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After numerous test shots with Future got the amount of pearl correct in the clear.  Decanted Tamiya TS13 clear and ran additional tests.  Had to move the air pressure up a bit,  it sprayed much better with the Tamiya.  I was nervous how 50 year old pearl powder, stored in a baby food carrot bottle, would react.  to illustrate how potent this pearl is I have included a picture of how much pearl powder Brian Louw (the owner of the real car) sent me.  I actually only used one level scoop full (shown)  to do the whole car with about a third of it left over unsprayed.  So the pearl is on, and the first coat of over clear has been sprayed.  Finished spraying, clean the airbrush took one picture and left the room.  Keeping my fingers crossed that when I go back tomorrow morning nothing will have changed and I can proceed with final assembly and decals. 

IMG_8140 (1).JPG


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Going together, fitted the body latch and actuating handle set the spring tension it is completely functional. have to respray the inside of the body and final assembly some time this week end.  It's been a long , long road.



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1 hour ago, Claude Thibodeau said:

Hi Ian!

Very nice, a real blast of pure nostalgia. Bravo!


Thank you Claude, That's what I was looking for.  The funny car version of an old AM radio, on/off , volume and station selector  that's it.

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1 hour ago, F/CNUT said:

Ian, I have followed this build since the start and and I have used some of your ideas. You done a nice job on this.



Steve from the looks of your mustang I would suggest  you didn't need much of my process, it looks great and the finish is top notch.  Thanks for the kind words just the same!

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On 8/25/2021 at 7:56 AM, AmericanMuscleFan said:

Great work Ian, it looks like the real thing and the illusion is even better with your background.  Your neighbors won't like you too much if you start this monster... 😁👌

Thank you Francis, the feeling of authenticity was what I was after. I just saw your parachute update Amazing work my friend!

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