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Last airbrushed parts, seat belt buckle and door "handles". 

Seatbelts are done.  Forget why I got the Modelers set, glad to use it on something.  I chose the simpler variation that was shown in the instructions, that was in Japanese.  Mixed in some Detail Master photo-etch, the connection to the seat is the backwards "GM" buckle, bent to fit.

I'm still cross-eyed from working on that seatbelt! 😵  The photo-etch headlight parts, what a pain to get those to look right, which do not.

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On 12/23/2021 at 10:13 PM, CabDriver said:

Love those seatbelts - this project is great! Enjoying watching it come together!

Thank you for checking in.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!  Daughter has a break from the Navy, so had just a little time the other night to put the big parts together.

Not at all happy with the photo-etch, removed.  Will try using them as templates for cutting out foil tape.  Also my clear red is shot, so now begins the search for an alternative.  What do you think of the mirrors?

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15 hours ago, NOBLNG said:

Excellent job on a nice looking model. Beautiful detailing, especially on the interior!👍

Thank you very much!

You would think that since those photo-etch parts were included, they would add to the model.  I couldn't stand how they did not conform with the contours, and were too big.  I've done this on previous builds, the difference was having a really good cutting template.  First step was sticking a piece of aluminum tape (used for HVAC ductwork) on self-adhesive foam core.  Then I polished with Blue Magic (see photo-etch earlier step).  Stuck Scotch tape (dull type) on the p-e ring, then onto the aluminum, which holds it down great.  Used a new #11 blade to follow around the inside first, starting with the bumps first, then around the outside.  Carefully peeled off the backing (take the outside off first), then stuck on starting at the top.  I cut about 3 MM off the bottom curve, so it conforms all the way around, no massive gap.  Worked into place with a balsa wood stick.  It's not as flat as the p-e, but at a distance at 100 MPH it works.

Last scratch-building, really just getting the parts box mirrors done properly.   Drilled for wire in the mounts, then in the door.  Used the AAA sticker for the mirror, cut with scissors, by eye.

Taillights are the last thing to do!   Oh wait, the last picture, the wiper needs finessing. 😑

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17 hours ago, slusher said:

Impressive work Kurt..

Thank you Carl!

13 hours ago, Cool Hand said:

Very clever solution with the headlight trim rings.

Appreciate your comment.  I'd still be working on this if there was a suspension. 😅

I cut the pin on the wiper, flattened the tires, and glued the body to the chassis pan.

Last step was the taillights.  No paint at Hobby Lobby would suffice, so I used regular Testors.  I have used Tamiya clear acrylic, never liked how it didn't cover evenly.  So what is there nowadays?  I tried to use Bare Metal foil for the bezels, gave up and painted silver.  Always been a pet peeve of having to color lights.  So this model ran the gauntlet of getting boogered up with too much errant glue or scratched with sharp objects. 😬  45.5 hours, finished before New Years. 😁


Funny thing, all this time I never looked on the bottom of the box.  Still have the receipt, look at the prices on eBay today. 😵

We are scheduled for snow, so no gas station diorama pictures, but might take studio photos for the Under Glass posting.  Thanks for the comments everyone. 🏁

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12 hours ago, Cool Hand said:

Done well.

Nice persuader you used to get the body glued to the chassis plate. Can tell you are a tradesman when you use tools like that. 😄

Thank you.  Another hobby is wood working, and I pretend to be a fabricator for parts on my '68 Chevy pickup.

11 hours ago, beeRS said:

Well done on finishing another superb model. Thanks for sharing your techniques. The headlamp trim rings are particularly clever. 

Thank you.  I love aluminum tape, not into regular duct tape.

Did a quick studio session, ready to post Under Glass.

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