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'37 Chevy Early Modified


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This is an AMT kit that was given to me years ago. I decided to build it with inspiration from my childhood. Sometimes we would eat at a diner in Sherburne, NY. Across the street was a garage and sometimes I would see the #33 modified sitting in there. It was a car driven by Bill Wimble. I never saw him drive. I wish I had. This kit has a tube frame. I don't know if Bill ever had a car with that type of frame, but this is what I went with. It was a fun build. I used Tamiya paints for the body and frame. The engine, fuel cell, radiator, etc. were painted with Testors Metalizer paints.

Thanks for looking. Comments are welcome.





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I built AMT's '40 Ford Modified as a nostalgia trip a few years back. Assembling the tube frame was quite the challenge even at my current age and skill level. It's no wonder I never finished it when I was a 12 year old child. 

Yours looks great! I was wondering how the frame assembly went for you.

David G.

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Thanks for all the comments and encouragement guys!! Much appreciated.

Jim B - Thanks, it was a fun build. The first early modified I've done.

Tony K - Thanks. I found several color pics online, some were different cars but all had the same paint scheme.

stavenzer - Thanks. I used Tamiya paints for the body, first entire car in white, then masking to do the red, and finally black. If I remember correctly, I got the rims from Early Years Resin. They are Plastic Performance Products. 60s - 70s wide 5, 11" wheels.

Street rod - Thank you.

PappyD340- Thank you.

James2- You can see the wheels info in my response to stavenzer.

Toys4Don2 - Thank you.

slusher - Thank you.

sflam123 - Thank you

Zippi - Thank you

DavidG -The frame assembly went pretty smooth. No major problems.

Kenmojr - Thank you.

ChrisR - Thank you.

I used aluminum Craft Metal mesh for the radiator screen, part #316190 found at Hobby Lobby. Also at that store I bought a small piece of bridal veil material to simulate chicken wire for part of the windscreen in the windshield opening. And I don't remember where I got the info to do that. Thanks for all the input.


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