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Pochar Bugatti 50 T

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Hi folks! I'm here because I'm losing my mind looking for some parts.

I'm building a Pochar 1/8 scale model and I'm missing some springs.

I've spent hours looking for these parts on line, with no luck.

The springs I need are extension springs, about 24mm in total length, including the loops on both ends. The OD is about 2mm.

does anybody know where I can buy such a spring?

The attached photo shows size, but not the correct length.

HELP! I'm going nuts looking for this!


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Ralph.   Think outside the model making box.  Try engineers suppliers that are close to you who may stock small  tension springs.

There is a company in the UK      SpringsandThings.me.uk

You may be able to order what you want from them, or alternatively look up the type of spring you want to spec it from their website, and order from a US spring supplier.

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