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'60 Impala


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Hey everyone,

I'm new to the forum and this is my 2nd post here. I've been lurking on this forum for a few months and I must say you guys sure have talent!
I've picked up a few tricks here and for that I'm greatful!

I just started this Impala today.




The body is Duplicolor Chrysler gold. The interior is Duplicolor GM red.
The wheels came from a 1/25 scale R/C Camaro - Maisto I think.
The idea came from watching Iron Resurrection on the Velocity channel.

Thanks for looking.
Stay Tuned...

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   Welcome Steve!!  Inspiration can be found in

many different ways, but what you can get from

fellow modelers is about the best!!

   That gold color looks great on that '60 Chevy!!

Are you planning on using the 409 motor?

      Build happy my friends,

         David S.


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Sorry to disappoint guys, not an Imp. Impala.
Thanks for the positive comments.
Here's the kit...



I bought a new hand held tool because the battery on my cordless dremel is about to expire. It seems I'm charging it every other day. This was a bargain at 10 bucks at the local cheap tool store. I know it will break, I just want to see how long it will last for me. And it came with a bunch of extra bits.


I used the new tool to make these cuts. I've never done an alteration like this before. I've usually just used the box stock wheels or found something from the parts box. These days it seems that wheel choices are pretty limited. Not that I don't like what's out there, I just get tired of seeing the same wheels everywhere. These particular wheels came from a Maisto R/C Camaro. I actually snapped all he spokes off of one of the wheels when I tried to pull it off. I managed to reglue the wheel back together and brushed on some fresh gloss black. You can never tell it happened at all.

Stay Tuned...

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Got a little more done.


I got the motor built. I had planned or wiring it but changed my mind for some reason.


Then I went over the body with some 5000. Next I went over the chrome trim with some red accent to tie in with the interior color.


This is just an eyeball shot. I love a view of a sled from this view.

Stay Tuned...

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Getting some stuff done today.


Dialed in the front and rear suspension



knocked out some of the bright work


And rerouteing the exhaust. This has to be done to accommodate these big wheels.

Stay Tuned...

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  • 4 weeks later...

Thanks Jeremy!


Gettin some more stuff done. Brightened up the interior with my new wally world silver paint pen. I tried to use the decals that came with the kit for the interior but they were too thick and didn't lay right. I even tried to soften them up but nothing worked so off they came. Also used a broken pair of ear bud leads to simulate heater hoses. I've done this on other builds and was pleased with the results.

Stay tuned...

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