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Sebring 12 Hours 1964 Proposed group build thread

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Saw Four of these beasts - all lined up - waxed and polished - at the Amelia Concourse- four years ago - the survivors -  less than 50 ? - are all over- restored - and gorgeous - if I had one I would do exactly the same thing - curbside is fine - but if you get ambitious - it would be easy to source the engine - either way - i was really hoping that someone would do this car - are there any survivors in Australia ?  Check Primotipo …

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Gramps - I’ve got the Thunder Valley Miniatures GT40 engine set - as you can see - it was designed for 24th scale - thank you formthe offer - but in the end - I’ve got good scale Webers - and I’ll make a better sized engine using the kit castings -make The valve covers - etc …



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Fr Dave B:      I have found in my stash a pre painted vac form Iso.

It  looks reasonably good but I will need to review dimensions and see what I can do about the wheels prior to seeing if it will slush mould.

If someone turns up with a resin kit offer them the slot.

I'll keep this link informed of my progress.


speaking of which:


cool fact:  Bizzarini:  born in '26, is still alive !

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Alrighty  -  start here or go to the photos page


many of these are by a photographer that I am not familiar with / Dave Morton


Dave fr Hobart  -  scroll down - way, way down ...


great photos of the Iso Grifo   ...


this is why facebook causes insanity - just keep scrolling down until you forget what day it is ...


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Hi Andrew, my vacform body is not real good, apart from being 5mm too short and at least 5mm too shallow (both fixable) it appears the Sebring Iso, chassis #B0202 was the second of only three 7000 rivet cars, being the first 3 manufactured, and the vents, side windows and some body fixtures are substantially different. 

I'm going too clean the body up, take a resin slush mould and see what happens.

Should anyone with a decent resin want #5 please give it to them.

Dave B

PS my plans are for the later body style but are better than nothing.


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