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Flathead speed equipment to use on the Monogram 34 kit

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I have a unbuilt kit I want to build and would like to use only parts that came in that kit but want to build it before the OHV engines came out but none in that kit so is there any out there I can use.

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What engines did the Monogram 36s have,I really want to use vintage parts on this build.  I was wanting to build it just from what came with it like a kid would do in the early 60s but I have seen too much but if I could find parts that were in other kits of that era then I could do that since kit bashing most likely happened back then.

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15 minutes ago, junkyardjeff said:

I will be working on the early 60s Monogram 34 Ford coupe/convertible.

Which is 1/24 scale.

All the recommendations above are for 1/25 scale parts...which you can certainly get by with if nobody is going to go after your model with micrometers.

If you want to be exhaust-port retentive about scale, about the only early speed parts in 1/24 come from Monogram's other offerings of the period.

For instance, their old '40 Ford pickup has a three carb setup and finned aluminum high performance heads.


As does the '36 Ford you asked about:



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5 minutes ago, Richard Bartrop said:

While the Revell '48 Ford is listed as 1/25, if you compare the engine with the one in the Monogram '36,  you'll find it's almost identical in size.

Which is not at all unusual.

I've remarked on similar apparent difficulties with measuring and dividing so many times over the years I can't remember them all.

Which is also why I remarked above that if nobody's going to get carried away with putting micrometers to his parts, he can probably get away with anything in 1/25...except for the engine in Lindberg's '53 Ford.

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One every one forgets is the Tom Daniels Pie Wagon.  I/24th scale, finned heads, triple carb manifold and only about six or seven years newer than your 34  kit.



P.S.  "Exhaust Port Retentive" - Ace, you get my saying of the week award!!!!!!!

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On 5/24/2021 at 3:01 AM, junkyardjeff said:

I would like to use all vintage Monogram parts on this build.

If the monogram 36 engine is suitable to you I have a complete one I wont be using. Its from the street rod kit with the redish car on slotted wheels on the box top. Your welcome to it

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