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Here's my latest project. Hopefully I'll finish it before the A.D.D. kicks in. Taking the AMT 96 Chevy Tahoe Snap kit & converting it to the 2 door version. I've seen a couple of people here do this in the past

Here's what I started with and where I am so far. I removed the step below the doors and cut the b-pillars just behind the front doors back to the c-pillars. I'll move the c-pillars up to the front doors then cut about 6 scale inches vertically from the rear doors and about 5 scale inches vertically between the rear wheel openings and the taillights. The leading edge of the blue tape is where I plan to cut the 11 inches out of the roof & move it forward. Once the body's done I'll focus on the interior tub & chassis.




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nice chop Jay!

you going to have to make your own 3/4 windows?

Thanks Dan and yeah, those windows are going to be a challenge with the curve at the roof line. I'm sure I'll go through a lot of clear plastic to get 'em right.

Still a few spots to clean up but this is where we are. The wheels and tires are not what I'll be using, just trying to get an idea of the stance. I sent an email to Alan at Ma's Resin a few days ago but haven't heard back yet. I'm open to suggestions on the wheels & tires.




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Your project reminds me of a story!  Many years ago my family and my wife's brothers family decided to go to Wildwood, NJ together and stay at a beachfront hotel.  This was a hotel built in the 1950s, six stories with all the room facing the water, with common balconies and entry doors off that balcony walkway.  We are asleep at about 5:30am, and all of a sudden my wife is shaking me because there are sirens blaring everywhere.  She thinks the hotel is on fire.  I investigate and see it's all police activity on the beach.  The streets dead end at the beach with a barricade of closely spaced  sawed of telephone poles, and then a severe drop down onto the beach.  Right next to our hotel is your Tahoe,  a white one that has managed to blow through the barricade and is sitting nose deep into the sand, with it's rear still up on the wall.  It's almost daylight and cops are swarming all over the beach with flash lights.

I head downstairs and find out that some clown robbed a local convenience store in the stolen Tahoe, and led cops on a chase through the narrow streets of this beach resort town.  He made a wrong turn down a dead end and landed on the beach.  He ran off.  We make some coffee and continue to watch the spectacle from our balcony, as is just about everyone else in our hotel.  Eventually two cops come walking from the beach, one carrying a boot and the other carrying a garbage bag full of money.  My bro-in-law and I ask a cop if they caught the guy, nope he got away with one shoe and no money.   We head back upstairs and our wives ask us if they got the guy,  We tell them, "Yup, they caught him a few blocks down the beach." The women are relieved and go about their day.   We lied?  Yea,  we knew this guy was as far away from there as he could get and wouldn't be an issue.  But to tell our wives he was still out there would have meant instant packing and heading home!

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Ha! Funny story Tom. I guess the facts were changed to protect the innocent.

Haven't worked on the Tahoe in a while. Not A.D.D. this time, had to finish the H2 and my laptop crashed. Now that the Hummer's done and I was able to remember by login password I'll get back to finishing the Tahoe project and post my progress. Stay tuned.

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