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“Joker Is Wild” - AMT / Revell 32 Roadster Kitbash for DSC


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On 4/22/2021 at 2:40 PM, doorsovdoon said:

Nice work, great job on the lights with the lathe.

Thanks buddy!  Still need to tidy those up and get them polished up...


Got some clear down this weekend!  I sealed in the topcoat with Future so I could lay down a few decals and little details and then shot Testors enamel on the whole shebang:


Let the parts set-up an hour or so then put them in the magic paint bake machine:


And 24 hours later - shiny parts!


They’ll need polishing and maybe one extra coat on the body depending on how initial sanding goes - those big flakes are a little lumpy naturally and the edge around the flames is a little pronounced - but no major disasters anyway!

Meanwhile, spun up the lathe to make some pulleys to replace the kit parts:


Need to clean them up (they were small enough that I nipped the ends off with wire cutters rather than part them off properly and risk them flying off into space) and then polish them up but that’s another little project accomplished:


I’ll add some photo etch bolt detail to these and use some sign vinyl for a belt - way better than the kit part (hopefully...)

More soon!

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A few little updates before the weekend...

I don’t usually polish my frames but I thought I should start, so I spend an hour or so on this one this week - came out pretty nice!


Need to do a little more to it, but I’m pretty pleased with it as it stands...

Needed to get some ‘carpet’ on the interior parts before I get too much further so I found some speckled lime-green embossing powder in Hobby Lobby and laid that down over a neon green base (just because I HAD neon green 🤪)


Came out nice I think, although it looks like a mini-golf course 🤷‍♂️😂


And finally, fired up the metal-roundener to to make some headlight buckets for those little AMT headlamps - they still need some clean-up and finishing off but they’ll look cool when they’re all shiny I think:



More soon! 

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  • 2 weeks later...

A little more progress this week - need to get this wrapped up by the end of the month for DSC17, so need to get hustlin’ here...

Painted some lettering on the rad:


...with a reverse version on the backside, for my own amusement...


Painted the trans so I can start assembling the engine:


Then scratchbuilt some linkages for the shifter and started getting the frame assembled:


I’m waiting for some little photoetched brackets to arrive so I can start plumbing the brake lines nicely but the USPS is currently taking them on their third trip of the mid-west so that’s holding me up a little...so today I shortened up a bunch of these micro ferrules to make some little inserts to finish the holes in the bomber seats nicely:


Like so!


Then I gave them a black wash to add a little character and make them look less flat and plain-looking, and cut some seatbelts from some textured card:


And finished them off with some PE buckles:


Got a lot to do still, but about everything is painted and just waiting for detailing and the next step - more soon!

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5 hours ago, Beamerman said:

Awesome! Very cool...great job!

Thank you sir!

4 hours ago, heyjohnxx said:

May I ask where you got the micro ferrules? I'm looking for something like that for a project.

A company named Baomain sells a set on Amazon - you get five sizes for $8 or something...super useful for all kinds of things!

3 hours ago, Nazz said:

Great work Jim! Lovin' the colors and the concept.



Thanks Jerry!  Wanted to do a few bright paint jobs before I start messing with some more traditional stuff - the bright colors look nice on my display shelf! 🤪

A little more progress today, seeing as I’m replying anyway - polishing day in the shop today!  Not totally done yet, but it’s getting shinier!


Waiting for the sun to come out again so I can really see the spots I need to perfect, but it’s getting there!

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10 hours ago, Mr. Metallic said:

Using those ferrules was a great way to further detail the seats. There is a bunch of them, how did you cut them down? Did you make a jig so they're all the same length?

I just cut them about as close as I could get to the flared end - took a while but I managed to make them all without one pinging off into space 🤪

Couple more little bits of progress made...now I REALLY gotta get hustling to get this thing done...

Made some brake lines, secured with some little photo etched brackets:


Machined some air filters and a bracket for the distributor and started on the engine:


Doesn’t look much like a car that will be ready for DSC in two weeks - I’m pleased with how the frame’s coming together tho!


More soon!

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Well, I kinda got on a roll with this one over the weekend when I realized everything was painted and mostly finished being detailed and all I really needed to do was just glue it all together...pics Under Glass soon as I upload them!


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