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Bantam Fuel Altered - New pics 1-7


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Thanks Chris for the compliment.  The last few days I messed around with very tiny details.  I added the wire to the mag which I wanted to replicate some pics I had as best I could which then led me back to the toggle switch on the small instrument panel.  I came across some pics of Vietnam era fighter craft of toggle switch covers and wanted to have a functioning one. Don't ask me why.......there's no good reason. It's about 3mm in length. flips up as desired and I've got some detailing to do on it and then put it back onto the cluster. So, this post is for GoatGuy (Dave) who I ran into at the Larson Dragfest and we shared what we're working on.  I told Dave if I could get it made, I'd post it just for him.  Cheers from the loony bin.  Tim

Mag - the red wire will lead to the toggle switch. 


Cover Open & penny for scale


Closed - really hard to get these pics clear as the camera just wouldn't focus on it.




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Tim... Wow! You have me speechless at the moment. That is so unreal my friend and so Bad Ass. I thought I was nuts with the Toggle switch I made for my funny car but you made a working one...:lol:. It's just another killer addition to what has to be one of the best builds out there if not the best. Keep up the killer worknmy friend. I Love it :wub:

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Thanks everyone, here's bit of info on what I used to make the cover btw.  I did not machine the cover as an fyi.  I found a piece of P-etch (it was a fire bottle tab of some sort) that I cut down by hand.  The tool I used was one I bought when Dremel decided to drop the Stylus from their line-up. Rio-Grande sells quite a few hand tools geared towards the jewelry trade. Fordham is a company that makes a wide range of hand drills / tools.  The one I bought (the MH-130)  they describe as a "micro" hand piece. I bought it with the portable controller and a foot pedal to adjust the speed.  A special adapter goes back and forth from 1/8" to 3/32" (think Dremel sizes) collets.  It'll spin to at least 25k. rpm and the construction is of dentist quality.  The ball bearing / motor design is such that it'll spin at it's highest level with NO vibration at all.  The bad news, of course, is the cost.  I think I spent for all the bits and pieces close to $600.  In this instance though, you do get what you pay for. When switching back and forth with my dremel's, it's like comparing a stone age axe to a tomahawk cruise missle.  I made the cover using the Fordham with the jewelers cut off disc that you see in the pic.  Flattered that you guys thought I machined it but this was shaped by hand.  Hope this helps in some way.  Cheers, Tim

The original P-etch piece before any shaping.


The Fordham hand piece



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Tim... thst is incredible that you made it by hand and that is a sweet freedom tool. Wish I had the pocket book for one of them but then again I have an off brand dremel... lol that should tell you my pockets aren't too deep... haha. I believe we have a few of those forums in our hand finish area here at my work. Tha k you for sharing your tricks of the trade.

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Tim, you DID tell me that piece was going to be crazy and it is. Wow that is great. I wish I had checked the forum before this. Can't wait to see it in place on the panel. Blows my mind that it moves too. Must be very fragile. I wish I had thought to bring your suspension books to the car show to return to you. Guys, it was another good show. Bob Frey and Donna Garlits were there. I'll have to upload some pics from the show. 

Tim, looking forward to more updates. 

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Sorry for the delay in replying to your comments.  Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!  Only the brakes/calipers and trans to detail before actual assembly now.  The manifold hard lines are complete. These pics are just mock-ups.  Cheers, Tim




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Tim, I really appreciate your comments about the Fordham grinder.  I suspect that a lot of modelers are shaking their heads at $600, but you are quite right about a quality tool.  For many those sort of tools are just way out of reach, but it is a tool you will never have to replace unless you run over it with a truck.  I will say that the tools don't make the craftsman but by the same token, having good tools means less frustration.  I have had the discussion with my wife about tools and I always go back to my old saying, "I could build a house with a swiss army knife, but why would I want to?"  A quality tool encourages you to do more.  

Oh, and by the way, the engine is really a piece of jewelry, so it makes sense that you would be using a jewelers grinder on it.  Stunning piece.  Keep up the great work.  It is an inspiration to all of us. 

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John, just checked out your radial engine truck thread again.  You're embarrassing me..........  and thanks for the note too! 

Pete, nice to hear from you and completely concur with your thoughts on tools.  One could have the best of the best but it truly comes down to the person using them.  There are certainly many builders who don't have access to such tools but still turn out just stunning results.  Just takes longer from my experience.  Thanks too!

Brad, Ray and Bruce, thanks so much too for the thoughts / comments on the build. 

Dave, hey man, been far too long since we last got together.  Kids are outta school for Christmas break soon and maybe we can find some time to get caught up then.   That'd been fun.   btw, saw what you've been working on for your 37'............those struts are phenomenal. 

Chris, thank you sir and look forward to your future builds as well. 

Jason, appreciate your checking it out.........I've been looking for a scale fuel can but can't find any............gonna have to make one I guess.  ;)

Cheers to all, tim

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