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Ebbro/Tamiya 1:12 1968 Matra MS11 F1

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10 hours ago, Jonn said:

Agree with all, you’ve nailed the detail with the gauges, so glad your sharing this build, I’m not sure….are you going to add the extra tanks or leave them off, because There’s not many pics out there with tanks on and personally I think I’ll be leaving them off, I’m quite surprised by this kit as Tamiya have gone to a lot of trouble to detail brake lines and other engine and transmission lines also supplying 2mm diameter springs…I’m looking forward to getting this kit started after I complete Kenny Roberts YZR500


Thanks, Jonn!  When you mention the extra tanks I am assuming you are talking about the side fuel tanks(?)  If that is correct then yes, I will be adding them.  Concerning your statement about not a lot of pictures with the tanks on, you are correct.  My car is not going to be a specific car or specific race.  I’m basing it off the box art and pictures on Motorsport Images.  I will be adding the nose wings too.  I just like the looks of it and the excess of these cars with their V-12s, big wings, etc.

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