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1966 G.T.O.


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23 hours ago, Oldcarfan27 said:

Great color choices. The white interior sets off the turquoise just right!

If I may I add, the rear package deck should be black not white. Factory would never build cars with white dashboards and rear decks - too much blinding reflection in the important windows. 

Back in the day, my parents had a Marina Turquoise 66 Tempest with matching interior. Gorgeous car, I was sad when they traded it in. I later was glad it wasn't a GTO - I would have been mortified if they got rid of one of those! My dad had told me he would've bought a GTO, but he couldn't get it with a bench seat and my mom liked to sit next to him when they drove.

Va Va Va voom!  

thanks for the friendly advice Patrick. it will get painted black.

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23 hours ago, XYHARRY said:

Great build Ken, I enjoyed watching. I'll be doing some spray outs to see what can be done with different base coats on the same colour coats. Thanks.

Cheers, David. 😎👍

thank you and good luck with your painting David!

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