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  1. Nice build. That color is sharp. My wife's favorite.
  2. Almost daily I'm amazed at something I see on the forums. That suspension is really nice work.
  3. I typically don't for these 4 races. I guess when the insurance companies realize the risk they're taking on, then something will happen. I'm sure they'll pay for Saturday's little shunt.
  4. NASCAR will continue to put on these jokes called races at Daytona and Talladega. It simply isn't racing when everyone is running WFO and no one can pass without help. Yesterday, people were almost killed.. This morning, they make the claim that they're doing all they can to ensure safety. Nonsense. There's a fix to this problem. Cut the banking down at these two tracks and reduce the spoiler size. Then people have to lift entering turns. I find these 4 races to be the most boring on the schedule.
  5. I sure do! I guess that's why experience is so valuable.
  6. I'm reclined with the laptop in my lap reading each response while my L5 disc continues to shoot pain into my right hip, down the outside of the leg and back across the front shin. Had a MRI yesterday morning. I've dealt with mine off and on since 2005. The Doc said that this is caused most times by sneezing, coughing or vomiting. Mine was the latter, a stomach virus. I've had injetions, therapy and been lucky until this episode that started last week. Ironically, I was working on enclosing an area in the basement for model work. Sheet rock and insulation is up on the walls and I'm down. I, like you and most other folks are really paranoid about getting their back cut on. I may have to make that decision soon as well. I have a lot of confidence in the Doc I see for this. I think that's key in this situation. Keep us updated on your progress. Good luck!
  7. Great work! The detailing like the fuel stains on the can were really nice.
  8. What a badazz looking ride. I really love the Honest Charley decals since I grew up in the Chattanooga area. I'm only 10 miles from the new Honest Charley's shop. I was a regular drooler at both of Honest's original shops here in the Chattanooga area.
  9. I've just started a Don Nicholson 1961 Chevrolet. The body is very nice with very small and fine panel lines that are easily removed. I haven't started assembly but I like what I see so far.
  10. I know exactly how you feel. I had to have a cat put down after having her for almost 15 years. She was a stray someone found for us. It still hurts to this day when I think of her but there's also a good feeling in my heart for her because we gave her so many good years of love and care. Another 4 month old sweetheart walked into our lives 9 years ago, cold hungry and exhausted. She's our "Baby". That's her name. We know we'll experience loss and sorrow when she passes but we're going to spoil her until then. There are so many unloved stray animals that need us. Maybe looking at it like that might help.
  11. A great choice! My niece by marriage is a high school nurse and she saved a female student's life two weeks ago after the student collapsed and her heart stopped. Your career could make a difference to someone and their family in the future. Study hard!
  12. That's a thought if you don't have a lot of fabrication equipment (saws, welders, grinders, electrical stuff, etc.) It would be read to go. The vacuum should be provided by something that won't ignite paint or solvent fumes.
  13. Actually, I wasn't going to use the rubber gloves normally found on a glove box. The ones I used in the nuke plants were very easy to use and dexterity was reduced very little. Naturally, they were expensive. The gloves used on things like sand blast cabinets are pretty thick and would definitely be impossible to air brush with any finesse at all. I've thought about that and plan to test the use of a piece of tire inner tube, maybe off a big truck or something. What I have in mind is cutting out something like a 10" circle and attaching it to the cabinet with some sort of home made flange. Lids off 1 gallon paint cans might work. The center of each 10" cut out would have a small hole about the size of my forearm. I always wear rubber gloves when I'm fooling with paint so I'll also make sure to wear long sleeves too. The cabinet will be made from a single piece of plywood. As for budget, I'm going to see if I can do it all for less than $150. We'll see if that's realistic.
  14. Does anyone use anything like this for your models? I'm looking for ideas for holding the cars while working on them. http://www.micromark.com/soft-touch-cradle,7542.html?ns_md=Email&ns_sc=Marketing&ns_cn=13WS003&ns_pc=13WS003&utm_source=Marketing&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=13WS003
  15. Back in the late 60s I worked at one of the nuclear weapons plants in Oak Ridge, TN. Working in the lab, I spent my fair share of time working in a glove box. If you're not familiar with it, it's a closed environment where you can work on all sorts of nasty materials without contaminating the surrounding area or yourself. Your arms fit into rubber gloves that are attached and sealed. Here's something from Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glovebox I'm thinking, why can't the same theory work for an enclosed spray booth. I've drawn up some plans and I've got a couple of questions. Should it be a down draft, up draft, side draft or back draft? I wonder how much flow I'll need to keep the paint overspray from building up and obscuring vision?
  16. I hope some of mine come out this nice.
  17. Great work, young man. Keep it up.
  18. Lots of folks here use BMF. I can see the advantages. Being a returnee to the hobby, that's one tip I've got bookmarked and will use on my 61 Impala.
  19. I had all the BMC tips bookmarked. I'd certainly appreciate a copy of those zip files.
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