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Hello again gentlemen.

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It's being so long since I posted something, I thought to reintroduce myself. 

So many new faces around here, what is great. More people to keep the hobby alive and well. 

My name is Túlio Lazzaroni Spósito, I live in southern Brasil, and I'm grandson of Italian immigrants. 

I can understand and speak Italian, but for some reason I tend to write very badly. 

I also speak Russian a bit, and I'm learning Spanish. 

I'm a civil engineer, and in February 2019 I lost my job, and had a flooding in the house.

That took me to a very bad depression, and I'm getting better just now. 2019 and 2020 were very hard years for me. 

Now, I'm working on Ford V8 cars (mostly Mavericks and Galaxies, with a Flathead era car once in a while), and building models under commission. 

Have two Galaxies (Brazilian), a 2001 Ford Focus I love, and 8 kids of the feline kind. 

Will try to keep myself active here, but working on cars during the day, and on model cars during the evening, I believe I wouldn't be as active as I once were. 

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Welcome back, sorry to hear you've been having a tough time, hopefully things can only get better, I was supposed to be in Brazil this year, in Manaus, I was there a few years ago, hopefully things will get back to normal very soon and can get back to travelling again. 

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Welcome back, Tulio!  I look forward to seeing more of your exquisite builds again. Always enjoyed them.

2020 was a nasty bitch of a year for everybody, but it sounds like you got a head start on most of us . . . 

Keep the faith, press on, and model on.  It MUST get better!

Glad you're back.  ??


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Thank you for the Add. i haven't built a model in years. trying to restore a Buick 1957 special. Real.  but mostly i love to find pics and draw them. or for others. i was wondering if you all would mind if i used some from your styles and pics. i like the different angles and i saw on on it side showing the bottom. that there caught my eye. never thought of that. thanks again, love what i see here......

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Tulio, If you hit rock bottom there is nowhere to go but uphill! Now put on you modeling shoes my brother modeler, and show us your stuff again! We are your (modeling?) family. Good luck and God bless! We need our Brazilian Ford informant to be active once more! 

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