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99% finished, but I'm going to put it up for a bit and work on something simple. This still needs some additional weathering and a couple of small detail parts, but in a few days. Need a rest after 74 days of this silly thing.

Rough estimate is that this is comprised of about 400 parts, including kit and aftermarket parts. The gun box was scratch built from plastic sheet.

I think some of the Eastern Europe and Asian companies are in a race to see who can cram the most parts into a kit box.

Anyway, there it is.





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Most of them were filled with sand to serve as a barrier against mines and grenades under the truck. Don't know how effective that was.

Too, it wasn't uncommon for these guys to use a couple thousand rounds in an attack.

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Fantastic work on your guntruck !!! Shows the resourcefulness our crews went to to protect the convoys they were tasked with. 

A couple even had a M113 APC in the bed for protecting the crews so much history w these trucks 

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