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1/8 Ford Cosworth DFV engine

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Hello everyone,

finally found some time to start another one of my big-scale scratchbuilt engines. And even better I remembered to take some WIP pics this time, so here are some parts of my DFV build.

I started with the Hewland gearbox because it's fun to do with all those nuts&bolts, and since this engine will be loosely based on the Lotus 72, there will be inboard brakes! That explains the brakediscs.

The valve cover was made by using the famous "bare-metal and wipe" method, worked like a charm, thanks to everybody who described it here on the forum!








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@John: I used Bare Metal Foil on the emblems first, painted over it, and removed the paint on the raised parts of the emblems again. That method has been described several times on this forum, and it works great.

Now for some more WIP: completed the brakes and mounted everything on the Hewland. One  caliper is made up of 16 parts now. Guess inboard brakes have a lot of problems and are rarely used, but they look great. It's that kind of sexy machinery that motivates my builds. Now on to the main engine...







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Wow, couldn’t look more real! How are you getting the raw brushed surfaces look?

BTW, I have one of your 1/24 GT40 MarkII engines on the way...Got it from Randy at Modelbuilders. I want to make a stand for it and display it next to my Le Mans GT40?

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Thanks for buying one of my engines Josh! Would be glad to see your build here!

For the raw cast surfaces I use black primer spray "dusted" on to get that rough surface, followed by Alclad dull alu and a bit of oil color washing.

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Can you provide the printed parts or a completed engine  in 1/6 scale? What would be the cost? I have all the GMP 1/6 engines and never understood why they never did a DFV. Your work is amazing. Thanks

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Hello James,

technically it wouldn't be aproblem to do a 1/6 version, but it's a lot of work. Would you be interested in both the engine and the gearbox? Are you an experienced builder so that you could build it yourself if I provide the basic parts?

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Hi. I'm new here and I immediately came across this amazing engine. Have I never seen something so beautiful? I bow before the author !!! Is it all 3D? Is it also available in a casting version?

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I'm not sure why I missed your reply till now. I could accept eather finished 1/6 model or parts for me to finish with the difference in cost being the deciding factor. I'll check here daily till I hear from you.


James Darryl Ramsey

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