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This diorama was to make as simple a base as possible, and attempt to show motion.  The pavement is just a piece of Corian (plastic kitchen/bath countertop), which is the perfect grain and color, sandblasted texture for rolled out pattern.  Tire marks are pastel chalk.  I made the master, and made resin copies of the cones, most are solid, a few are hollow, and for the killed cone I bent it soon after casting.   The timer equipment is really simple, I could have super detailed something better.

The VW Golf II GTi is the Revell kit, the alleged "Tuner series", which has horrible wheels and hideous aero parts.   I used Integra wheels.  I modified the bumpers to be European looking, the grill has wire mesh, added a moon roof, Evo 5 mirrors, resin Vehicross gas cap, Euro tuner green taillights, real springs on the suspension (which nobody can see), removed door handles (which are really cheap units).  Painted with Boyds turquoise, with a nail 'polish' green pearl over it, and clear.  The interior back seat was removed, Scale Motorsport decal on seats, figure is modified race driver.

Built in 2003.  I owned a '91 Jetta GLi, did some autocross, so I *had to* do the lifted rear wheel.






NOT back.jpg

NOT top.jpg

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Did I mention the Corian looks like the gravel seal coat on my street?  This is an older picture, pixelated quality.  And forgot to click the "Notify me of replies" which is a nice feature on this forum.


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This diorama is interesting, from many aspects. The paint colour of this car shows up really well outdoors under natural daylight. I think the race driver figure adds a great deal to the realism of the scene, somehow the way his head is turned to one side and the lokk in the eyes even. It does indeed show motion and although simple, that diorama base holds the whole idea together. You must be rather pleased with how this has turned out.


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4 hours ago, Foxer said:

Simple but wonderful diorama .. and this shot .. that angle .. superb!

Thank you.  Worm's eye view is a good test.


4 hours ago, Anglia105E said:

... You must be rather pleased with how this has turned out.

Thank you David!  It was a project that languished a long time, glad to finish it.  It also got 3rd place in Dioramas at the Copper State Model Car Championship 2003, so pleased with that.

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I love that you added the body roll and the lifting of the rear tire, these Golf/Rabbits always do that and it adds to this display. The driver facing the direction of the timer is perfect, makes it look like he was just a little panicked and hit it in the "Nick-of-time". The added skid marks from the other racers gives a great feel of it being a SCCA weekend get together kind of race.

All in All, Very cool.

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