "and you know the rest of the story because here you stand". He just laughed and grinned.
  4. Nice colors, but I would say that since I'm a University of Tennessee alum and fan.
  5. Actually, I've got a bag of incandescent bulbs that we saved when we switched the house over to fluorescent so I've got quite a stash.
  6. "Mike controls the business, but I control him". 8^)
  7. That is a beautiful replica, Steve.
  8. I still think Heisenberg is the name. I doubt few here know what we're talking about.
  9. That is so sweet! I almost bought one of those when I got out of the Navy in 1966. Wound up spending the money on an engagement ring. I told that story to my son as we stood looking at one of these. I smiled and said, you know the rest of the story and here you are. 8^)
  10. Why is the model so hard. I've been wanting one.
  11. Thanks for making it sound like I really thought this out and it was a very scientific approach but the truth is that's the amount of plywood I had. I also wanted it to be tall enough so that I could add some shelves for more space if I needed it. I would use some sort of rack like in an oven if I made a shelf. Don't know if I will ever need it though. Yes, the material is Dynamat, I think. It was left over from the Factory Five Cobra I built. I guess that's what FF uses.
  12. Stunning! If you'd said what colors you were going to paint it, I would probably have had a negative reaction. I would have been totally wrong.
  13. Nice color combo. I really like it!
  14. A really nice looking Ford. Surprisingly, many folks don't know that Ford outsold Chevy in 1957. Wouldn't know it if you attended a car show nowadays. http://wheels.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/06/03/revisiting-the-1957-sales-numbers/
  15. Beautiful! What finish did you use on the chassis?
  16. I've got to remember this tip. Looks very real.
  17. I totally agree. Some things make no sense at all, do they?
  18. The problem with age is that when you're young, you're looking ahead and it seems like it goes on forever. You get frustrated when the road seems so long. When you get old, you're looking back and it seems like it goes on forever. That's why us old types always say, where did it all go. 8^) Patience. Life will come to you soon enough.
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