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  1. Rex, I completely lost track about how long the CMA proposed kit has been up on their site. So, in answer to your question , I do not know anything more than you do. Some of the other posts following on to yours about CMA and Marshall Buck made interesting reading though. I can remember having the old IMC kit way back when. Getting the kit back into the box was like trying to solve the Rubik' s cube puzzle!
  2. Moving away from 1/24 th scale to 1/12 th, have a look at the multi medium kit that CMA (Creative Model Associates) are about to release. It may be the ultimate GT40 kit..............at a price!
  3. A neighbour of mine used to own the standard road going far with this body style. I think it was a two litre engined car that was a 'sporty' version that did not have flared out wheel arches like the rally cars. In the UK there seemed to be quite a number of them in a dark orange colour like my neighbour's car. So maybe it was a limited edition or something by Fiat. I don't think they were Abarth tuned like the rally cars.
  4. The wrinkling with age problem mentioned in some posts could be down to expansion of contraction of the backing paper either drying out or absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. Only a theory, as I have never had any problems with mine in the past. I keep it stored in a drawer in a relatively stable environment. I may have suggested in an earlier post to give smooth aluminium plumbing tape a try. It is thicker than BMF and a bit more forgiving. It is cheap and obtainable at most hardware stores or building suppliers. Add this to your armoury as in many instances of would be better to use
  5. It looks like 3d printing by hand instead of using a computer and 3d printing machine. As Spock on Startrek would say 'Fascinating!'
  6. Lovely model. The lines look slightly E Typeish from the side view.
  7. Hi Mike, I knew of the S E Finecast wire wheels, having used a set on a model years ago, so my suggestion to look on their website was just based on having used and knowing of them. If they have an email address on their site it may be worth contacting them directly and see if they reply and can attach a PR photo. Maybe if you go into the web and type in either South Eastern Finecast wire wheels or use their previous name Wills Finecast you may get lucky with some pictures that have been posted. I have a feeling that their white metal MGB kit had those wheels so if you can find any builds on
  8. Have a look at South Eastern Finecast UK for Photo Etched Wire Wheels. They come with tyres fitted and being more narrow than the Revell ones may look more in period for this particular car. Not aware of any other Photo Etch detailing parts for the E Type.
  9. Kurt has done a very nice job of the Planet Models kit in 1/48th scale. I have recently built the Fisher 1/24th scale model with engine detail. It is a very nice kit but there is no way that the engine cover will fit with the engines installed, so best left displayed off the model. There were a couple of issues whereby one of the tail fins was distorted and part of the engine cover. This was sorted out by dipping the affected parts in very hot water and carefully bending back into shape. One has to be very careful not to immerse those parts in the hot water for too long. Also th
  10. I have had the same problem as Peter by using epoxy as clear lens material on a Pocher Mercedes dashboard funnily enough. Fortunately I built the dashboard up and stored the kit for over 20 years not having done anything else to it so I can rectify the problem. Gauges are downloadable from the internet I believe so I will have to look at printing some more off and reinstate them whilst sorting the clear bezels problem. In the past I have printed gauges onto paper and used good old clear Sellotape stuck directly down on each face to good effect.
  11. Guys, besides BMF I have used smooth aluminium plumbing tape. It is a bit thicker than BMF, self adhesive and a bit more forgiving. Plus the amount on a roll equates to a number of sheets of BMF. It depends on what you are doing which product would work better, so it would be a case of experimenting a bit.
  12. Getting lines straight for things like windscreen rubber seals is not always easy. I use a small engineers spring divider that I can set to the desired width and carefully scribe around the aperture. This makes a more defined edge line to work to on the moulded detail of the kit parts. The better defined scribed line is much easier to work to either with a fine line pen or making a wash and carefully use a dip pen to follow the line and allow capillary action to run the thinned paint along the line. Once the fine line is defined in this way the main bulk of the rubber seal can then be fill pai
  13. As a UK kid in the fifties, like Rick L, people living in he same street looked after one another and were everyone's mum and dad. My dad survived WW2, but try as I may he did not want to talk about it, as did many of that generation. My teens were in the Sixties. UK Pop and Fashion Culture literally exploded in the UK. Groups like the Beatles, Rolling Stones (still rolling) and Dave Clark Five became big world wide. Places like the Two I's Coffee Bar and the Marquee Club in London and of course the Cavern Club in Liverpool were the places to go. Mary Quant, Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy personifi
  14. Maybe we are now getting a bit Tamiyised. (Used to modern kits where you rattle the box and the bits fall together!)
  15. Cutting straight lines in styrene sheet of card. The practice is to do multiple cuts along the same line until the blade works its way through. Trying to cut too heavily in one go generally causes inaccuracy and slippages. There is a special type of steel rule named a Maun Rule designed for use with cutting blade tools. Art suppliers should stock them.
  16. I simply use a low wide based small cylindrical honey jar and put the cement bottle in it and drop the brushes bristles up alongside it in the jar.
  17. Might be worth having a look to see if Tamiya themselves have charts indicating what Clear Finishes of theirs are compatible their own different colour paint types. And also for that matter whether other model paint manufacturers have compatibility charts for their products too. Other manufacturers clears are just trial and error to a certain extent, and most modellers find one or more that best suits them to use eventually.
  18. We all go through times of disillusionment. My only advice is do not yet rid of your tools, paints and equipment. If you have a change of heart later you will regret doing so!
  19. Looks like EBay have set up the auto emailing to keep bids being generated? Smart and not illegal to generate more commission!
  20. Read somewhere on another forum that EBay are now charging 13 percent on transactions. Is this true as I have never used it? Rare plastic kits are only valuable as kits unfortunately. I approached an auction house about selling some of my built up plastic models and they expressed no interest in built up plastic kits no matter what standard.
  21. Sabine was a great member of the BBC Top Gear team, with a good sense of humour. Sadly snatched away by a disease that respects no one.
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