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Any info on John Teresi?


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Probably got tired of some of the members on here picking out stuff on his perfect builds and moved on. It happens from time to time on any board.

I should add that this is just a guess. I have no knowledge of the man or what he's doing apart from what I seen him post here.

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On 7/22/2022 at 7:53 PM, misterNNL said:

That would be a shame to lose him as a contributor to these boards and the positive influence and inspiration he had.

AGREED!  One of the most inspirational model builders I've seen - I've gone through some of his old build threads probably dozens of times getting little hints and tips

@John Teresi - your fan club misses you and wants to see what you're building :D:D

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Hello Guys….I am truly thankful for thinking of me……I’m still building just haven’t been posting as much……I was busy for awhile doing work with a bunch of other guys for the Lynx Project …..it’s a project for the last GSL show 2023……I visit this forum once in awhile and am amazed with the work by my friend Codi……he is such an amazing builder and such a great guy……I also would like to mention Francis he is so amazing too…… they both are my favorite builders .thanks again!!!!


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