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1975 AMC Gremlin X


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As Bob Ross once said, "There are no mistakes, just happy accidents". I started this out wanting it to be bright yellow like the box art. Then I messed up the finish when I sprayed with clear coat and the paint all cracked. So I sanded as best as I could and changed plans to give it an Ivy green gloss, hit with dull coat look with a little bit of rust where the cracks showed up, but it still runs good! My favorite part was the idea to make a few boxes of shop supplies that can be seen through the back hatch. Overall, it seems like this is more what a Gremlin should be like in 2021. Hope you like it!





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It was a fun little kit I grabbed at Ollies the other week. I just had to build it when I saw the bumper sticker decal. Spoiler alert. There is a bonus actual bumper sticker in the box!

The chassis seems too small for the body, so I had to slightly modify to make it fit better. However I think it was done on purpose because the alternative race version has side pipes that probably make it fit better.

My first build post since joining. 

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I like how the finish turned out. You are right about how it would appear after being on the road for so many years. All the trim fits together nicely and those wheels look good. 

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