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Destroyed models

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On ‎8‎/‎20‎/‎2019 at 3:59 AM, truckabilly said:

Thanks a lot guys for your words. I sorted out all the tiny parts and assigned them to the model they belong to. Everything is the boxes and plastic bags. And out of sight for the time being.

The museum personnel have done tremendous job saving all the tiny pieces from the glass debris. I must really give them credit here. But some parts are missing anyway. Two windows of the London doubledecker bus are gone as well as some light lenses. The Peterbilt 377 lost its bumper and PE grill by CTM. Also some mud flaps are gone. All the mirror brackets are broken into such tiny pieces that it´s out of question to try to put them back together. 

London bus and Kenworth T600 can be fixed relatively easy in a reasonable amount of time. The Can Do wrecker which is hard to find a new, will be fixed no matter what. The Clydes II aka Bill Signs is in such a bad shape that it never pays off to restore it. Unfortunately, the same can be stated about the Peterbilt 351 logger. This model had so many heavy resin parts and everything fell off. Both Peterbilts by Italeri are also… dead. 

I mean, everything can be repaired this way or another. But it takes so much time. Time of which I don´t have plenty and other projects are waiting. On the other hand, I am a stubborn kind of guy and I´ll have the idea of repairing the models in my mind settled, till it´s done. So, we´ll see.  

As for the bastard, they have him captured on the video but they didn´t find him yet. And to be honest, I don´t really care. Hopefully, the insurance company will provide some compensation and let´s roll on. Life is too short for letting those bastards occupy my mind till I get my little revenge. No.

Thanks again to all of you, guys. You´ll find me at my workbench.

Glad to see you have somewhat of a positive attitude going through this Jaroslav!! Me, I'd want to rip his fingers off and stick them in his ears!! But that's just me.... LOL...

Hopefully you'll attempt to bring them all back to life in one way or another. HOPE PARTS CAN BE FOUND EASY ENOUGH FOR THOSE THAT ARE MISSING!!!! Oops, fat fingered the caps key....

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Very sorry to see this mess, Jaroslav ! Only a model builder can really imagine the time and effort which went into these models.

A financial compensation can only be a small kind of consolation for this, anyway.

And we all would have thought that there was  no safer place than in a museum's showcase...


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