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1968 HK Holden Premier V8


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This is one of the promotional models released in 1967/8 to introduce the then new 1968 HK Holden Premier.

Very few original promotional models remain, but many resin or fibreglass repops have found their way into the modelling community here in Australia.










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Well that answers a question I had - they DO have Premier wheelcovers!  I have an original white Monaro but I got it without wheels, and an original murky green Premier that I painted bright orange when i was going though my Street Machine phase!   I bought it on the last day of the 92 Bendigo swap meet for $35 if I recall - it was a body, glass and rear bumper only, so they were spendy even back then.  

I once met a guy in Victoria who had a truly stunning deep maroon Premier promo.  He was walking past a newsagent in his suburb one day and there was a mint NOS one in the window. He couldn't believe his luck and went straight inside and bought it.  Walking past the shop the next day, there was ANOTHER one in the window!!!   He raced in and asked, where are you getting these from?  The owner told him he had a carton of them upstairs and just put one out every now and then.  Suffice to say he bought the whole carton!

Apparently they were manufactured by a company called Platinum Promotions in Melbourne.  A dear friend of mine, now deceased, exhausted every imaginable avenue, down to taxation records(!) to try to track down the company or anyone associated with it but they had vanished without a trace.

To the best of my knowledge there are exactly seven Aussie promotional models ever, although someone else may be able to disprove that. Ford did the XK sedan and wagon ( I have a grey sedan and saw a white wagon in Adelaide,) an XL sedan and wagon ( I am guessing they did a sedan because I saw a red wagon in a Nagambie antique shop) and GMH did a 64 EH wagon as a dealer gift - it would sit on the bosses desk!  Plus the two HKs we are talking about.  Apparently the Falcons were made by AMT and the chassis is almost identical to the AMT Ranchero kit so that makes sense.

Thanks for showing your Prem!




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On 9/12/2020 at 1:39 PM, Carmak said:

Very cool!

Is it 1/25 scale?

Who is the manufacturer?


On 9/12/2020 at 6:34 PM, ozmodeler said:

Wow, that's so rare.  I've only seen the resin bodies. Obviously they were cast from the  promo's. Do you know who made the  promo's ? Great proportions too, looks very accurate.


It is 1/25 scale and cost me $200 from a distant relative in Tasmania about 15 years or more ago.

Alan's post above is very informative. Thanks Alan.

I've included pics of the chassis plate which is quite detailed. The only wording on it is MADE IN AUSTRALIA. So for 1967/68, it showed we had the wherewithall to do excellent promos.

And like most promos, the friction motor drives the front wheels.




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Here are some of the resin or fibreglass repops of the HK and EH Holden promos. The HK promos are extremely accurate in scale. The EH Wagon not so much (I owned a full size one).

They were produced by a company called Jaymar in Camperdown Victoria, obviously from original promos.

I picked these up at very modest prices at either model shows or swap meets.









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The HK Monaro and HK Premier are both available as bodies only or full kits from The Parts Box - thepartsbox.com , along with many other resin bodies and kits.

I recommend their work highly, having purchased many times with 100% satisfaction.


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