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  1. Well, actually I do have arthritis. Come back and talk to me in 20 years.
  2. I'd love to see more. Nothing like SCCA events. I'm a former SCCA member. Chattanooga RE in 91 and 92. Didn't they do the Runoffs at RA this year?
  3. Nice detail work on the Mini engine. I've got the Chaparral in my stash. Hope it turns out as nicely as yours did.
  4. Do many of you use this tool? What is your opinion about using it? http://www.micromark.com/micro-sander,7704.html?ns_md=Email&ns_sc=Marketing&ns_cn=12WS060&ns_pc=12WS060&utm_source=Marketing&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=12WS060
  5. I love all of them. Would love to see bigger pics of the Chaparral and the Mini.
  6. That is a knockout replica. I've got one in the stash. I hope it can compare with your result when I'm finished.
  7. Excellent work! Love the color selection.
  8. Great looking! PS I'd name the driver Stumpy.
  9. Great concept! Keep working on it.
  10. Wild concept! I like it, especially Heisenberg!
  11. Beautiful work, especially the BMF. This is another one I want to build eventually. You did a great job!
  12. Great looking! I've got to do one of these in the future.
  13. I really like it! I've got one waiting to be built.
  14. Cranky, you da man! PS That syringe made my mouth hurt.
  15. One of my favorite Fords and nicely done, especially the color!
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