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Hi Guys,

I am happy to present you my first photos today. On my 1/72 scale, I am forced to build a lot by myself, as modeling kits are more the exception than the norm.

All models are in different stages of construction, because I'm trying to build several at the same time. In this way for example I can get over drying times on one model by continuing to work on another.

And here are:

1. Marmon HDT 86


2. Kenworth K 100


3. Mack Superliner


4. Freightliner FLT


5. Freightliner FLC 120


At the moment I am looking for a solution to create different rims and wheels. Difficult...

I hope you will recognize the originals in my work. But don't forget, there is still a lot to do!




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Looking good. That is a lot of work to recreate something from scratch.

How do the wheels/tires compare to the one on Hotwheels/Matchbox and other small diecast? Because you can buy them for about $1 it may be a good starting point. I know they are 1:64 ish, but they are for cars/pickups, for a big rig the size may work out just fine. Also, those cars have various different wheel sizes and designs. 

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Well I certainly am impressed! Those look good! I’m looking forward to seeing these finished!

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