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Trailer for my tractor

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Alrighty then,

Question for you all. I built this Autocar tractor recently, and have been thinking about adding a trailer to it. Are there any currently available trailer kits I can use. Sorry, I'm a bit of a big rig newbie. Please move this post to the correct forum if needed.




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Any of the 1/25 AMT trailers should work. For that truck I would probably go with either the flatbed or lowboy, something that works hard in rough conditions. Maybe it's the equipment hauler for a construction company and gets neglected because it only gets driven a few times a year when they're moving equipment from one site to the next or hauls materials to job sites that are off the road a bit.

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Very realistic finishes on this build. As Brian suggested you might look for a trailer to represent something used in off road conditions. 

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First off that a good looking rig. The way you have it finished I have to with the other guys and suggest something to go in the  construction area. Such as a dump truck, you could weather it up to match the tractor.

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