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66 Fastback Nova


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My son Dylan is at the age of driving and the auto bug has bitten him. He has been building some model cars lately and also is found of the Chevy Nova's 1:1 cars.Pretty interesting story I found about the Nova and the history of this odd car. I knew of such a drag race version but what got me going this morning was the "Road Race" cars they were meant to be. After some internet searches I thought it would be cool to do kind of a Pro Touring version just for fun.

It isn't really a WIP yet and I still need to do alot of tweaking but I did manage to accomplish some major surgery this morning. Using a Revell 69 Mustang and an AMT 66 Nova' won as a door prize, I started measuring, marking and cutting. Below is the result, SO FAR!

The 1963 Fastback Novas
1963 Fastback Nova, Greg FieldIn 1963, Chevrolet created three fastback Novas for road race competition. The Novas were all convertibles pulled from the regular production line. They were then shipped to the Corvette plant for the addition of fiberglass parts. The doors, inner panels, front fenders, hood and both front and rear bumpers were all 'glass. The new roof and fastback was also made of fiberglass and bonded to the metal. The fastback covered what would have been the trunk lid and blocked all access to the trunk area from the outside.

1963 Fastback Nova, Greg FieldAfter a 1963 Corvette independent rear suspension was also added, the cars were shipped to Bill Thomas in California. Chevrolet also shipped the "Mystery Motors", that later ended up with Smokey Yunick, to Bill to be installed in the Novas. Bills job was to install the engines and setup the suspension for road racing. Before the Novas could be completed, GM put a ban on all factory racing.






I lack major componets to build the car as I see it and I have two other build I'd like to complete first but ! will continue working on the body for now...

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Lookin' real sweet but then again it's like that with all your work,love how the roof line just laid in there so clean......and oh yeah you might wanna check into the Pro Touring rules and regulations before you build it as one ;) ..........seriously looking forward to this one come alive like all the others.


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I'm not much for rules so it will be "kind of" like a pro tour car, and yes they were all three used as drag cars.. None where road raced and they were all 1963 Nova's. From what I read. 

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Thanks for the interest and I will be trying a few different window opening and side trim but for now. Like so many of us I do have a tough time focusing and I'm easily distracted by new ideas. And despite myself I will press on to finish my current builds. I have found if I put things like this away, I have better success in doing so... 

But I could not resist doing this this morning! It may transition from PT into a custom or combo of things, but I think it will be pretty cool either way... 

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Thanks Ace, I am pleasantly surprised at how well the Mustang roof lined up. It is a little narrower and if I had a early 67 Charger it may have been better yet. 

The 63 Fastback Nova was pretty unsightly!

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That came out sweet....!  I always admire your work and Ideas...!    And you execute with a certian precision that makes all your work outstanding..!

.....and  you are consantly at it....  keep it up Man  !

Think I'm gonna try this model building stuff....:huh:       Really..                  Good job James...!

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