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Help matching this color of gold

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Looks more like a bronze than a gold.  Maybe like a light bronze gold? Maybe a metallic copper? Kandy rose gold metallic? Bout the best i got lol

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Testors, providing you can find some, #1251 Copper Metallic in spray enamel. Odds n Ends from Plasti-kote # 143S called Antique Gold would be a shade lighter. The color in the picture resembles a color that was used on Chevrolet and some other GM products. The Chevrolet color was called Sierra Gold when first offered in 1956 and was a popular color on many owner modified cars from that time period. Chevrolet offered the color under a few different names thru the 1959 or even the 1960 model years. OEM paint suppliers such as MCW and others would be a good place to check as well.  

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2 hours ago, gman said:

That looks similar to a 50's General Motors shade- Sierra Gold

https://paintref.com/cgi-bin/colorcodedisplay.cgi?type=sample&ditzler=21261&syear=1956&smanuf=GM&smodel=Chevrolet&sname=Sierra Gold&name=chevroletbelair1956sierragold

If that is close, an online vendor who offers authentic shades in airbrush jars may be a solution.

Yep that's it sierra gold.  Forgot all about that one.

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1 hour ago, Can-Con said:

Here's a site for finding colors in hobby paints. Just copy the pic to your computer and follow the instructions. Fun to play with too. 😁


That is an AWESOME link - thank you so much for posting that!  That’s REALLY useful!

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Thanks again everyone, this gives me a few different options. This build is coming up after I finish one of those UGears wooden models. I decided to take a break from the traditional kits , and build a couple of these wooden kits, I must say I’m thoroughly enjoying the change of pace. 

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